Amazon's Most Expensive Items: Feel Free to Buy Any of These Through Our Site

\richtext decided to pass the time by checking for the most expensive items Amazon had available, by category. My personal favorite is this giant 150 pound grim reaper with horse prop, in the "Kids and Baby" section. Nice. Who knew we could get such serious kickbacks from a single number?

The joke reviews have already started to trickle onto the pages in question, so check those out as well.

Found via The Consumerist.

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Calls for Cthulhu: To Serve Man

When the production values become part of a gag, then you get bonus points.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Check out their site here.

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O'Reilly Jolts the Industry - Head First Style

O'Reilly Books Receive Jolt Product Excellence Awards

Sebastopol, CA--Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design by Brett McLaughlin, Gary Pollice, and David West received top honors--the highly coveted Jolt--for best product in the "Technical Books" category at this year's Jolt Awards ceremony. Further honors were bestowed on O'Reilly Media with the presentation of a Productivity Award for CSS: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland in the same category.

This marks the second time a "Head First" book has jolted the industry. In 2005, Head First Design Patterns by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, and Kathy Sierra won the award for top book in the "General Books" category. CSS: The Missing Manual is the first of O'Reilly's bestselling Missing Manual series to make an appearance at the awards ceremony.

Each year, the Jolt Product Excellence Awards are presented to products that have "jolted" the industry by making the task of creating software faster, easier, and more efficient. CMP Technology's Dr. Dobb's Journal presented this year's awards on March 21, 2007 at the 20th Software Development Conference & Expo West. One Jolt Award--the top prize--and three Productivity Awards are given in each of seventeen categories, including books, project management tools, development environments,
and collaboration tools, among others.

The complete list of the 2007 Jolt winners can be found at:

More information about O'Reilly's Jolt Award-winning books can be found at:

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis [...]

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The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

SitePoint Pty. Ltd. (, provider of fun, practical, and easy-to-understand content for web professionals, today announced the release of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design--a complete guide to beautiful design for those who aren't blessed with innate design talent.

Selling out of its first print run in its first week of sale, this title has been described by Slashdot pundits as "a good book to kick start your graphic-design journey will leave you excited about learning more."

Printed in full color, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design proves that you don't need to go to art school to design great looking web sites:

- 5 lushly illustrated chapters
- covers layout and design, color, texture, typography, and imagery
- packed with real-world examples
- readers develop a complete web site design through the book

"This book takes the frustration and intimidation out of web design for those who don't have an artistic eye," explained SitePoint CEO and Co-founder Mark Harbottle on the launch. "It shows how to create gorgeous, professional designs, step by step--which explains why customers just can't get enough of it."

ISBN: 978-0-9758419-6-9
Page Count: 180
Price: $39.95 USD / $51.95 CDN
Book Website:

About SitePoint
SitePoint specializes in publishing fun, practical, and easy-to-understand content for web professionals. Its popular online magazine, blogs, newsletters, and print books teach best practices to web developers and designers worldwide.

SitePoint also runs the #1 [...]

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A+ Entertainment From B Film Classics: Cult Camp Classics Collection

Four Outrageously Over-the-Top Volumes

Sci-Fi Thrillers! Women in Peril! Terrorized Travelers! Historical Epics!

Due June 26 from Warner Home Video, Collectible New Giftsets Feature the Movie on which Airplane! is Based and Performances from Dana Andrews, Joan Collins, Jeanne Crain, Joan Crawford, Rory Calhoun, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Charlton Heston, Eleanor Parker and Lana Turner

Burbank, Calif., March 19, 2006 – Warner Home Video will bring "camp" home this summer with the June 26 introduction of Cult Camp Classics, Volumes 1 through 4. The studio which pioneered genre collections such as Forbidden Hollywood and Controversial Classics has gathered together 12 trashy treasures that will bring hours of kitschy fun in four volumes: Sci-Fi Thrillers (Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, Queen of Outer Space, The Giant Behemoth); Women in Peril (The Big Cube, Caged, Trog); Terrorized Travelers (Hot Rods to Hell, Skyjacked, Zero Hour!) and Historical Epics (The Colossus of Rhodes, Land of Pharaohs, The Prodigal).

