Orgazmo (1998)

Written and Directed by Trey Parker
Starring Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne, Michael Dean Jacobs, Matt Stone

My Advice: Wait and Rent It.

Well, you've got to give Trey this: he's original.  In this latest Trey Parker joint, he plays Joe Young, the Mormon next door, who goes on a mission trip to Beverly Hills, and is worried about getting the money he needs to marry Lisa (Lynne) in the temple.  He knocks on the door of Orbison (Jacobs), a porn director, and using his kickboxing prowess gets an offer he can't refuse.  He therefore becomes the world's first Mormon porn superhero, Orgazmo.  I swear, I'm not making this up.

The performances are delightfully dead-on B-movie fare.  Young kicks the hell out of some baddies then says "God bless" as he leaves them writhing on the floor.  His sidekick, Choda Boy (Bachar) not only has a dildo-enhanced helmet, and speaks like a refugee from the Adam West School of Acting, but also steals many of the scenes he's in.  Lynne is completely over-the-top as the nice girl who screams a lot, like any woman in a bad superhero flick should.  Jacobs is convincing as Orgazmo's nemesis, the director who won't say no.  Matt Stone is at first unrecognizable as the crew member who will go to great lengths to assure you he's not homosexual.  No really. 

Although it definitely has its fun moments, the writing is a little uneven.  In fact, it's so damn funny in some places (the wrath of T-Rex springs to mind), that when it's not at that level, it drags.  But still, it's ability to poke fun at pretty much everything wins it points.  Although the film is rated NC-17, don't go looking for nudity unless you like shots of hairy male butts, which appear in abundance for some reason.  Offended by sexual humor?  Pass it up.  Otherwise, snag it on tape in a few months.

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