Headsup: House of Lies: The Final Season on DVD

House of Lies Final Season DVD

I didn't know this, but apparently House of Lies is based on a fabulously titled book--House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, written by the former real-life Booz Allen Hamilton management consultant Martin Kihn.

Perhaps that's part of what gives the series its ability to be so unapologetic in its portrayal of “the 1%” and the (almost) larger-than-life characters who will stop at nothing to beat them at their own game (and then send them the bill). Leading this group is, of course, the charming anti-hero Marty Kaan, a role for which Don Cheadle achieved popular and critical acclaim. (Rounding out the main cast are Kristen Bell as Jeannie, Ben Schwartz as Clyde, and Josh Lawson as Doug.) Over its five-season run, the series collected thirty-one award nominations and five wins (including the Primetime Emmy for Art Direction in 2014 and Don Cheadle's Best Actor Golden Globe in 2013). The show has been celebrated for tackling the difficult issues of interracial relationships, police brutality, gender identity, and the wealth gap in America--and remember, this is not only just a half-hour show, but a comedy. Such attempts are not for the faint of heart.

In the fifth season, viewers see the characters dealing with the challenges of raising a baby, navigating political and personal relationships, doing business in a communist country, and giving a TED Talk. When Kristen Bell signed on to star [...]

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Your Weekend Justice #245: Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments in Hell

Casio Magazine Ad Automatic

It's Weekend Justice: the Internet's #1 audio trainwreck...and after a hiatus required to allow the new meds to adjust, we continue to claw out of the 2015 archive. Considering how much fun 2016 has been, I'm almost glad we haven't gotten there on the show yet. Yeesh.

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Need Coffee vs. Whoniverse 2016

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who blackboard

Join Rob Levy, Tuffley, ScottC and Rox of Spazhouse as they discuss the width and breadth of the Whoniverse at DragonCon 2016. This was recorded in front of a live panel audience with no safety net but plenty of caffeine.

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To download this episode directly, Need Coffee vs. Whoniverse 2016, then do that thing.

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ScottC's Podcast Review: Audio Drama

Wolf 359 podcast Archive 81 podcast The Bright Sessions podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot of podcasts. Looking at my podcatcher, I have over sixty on there. I can also say, going total hipster, that I was into podcasts way before Serial. I listen to podcasts, I've been on podcasts, I am organizing a podcast (albeit slowly). I thought I'd share some of the podcasts I listen to and share some of the ones that may have passed you by with the current glut out there.

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Headsup: Bob Hope: Hope for the Holidays on DVD

Bob Hope Hope for the Holidays DVD

You've probably at least heard of Bob Hope.  You may already be a fan of Bob Hope.  But do you have any idea just how amazing that man was?  In a career lasting almost eighty years, he performed on vaudeville and radio, acted in over seventy films/shorts, did fifty-seven USO tours (prompting Congress to deem him an honorary veteran in 1997), and still holds the record of hosting the Oscars the highest number of times (nineteen, more than double Billy Crystal's number).  He also somehow found time to write fourteen books, have a happy enough home life to be married for 69 years, and take such good care of his health that he lived to be 100.  I mean, dang.

One of the things people know and love most about this incredible man is the part he played in their Christmas traditions with his annual holiday special.  Now out from Time Life comes Bob Hope: Hope for the Holidays, a DVD compilation which includes his first holiday special (Dec. 24, 1950) along with material from Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas Memories, a holiday retrospective filmed at his home with guest stars and his family in 1993.  A fair amount of content is packed into this DVD, including humorous sketches (featuring Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, Robert Cummings, Redd Fox, and others), a selection of Hope's USO tour monologues, musical performances by Lily Pons and Naomi & Wynonna Judd, a Christmas message from Eleanor Roosevelt, holiday bloopers, and (my favorite) Bob [...]

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Headsup: Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders on Blu-ray and DVD

Batman return caped crusaders blu-ray dvd

In a year which has given us many dark and serious portrayals of the Batman mythos, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is a vibrantly loud, bright, and cheesy film that hearkens back to original 1960s television show, not only with a similar look and dialogue, but the original stars as well: that's right, Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar are back!  Along with Batman, Robin, and Catwoman, we also get to see the villainous machinations of the Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and even Evil Batman (dun Dun DUN!!).

While the sixties were perhaps the golden age of corny television (although some episodes of Full House could definitely give them a run for their money), not everyone knows that Batman, with its goofy banter between the characters and admonitions to wear seatbelts, drink milk, etc, was intentionally so--William Dozier (executive producer) once described it as a sitcom without a laugh track.  This film follows in that vein, maintaining the lighthearted spirit of that much-loved show and making sure to work in lines like "Holy entrée, Batman!" along with the classic POW!s, SMACK!s, and BAM!s. (You can see a clip of Burt Ward discussing them here).  While the film has just enough spice to have earned it a PG rating (for "Action, Suggestive Material and Rude Humor"), it is safely within the family-friendly realm, and a good opportunity for the generations who loved the original Batman (or its re-runs) to introduce it to their millennial loved-ones.  Well-versed fans will also enjoy the many inside jokes and other Easter-egg-esque touches (such as the décor in the Batcave which references not only the TV show but the comics as well).

