Daisy Kutter: The Last Train #1 from Viper Comics. Kazu Kibuishi (Writer/Artist). Meet our titular character, Daisy. In a strange mishmash place that's Old West but with robots--imagine a Brad Bird-directed and animated version of Westworld--she was the baddest ass of the badasses. However, she got out of the business, so to speak, and has retired; now she owns a general store. However, events are going to conspire to put her back in the game in more ways than one. Prepare for gunplay. Viper brought us Dead@17, which we dug immensely. And what terrific balls to go in a completely different direction: rather than doing more undead schoolgirl spinoffs (West Coast Dead@17, maybe...we dunno), they're instead going western on us in a big way. Make sure you check out the website to get more examples of Kibuishi's excellent artwork. Solid composition and "camera angles" make this worth reading through once for the story and once to appreciate everything else that's going on. The story starts off slow, but that's by design: you don't have a cover like that without payoff coming. So we're ready.