The Connolly for Mad-Eye Campaign!

That's right. Billy Connolly for Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody in Harry Potter 4. We're deadly serious, folks. We didn't get to DreamCast the other films, but we'll work on making this one a reality. You know it's perfect, so just get over yourselves.

If you don't believe us, forget what you've seen in Head of the Class, go grab Mrs. Brown and watch him hold his own against Dame Judi Dench, for God's sake.

Now let's all make this happen. Make some damn noise, why don'tcha?

Thanks to Mugglenet for spreading the word!

Other people have the same idea! Well, of course they do! Sign the petition here! Thanks to Fans of Rowling for the pointer! Also, please note: the recent Scotland Sunday Post story on our campaign makes it sound like the petition is something we started, but it's not: it was apparently started by Nikky Thompson at a site called The Harry Potter Fans. Just so we're clear on that.

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