You may have caught the film's premiere at New York Comic-Con or perhaps its one-night-only limited theatrical release from Fathom Events on October 10th, but for those who didn't, you can check it out on DVD or Blu-ray combo pack now.  If you get the combo pack the film also comes with two bonus features, "Those Dastardly Desperados" (interviews from the cast and crew about the development of this particular version and how it ties in with the traditional and not-so-traditional treatment of the villains) and "A Classic Cadre of Voices" (where the actors discuss their approach to voice acting and the process of recording sessions, etc).

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Headsup: One Nation Under Trump on DVD

One Nation Under Trump DVD

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald J. Trump is currently a very relevant factor in America's political future.  One Nation Under Trump is self-described as "the first comprehensive feature documentary to delve into the zeitgeist of the unstoppable Donald Trump revolution."  I would, however, caution readers to take that description with a large grain of salt (even if you just stop halfway through the sentence).  This film is basically an hour of video clips from Mr. Trump's public speeches and interviews with a small amount of voiceover to tie them together, which leads me to suggest that the term "documentary" is a misnomer.  As to background or supplemental info on the man himself, it includes a few comments about his childhood, but not much else.  It's also good to note that this was created before the three 2016 presidential debates and therefore does not include that material.  I would therefore also suggest that the description of it being "comprehensive" is somewhat misleading as well.

So who among you may be considering watching/buying this?  Perhaps you are a still-undecided voter and think that this may fill in some of the blanks left with the media coverage to date.  Or maybe you are a teacher and planning on using it for a government or social studies class.  Both of these groups should know that you can find most of the content on YouTube (and even more, as it leaves out certain essentials such as the debates.)  If you are already a fan/supporter of Mr. Trump (or even if you aren't but you consider him an interesting character) and want to see a documentary that gives a "behind closed doors" look into what makes him tick with things like interviews with school friends, business associates, and family, or rarely-seen photos/video that give a more complete picture of him, this is not such a film.

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Headsup: 50 Years of Star Trek on DVD

50 Years of Star Trek on DVDOut today on DVD is 50 Years of Star Trek, a documentary celebrating the golden anniversary of the iconic franchise that has inspired delight (and in some cases obsession) in fans worldwide for the last five decades.  The original Star Trek series premiered on NBC in September of 1966, pitched by Gene Roddenberry as a cross between classic mythology and the galactic version of Wagon Train.  Although not popular with television executives, the show acquired fans so loyal that when the series was threatened with cancellation (in only its second season), they pulled off a letter-writing campaign of such impressive proportions that NBC renewed it (remember, these were the days where you actually had to put stamps on things if you wanted people to get your message—-truly impressive).  Even though the original series only lasted three years, it was the spark that became the media inferno we know and love today, including multiple television shows, movies, toys, games, books, a Las Vegas attraction, and of course conventions.  (And as those of you who attended the 50th anniversary panel at Comic-Con this year know, we will soon have the prequel series Star Trek: Discovery to enjoy when it premieres this coming May on CBS All Access.)

50 Years of Star Trek first aired on the History Channel in August of this year, created by self-proclaimed "fan boys" Ian Roumain (director) and Brian Volk-Weiss (executive producer).  It is good to note that this documentary is only 85 minutes long (and [...]

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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 32: Night of the Living Dead! (Naturally)

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Well, we've come to the end of another rollicking romp through the madness of First Halloween. Day 32, so you know what's coming...but before we get to that, we go to some classic audio. First, 1944 for Vincent Price appearing with Ida Lupino in an episode of Suspense. Then...a more recent recording, that of Christopher Lee reading a tale of Ambrose Bierce.

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Headsup: Mr. Selfridge: The Complete Series on DVD

Mr Selfridge DVD

Right now it's Halloween season—-but what do we all know happens on November 1?  Christmas shopping season!  And what better way to celebrate Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man who started the modern department store, than to check out Mr. Selfridge--the beloved ITV/Masterpiece series out now in a DVD box set.

Starring Golden Globe and Emmy-award-winning actor Jeremy Piven (of Entourage fame) and based on the biography of Harry Gordon Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead (Shopping, Seduction & Mr. Selfridge), the series covers Selfridge's rise from being some crazy unknown American to becoming one of the most respected and influential businessmen in England (today Selfridge's flagship store on Oxford Street in London is the next-to-largest shop in the entire United Kingdom, second only to Harrod's).

The DVD set includes all forty episodes plus two hours of bonus content including deleted scenes and interviews with the cast and crew (especially fun are those that explore the show's excellent visuals in costume/set design and execution—-the series has been praised by many for having an almost obsessive attention to detail).  Another nice touch is that the behind-the-scenes features are specific to each season rather than just over-arching commentary on the series as a whole: the show covers the years 1908-1929, arguably the most transformative period of the 20th century for Great Britain, and portraying the characters and their environments during WWI is obviously very different than during the turn of the century or the Roaring 20s.

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