Four Color Fury: The Departed?

Captain Colbert

In a blaze of publicity, Marvel Comics announced the death of Steve Rogers (aka: Captain America). The parting shot made headlines across the globe, and came at just the right time for the cable news pundits--because you can always stop talking about a dead supermodel's baby daddy just long enough to talk about a dead fictional character.

Yes, I'm being a bit cynical about this. After all, with everything else that's going on in the world--analyzing the political impact of Captain America's "death" seems like a terribly inappropriate thing for a responsible media outlet to do. But then again, who am I to say--considering the last time a Four Color Fury column showed up, Anderson Cooper was still the host of The Mole. But everything changes, I'm told.

And besides, it's not as if Marvel hasn't done this before...

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Lemony Snicket's The Punisher: A Generous Helping of Willy Pete

Lemony Snicket: Punisher

Chris over at the Invincible Super-Blog has taken the idea of authors writing super-heroes to its logical and ridiculous conclusion. After all, didn't Brad Meltzer start as just a novelist? Don't you wish he'd go back to being just a novelist? Anyway. Lemony Snicket's The Pernicious Punishment contains bits like this:

Gentle Reader,

I'm sorry to say that the story you are reading is horrifically violent. It is, to say the least, an extremely brutal tale of a very angry man who, despite being rather clever and possessing a very grim sense of humor, has chosen to react to tragedy by shooting, stabbing, or blowing up virtually every single person he encounters who is not dressed in some sort of garish spider costume.

I laughed so hard that Red Bull came out my nose. And I haven't been near a Red Bull in a week's time. Explain that.

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Energy Fiend's Caffeine Database: Calculate Your Buzz, Baby

Energy Fiend caffeine calculator

It's always impressive when something good gets downright better. Energy Fiend has updated their caffeine database so you can tally up your intake on any given day and see just how much of the substance of the gods you have consumed. Be forewarned, though: you probably won't be able to top Robbie Williams.

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More Winners! Huzzah! And Stuff!

Two more contests spill out their goodies on an unsuspecting public.

First up, the MSTRKRFT swag goes to Susan Smoaks of Florida.

Next, we got ten Hellboy animated DVDs to give away, so hang tight:

Frances Reiss of Vermont
Grace Chu of California
Gregory Hill of Pennsylvania
Kelly Wakefield of Indiana
Marty Turrill of North Carolina
Paula Brawley of Texas
Regina Manning of California
Richard Horrum of Nebraska
Stefan Romanski of New York
Thomas Polk of Pennsylvania

Congrats to all the winners. Feel free to e-mail me if you see this before I can get an e-mail off to you. I need to confirm your street address so we don't get packages coming back to us. Rock!

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The Union That Works For You, Ya @*#@$%*

A genius alternate soundtrack to a union PSA from the 70s, that was apparently, according to the YouTube description anyway, recorded at the time as a lark. And yes, we agree: NSFW without headphones.

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Found via Boing Boing.

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Roy Zimmerman vs. The Beatles: Where Do They All Come From?

Beatles: Yellow Submarine and Eleanor Rigby

Sure, we're a day late. But most of you are still asleep, and if we told you we posted this last night while you were drinking heavily, you'd buy it.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via VideoSift.
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Charles Vess' Fairy Princess comes to life!

Dark Horse Enchants Collectors With Charles Vess 'Fairy Princess' Statue

One of America's most prominent fantasy art talents has turned his hand to sculpture, and the results are stunning. Charles Vess, award winning illustrator and graphic novel creator, has ventured forth with a new creative facet to his bejeweled career- sculpting.

Vess has long exhibited a distinct style, notably in his collaborations with Neil Gaiman such as Sandman, for which they won the World Fantasy Award and the Will Eisner Comics Industry Award and Stardust, which is forthcoming as a major motion picture.

Dark Horse Comics has worked with Vess on fabricating an original sculpture, which is based upon his original artwork of a Fairy Princess. It is scheduled for July 2007 release, and will be offered as a limited edition, with each numbered statue accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by [...]

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Dark Horse Books announces Dirty Pair prose novels!

Dark Horse Books gets down and dirty with the amazing adventures of the Dirty Pair!

Dark Horse Books is proud to present the first volume in a prose series based on the incredibly popular duo the Dirty Pair, which is available to U.S. fans for the first time! Haruka Takachiho's best-selling novels in Japan are the subject of an animated series, three motion pictures, and a series of graphic novels.

Charged with keeping the peace and investigating crime among the stars in the far future, the Worlds Welfare Work Association prides itself on a reputation of safety and regard for life and property. But try telling that to WWWA Agents Kei and Yuri, codename "the Lovely Angels," who—because of their penchant for destruction—are better known as the Dirty Pair. Part female James Bond, part walking disaster, if the Dirty Pair are called in on a [...]

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Alex Toth Model Sheets

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog has posted some incredibly sweet model sheets from Alex Toth's work on the Hanna-Barbera shows Birdman, The Herculoids and Young Samson.

Found via Boing Boing.

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What's Better Than an Emotional Rescue?

Espresso Rescue


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