And the latest DreamCast is...
Sweeney Todd

Ever sit there in a theater and mumble to yourself--Him?  Her?  What the hell did they cast himher in this role for?  What were they doing, throwing darts at a board?  I mean, Hollywood is littered with casting mistakes:  There are too many to list here, and I'd mention one example, but that would be indiscreet -- Keanu Reeves.  He's tried to do some period pieces, say Much Ado About Nothing and Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Tried is the key word.  Is he a bad actor?  Hell, no.  He and William Hurt practically stole I Love You to Death from Kevin Kline and the Bill & Ted movies were hilarious.  So you know it.  I know it.  And of course Forbin knows it.

Therefore, for all you cinema geeks out there (and in here, of course)--we at the SleepDep Institute decided to cast the films that others were afraid to!  That's right--no regard for egos, or budgets, or any of that other crap!  Not even any regard for decency or sanity!  Nope!  All of that stuff out the window!  And you know why!  It's one of those things you lie awake at night doing--casting movies that will probably never be, or in the case of Batman 5, probably should not be.

First, a word or two about how things work here.  First, a big thank yee to the Internet Movie Database, who provides the major linkages.  You notice that whenever we say some actor's name or some movie's name, you get this magical mystery link to their entry in the IMDB.  Well, the reason for this is so that when you're sitting there going, Olivier...hmm, Laurence Olivier, I should know that name...Instead of asking a compatriot and getting slapped around, you can merely click your way to cinematic knowledge!  Are we not keen?  No, we are not.  The IMDB is keen, we are merely in the shadow of keen.

So get in there and win just one for the Zipper, you bunch of raving lunatics!  Take your coffee and GO! GO! GO!


What?  We haven't worked out who to cast in a movie YOU think should be made?  Well--who the hell do you think you are?  Oh.  So that's who you are.  We like that attitude around here.  So tell us what's on your mind...