In the Company of Men (1997)

Written and Directed by Neil LaBute
Starring Aaron Eckhart, Matt Molloy, Stacy Edwards

My Advice: Wait for Cable.

What an odd film.  The basic synopsis is this--two guys decide that they've had it up to here with the entire female gender and all of their evil scheming ways.  Guy #1, Chad (Eckhart), is the one who dreams up the scheme, since his lady (Emily Cline) has packed up and split.  Guy #2, Howard (Malloy), is the one who goes along with the scheme, since he and his fiancee have had some distinct difficulties.  They decide to pick a woman at random and emotionally destroy her.  Enter secretary Christine (Edwards), whose deafness makes her a perfect target in Chad's eyes.

Now let's talk about what works.  First of all, the acting between the three principals is all top notch.  That goes double for Edwards, who literally convinced me that she was in fact deaf, when in actuality she merely spent mucho tiempo researching her role.  Kudos.  All around.  In fact, LaBute himself gets points for making a tight ensemble piece that gives the chance for all three to shine.  Also, he gets points for writing a film that is, well, a lot like how men think.  But--and you know there had to be a but, right?

But--that's all you get.  Three people and cruelty is being handed around like candy.  Period.  The film gets caught up in reflecting meanness to the point where...well, what is the point?  We should all be nice to each other?  Like we need a movie to tell us that, and badly.  If you want an interesting film with some dead-on acting, check it out.  But otherwise it's a film that simply showcases human cruelty.  And don't tell me I didn't get it, cause there was nothing to get.

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