The Cult Camp Classics Collections boast the very latest remastered versions along with bonus content such as commentaries from actors, filmmakers and historians as well as original theatrical trailers. Colorfully packaged in super slim, eye-popping packaging, each volume contains three DVDs and will sell for $29.98 SRP and the single titles will be available for $14.97 SRP.

Key gems in the collections include the original film on which the mega-hit comedy Airplane is based (Zero Hour!), Sergio Leone's directorial debut (The Colossus of Rhodes), a performance by 1956 Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman), Joan Collins' first film (The Land of the Pharaohs) and Joan Crawford's last (Trog).

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Sam Weber Illustrations

Some excellent stuff here. For some reason a lot of it reminds me of what would happen if you spliced together the DNA of Kent Williams and Amano. All the haunted reflection and movement of the first with all the ethereal fantasy elements of the second. I dig it.

Found via Fabulist.

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Lights! Camera! Apollo! Desktop RIAs Take Off

New from O'Reilly Media and the Adobe Developer Library—Apollo Pocket Guide

Sebastopol, CA—Now you can build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop using the Flex™ framework from Adobe®. Written by members of the Apollo product team, Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide (O'Reilly & the Adobe Developer Library, $14.99) is the first official guide to using your web development skills in building RIAs for the desktop with the Alpha release of Apollo—the innovative cross-platform desktop runtime from Adobe Labs.

"We're hearing positive buzz in the web developer community around the Apollo release, and producing a concise resource like the pocket guide is the logical first step in helping developers get up and running fast," said Laurie Petrycki, General Manager, O'Reilly Media. "It's exciting to be able to help developers understand how to bring RIAs from the Internet to the desktop with Apollo and Flex."

"RIAs, a class of web applications that currently work in the browser, have become a core element of today's computing experience," said Mike Chambers, Apollo product manager at Adobe, and one of the pocket guide's authors. "Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide will show Flex developers how to bring their applications to Apollo, extending them to the desktop—a complement to their web applications."

In clear language, this handy new pocket guide describes concisely how Apollo works, and offers numerous examples for those who want to begin building RIAs for the desktop right away.

Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide explains how [...]

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Infamous Panels in Comic History: Papa Spank

Yes, these panels spotlighted at YesButNoButYes are nothing new. We've featured some of them here before. However, it's the Captain America bit here that makes us smile.

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ADV Announces May 15 Releases

HOUSTON, March 20, 2007 — ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to bring you the third volume of three of our hottest titles! Volume three of Utawarerumono, Coyote Ragtime Show and Best Student Council are all slated to arrive on May 15!

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Disney Channel's Highest Rated Original Movie Available for the First Time on DVD


Pop-Hopping onto DVD April 3 in time for Easter

Starring High School Musical's Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer in her Disney Channel Debut

Includes the Exclusive Bonus Materials "Learning the Moves" with Corbin Bleu and "JUMPIN," A Music Video Featuring Keke Palmer

BURBANK, Calif., DRAFT – Disney Channel's highest rated original movie will debut on Disney DVD April 3, 2007. Jump In! Freestyle Edition will be release just in time for Easter. Starring Corbin Bleu (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) and Keke Palmer (AKEELAH AND THE BEE) in her Disney Channel debut, JUMP IN! is a coming-of-age story about Brooklyn teenager Izzy Daniels (Bleu) whose father dreams of him becoming a champion boxer. When his neighbor Mary (Palmer) asks him to substitute for a jumper on her double Dutch team in time for the city championship, Izzy jumps in and discovers a passion for the world of competitive jump roping. Rounding out the primarily African-American cast are David Reivers (POSEIDON) and Shanica Knowles (HANNAH MONTANA).

Filled with exciting bonus features, the JUMP IN! DVD includes the exclusive "Learning the Moves", in which Corbin Bleu hosts an instructional Double Dutch jump rope video so fans can learn the moves at home, a an exclusive pop-hop music video, "Jumpin'" from the movie's soundtrack performed by Keke Palmer. Rounding out the bonus features is a music video from rising pop sensation T-Squad performing their song "Vertical" and a making-of featurette "Inside the Ropes." [...]

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