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September 24, 2004

Book of the Week:

by George R. R. Martin. Okay, well, that's it. Book Three is the last one until the next volume hits, whenever that is. So this is my last chance at proselytizing this series to you until then. Get on board, catch up and then suffer with the rest of us, I say. The Seven Kingdoms are in turmoil with kings popping up and getting mown down with equal abandon. Redefines the epic fantasy novel. (UK) (CAN)

Audiobook of the Week:

by David Reichert, read by Dennis Boutsikaris. Sheriff Reichert was the head burrito in charge of the Green River Task Force in Washington state during the twenty-year search for the Killer there. He relates his side of the story, and it's an interesting side since he was there from the get-go. Also included is some interview audio from when they went to consult with Ted Bundy. The reading by Boutsikaris is capable enough, and this Time Warner release is interesting listening for your weekend drives. (CAN)

Comic Book of the Week: Daisy Kutter: The Last Train #2 by Kazu Kabuishi. Daisy lost her card game--and her store, she's got her ex-partner giving her a hard time and she's about to get involved in some shady business. Sounds like it's all in a day's work for our hero, and it sounds like she needed something to break up the boredom anyway. This odd western/sci-fi gestalt rolls along with interesting slow turns and nicely fanciful art by Kabuishi. Released by our friends at Viper Comics, their stuff is quality so it's worth checking out.

Graphic Novel of the Week:

by Grant Morrison & Howard Porter. Morrison, before he went batshit, delivered this final story arc in this kickass series, setting up a bunch of amazing premises that could take the DC Universe in an entirely new direction. Which, of course, the company promptly ignored and reversed as soon as they could. Bastards. Regardless, check out the series when it was still good. Every hero on Earth vs. Mageddon, the Cosmic Asskicker. Sweet. It's handled out of the UK by Titan. (UK) (CAN)

TV DVD of the Week:

. Ah, decent TV comedy from the 80s. Yes, it existed, all right. Even in its more ridiculous forms, like this Dirty Harry parody, in which David Rasche plays the title character with a zest for wanton destruction that would warm even the heart of Siege. Anchor Bay releases all twenty-two first season episodes--plus the unaired pilot, commentary from the series creator, a docu, TV bumper and spots, the creator's message to critics and more. (UK) (CAN)

DVD of the Week:

. This excellent French thriller hits DVD from Home Vision. In it, a young maid hired by the well-to-do Lelievres family becomes influenced by a woman in the town who positively hates the family. Now with access to their household, it's obvious that hijinks--the deadly kind--will ensue. Bonus tidbits including a twenty-minute making-of docu, a filmography of director Claude Chabrol, the trailer and an essay by film guy Jonathan Rosenbaum. (UK) (CAN)

Docu DVD of the Week:

. So can Gina Gershon sing? Yeah, she can carry a tune fairly well. You remember the Denis Leary roast? Of course you do. Docurama presents the DVD of her series, where for six episodes she basically steps up to join a band (as research for a film) and then rock out on the road with Girls Against Boys. An interesting look at behind the scenes of the world of rock, it's worth checking out. You also get deleted scenes. (UK) (CAN)

Music DVD of the Week:

. The Swing Era line of DVDs from Music Video Distributors continues to bring good quality classic swing to digital media for posterity, which we're definitely in favor of. Here you get plenty of video with Shearing and his group, along with Mel Torme, the Slam Stewart Trio, Slim Gaillard, the Bob Cats, Ralph Flanagan and Tony Pastor. Check out tracks like "I'll Never Smile Again" and "Life is So Peculiar" to sample the goodness. (CAN)

Adverse Video of the Week:

. We've said it before, it's a bargain basement version of Night of the Creeps in this release in which aliens come to earth as blonde bombshells who want to basically freeze dry your ass from the inside out. Sadly, the sex is not as heavy as you might want in such a C-grade sci-fi horror/thriller, but hey, it does come with a twenty-minute making-of featurette. Yes, I know, it's not the same. (UK) (CAN)

Family DVD of the Week:

. Let's face it: if you have kids, they're going to dig this movie. So just grip it and deal. Bite down on a leather belt if it helps. But know this: there are features to contend with on this Warner Brother releases: you get additional scenes, music videos, puzzles, a featurette on how they made Scooby dance and instructions on how you can dance just like him, and a behind-the-scenes featurette hosted by Scooby himself. Check out the official site. (UK) (CAN)

Anime DVD of the Week:

. A distinct improvement over the previous release, ADV throws this first volume out there with a decent price point, good episode count (five, nice) and some extras. So fans will be pleased as it's Angels vs. mecha all over again. You get clean opening and closing animation as well as two commentaries, one from director Matt Greenfield and another with Greenfield and the English voice actor who handled Shinji. (UK) (CAN)

Kung Fu DVD of the Week:

. This weekend it's the gift of comedic fu. Miramax brought this flick stateside starring Stephen Chow as a fu master turned soccer champion who must put together a team of wuxia-level asskickers and then lead the fight against Team Evil. Yes, that's what they're called. This release comes with both the English dubbed and original Chinese versions. (UK) (CAN)

TV Show of the Week: Growing Up Gotti. Well, be aware that this Monday there's a new episode of this show: now what, you ask? Well, the boys' poor manners prompt Victoria to enlist the help of an etiquette coach named Hilke. The resulting session goes straight to the ninth circle of hell as Hilke's advice gets drowned out by all the brood going apeshit. Then it's time for a visit to John Gotti's gravesite, where Victoria starts to get ideas. The Gotti kids are apparently the youngsters you love to hate...before they wind up on the cover of Tiger Beat, check out their antics here. And no, that's not a parody site.

Music CD of the Week: Revert: Revenge of the 80s Remix by DJ B-Naut. B-Naut returns to smack around your 80s memories, everything from Phil Collins to INXS to Prince, and includes a take on Gary Numan's "Cars" that's some of the most evil shit I've heard in years. It's basically a solid hour of butt-rocking goodness. Pester B-Naut for a copy, it's well worth it.