About Adam (2001)

Written & Directed by Gerard Stembridge
Starring Stuart Townsend, Kate Hudson, Frances O'Connor, Charlotte Bradley, Rosaleen Linehan


Anamorphic: No.

My Advice: Borrow It.

Lucy's (Hudson) relationship history shows her to be a bit...well, flighty. She goes through boyfriends to the point where her family refers to "this week's winner" as the new boy that's coming over to pick her up. That new boy happens to be Adam (Townsend), who Lucy has fallen for hard. Can she finally be ready to settle down? And the other question would be...are her sisters (O'Connor and Bradley) ready to settle down with Adam as well?

I won't completely rehash everything that I covered in my movie review, but I will give you the gist: despite the fact that this seems like a series of articles from Maxim (it doesn't have enough nudity to be an entry in Playboy's Advisor), and despite the fact that some ladies might find the "Get laid and be free" mentality towards women the film has--neither of these things really bothered me. What bothered me was that the film just isn't funny. And it's certainly winking too much to play as any kind of serious relationship film. It just kind of sits out there and wants the viewer to be amused without expending too much energy to make that happen. Characters are pretty thin and frankly unbelievable. You'd think it was a sitcom pilot, if you weren't careful.

For the disc itself, there isn't much to commend--but luckily there isn't really anything to condemn, either. The behind-the-scenes featurette is your standard "oh how we love this movie and oh aren't these people just a pleasure to work with" fare. The trailers are harmless, although the one for Get Over It will make you weep for Martin Short's film career.

Fans of Kate Hudson will be pleased, as she manages to pull off a decent Dublin accent. But everyone else, borrow this if someone owns it, but don't spend any money of your own on it.

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