David Lynch Signature Cup: In Heaven, Everything is Coffee

David Lynch is now selling coffee. Some of the proceeds go to support the David Lynch Film Scholarship Fund at the AFI.

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Your Weekend Justice

Sloshing through the swamp of pop culture so you don't have to. We bring you ideas for how to waste your weekend.

Of course, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting me use their absolutely badass song, "Promoter (of earthbound causes)" as my theme music for this.

Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find "Promoter". Buy their latest album, Pitchforks and Lost Needles. Send them love and coin.

BTW, you iTunes subscriber types can nab this feed here.

Or if you want to do something else with it, the feed feed is here.

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Super Doom Mario: Punch a Yoshi in the Face!

Doom Mario

Probably the best Doom mashup ever. Ever. The video's a tad long, but worthwhile.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found at The Last Boss by way of Boing Boing.
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Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin & Orson Welles: Couldn't You Just Die?

There are really no words. Except that this is a good lead-in to the weekend. And watching Martin lose it repeatedly is worth the price of admission.

Update: Alas, the vid has been taken down.

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Thomas Scott Kuebler: Amazing, Astounding, Absolutely Alive

A long-time creature creator and robotics animator, Tom Kuebler now concentrates on making life-size sculptures of freaky looking types as well as more famous creatures like Frankenstein's Monster. It's kinda like what would have happened if Maxwell Gaines had been the one to create Madame Tussauds.

Found via Neatorama.

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Animated Pong Shirt: Now Make It Play Doom

Animated Pong shirt

The latest in geek attire comes with a shirt that displays a game of pong on your chest via an "animated decal". Throw in a cape and you're Pong Man. Or something. At least the thing can be tossed in the laundry.

The question is: Do I want this because it's geeky or do I want this because it's so dark grey it's almost black? Or could it be both?

Found via Gizmodo.

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Adopt a Freaking Huge Plush Squid!

Plush squid

Squid.us points us to Adopt a Squid, where you can...well, do exactly what the title says. How huge is huge? Well, check it out: yes, that's a person behind the squid's head, holding it up. Huge, baby! And all of the squid for sale come with their own personalities. The one shown is Benedict:

Lets get something straight. Benedict is Archibald's arch nemesis. No one is sure why, but the feud has lasted for years. If ordering both, please keep them seperate.

Nice. And of course: Benedict is black, which goes with everything I own. Pricey, though. Oh well.

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Mallet Mischief Indeed

Whatever Harry Breuer is doing with that xylophone, it's making that poor woman try to hang herself. What, is Harry a Flash villain or something?

Found via Check the Cool Wax.

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Jeff Bridges in Iron Man: A Stane That Will Linger

IESB reports that Jeff Bridges is set to play baddie Obadiah Stane in the Iron Man movie. And has pics of Bridges to boot.

Here's what we want to know...there have been Nobel-worthy studies about the correlation between Jeff Bridges' hair and his box office success. But what does it mean when he's freaking bald? Scientists worldwide are scrambling. More news as we get it.

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Arnold Drake and the Very Soul of Optimism

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

Chris over at the Invincible Super-Blog writes up a tribute to the late Arnold Drake by dissecting the brilliance of a Doom Patrol villain: Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man...

Why have a story where the heroes fight a giant tranatula when you could have them fight a giant tarantula that can turn into a swarm of gnats?! It's perfect!

Can't argue with that. Although the true tragedy of all this is that he never faced down Matter Eater Lad in a fair fight.
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