Coffee Art: Now You're Painting With Caffeine

Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur paint with coffee, using it as a basis for watercolors. It's pretty cool stuff and definitely a medium that we can get behind. That's part of a self-portrait of Andrew there, which sort of reminds me of me before my caffeine tolerance level became ridiculous.

I admire their restraint. Around here, we'd have finished off the pot before you could even get a brush ready.

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The Good Soldier Home Video Debut on DVD April 24, 2007

"The performances are superb, and the production is gorgeous."
-The New York Times

Based on the novel by Ford Madox Ford;
Critically Acclaimed Movie Aired on Masterpiece Theatre

Silver Spring, MD—Acorn Media announces the April 24, 2007 U.S. home video debut of The Good Soldier, faithfully adapted from Ford Madox Ford's innovative novel.

This powerful drama drew rave reviews when it aired on Masterpiece Theatre in the early 1980s. Two upper-class couples, one British, one American, meet yearly at a German spa and forge a "perfect" friendship that is gradually revealed to have been a façade concealing deception and infidelity. The narrator, the husband of the American couple (Robin Ellis, Poldark), gradually learns the truth about his marriage and the admirable British gent (Jeremy Brett, Sherlock Holmes), the "good soldier," he so admired. Like the novel, the drama unfolds in a series of flashbacks out of chronological order, giving this lush period drama a very modern feel.

The Good Soldier explores a tangle of religion, sex, and Edwardian-era social mores in a highly original style. It also stars Susan Fleetwood, Vickery Turner, Elizabeth Garvie, Pauline Moran and John Ratzenberger ("Cheers").

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE Ford Madox Ford bio, cast filmographies, and scene index.

Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., Acorn Media distributes distinctive home video releases to the North American market with a special focus on the best of British television. Acorn's DVD sets are available from select retailers, catalog companies, and direct from Acorn Media at (888) 870-8047 or [...]

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The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition Returns in a Limited Edition May 29!

Back By Popular Demand!

Burbank, Calif., April 2, 2007 -- When Warner Home Video's (WHV) The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition (Superman UCE) was released last November, consumer receptivity was completely unprecedented, resulting in WHV selling its total supply of collections in one month. The Superman UCE was lauded by the nation's critics and made many top ten lists, year-end round-ups and magazine gift guide suggestions. The title also won top honors as Catalog DVD of the Year at the Digital Entertainment Group's Creative Excellence Awards.

Now on May 29, The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition will again be available by popular demand, in a limited edition, at $99.92 SRP.

The re-released Superman UCE will include the corrected discs for Superman III and Superman: The Movie, which were missing bonus content upon their release last fall. When the inadvertent omission was discovered, replacement discs were made available to initial UCE buyers. Replacement discs from the first release of the UCE can still be obtained, at no cost to the consumer, by calling 800-553-6937.

The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition includes all six films in the Superman theatrical franchise – SUPERMAN RETURNS Special Edition, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition, Superman II Two Disc Special Edition, Superman III & IV Deluxe Editions -- and is loaded with more than 20 hours of bonus features. Three bonus discs include Look Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman and [...]

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Wallace Stevens vs. Poetry: A Mind of Winter

National Poetry Month continues. Wallace Stevens reads "The Snow Man."

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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Hulk Hogan For Bigflow

The week won't make much sense either. So best to acclimate yourself now.

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Kurau Phantom Memory: Between Two Worlds Premieres April 5 on America's #1 Anime Channel

Intrigue, Secrets, Conspiracies and Revelations!

HOUSTON, TX — April 2, 2007 — Get ready to sink your teeth into a captivating sci-fi thriller when Kurau Phantom Memory: Between Two Worlds premieres April 5, 2007 on Anime Network—America's #1 Anime Channel!

WHAT: U.S. VOD Premiere of Kurau Phantom Memory: Between Two Worlds

Her name is Kurau, and in a world of mercenary agents, she's the cream of the elite; a master swordswoman, martial artist and thief so skilled that no secret or objective is beyond her grasp. The greatest secret of all, however, is the one Kurau conceals inside herself: The freak result of a disastrous experiment with a new kind of energy, Kurau's body has been fused with a binary alien life form called the Rynax. Every second Kurau lives is lived twice, one alien sharing her consciousness, the other still waiting to be born… and now none of those lives may last very long! The truth about Kurau has begun to leak out, a worldwide manhunt has been launched and now the ultimate agent is the ultimate target. From the craters of the moon to the most dangerous corners of the Earth, incredible action explodes at every turn in Kurau Phantom Memory!

WHEN: Episode 1 available beginning April 5, 2007

WHERE: [...]

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Dark Tower #2 Goes Back To Print With New Cover!

Marvel is pleased to announce that Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2, the second issue of the highly publicized and acclaimed limited series, has sold out at Diamond. Telling the origin of Roland, the protagonist from Stephen King's Dark Tower novels, readers and critics alike have thrilled to this milestone comic book series.

To meet demand for this issue, Marvel Comics is going back to print on Dark Tower #2 with an all new cover by Stuart Immonen!

Written by Robin Furth and Peter David, with involvement by the legendary Stephen King himself, this stunning tale is enthralling Dark Tower fans new and old. "Peter David's script is slowly, deftly turning Robin Furth's story plot into something that will no doubt fit nicely into King's already established gunslinger mythology," explained BrokenFrontier.Com's Kert McAfee.

It's not just the writing that's causing excitement—the art team of Jae Lee and Richard Isanove are drawing rave reviews. "Jae Lee and Richard Isanove's art is stunningly gorgeous," said Augie De Blieck of "Submit it to whatever comics award committee you wish to right now. It deserves an award or two."

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Will It Blend vs. a Video Camera: Sort of Like The Blair Witch Project With Appliances

There's a wave of bits across the Net where people destroy gadgets just to destroy them and document the destruction...which we've never understood. We're poor webmasters, so we can barely afford the gadgets we have, much less extras to obliterate for the sheer hell of it.

This, however, appeals to the morbid bastard side of us, where the Will It Blend? folks stick a video camera in a blender so it can record its final moments in this world. I have dreams like this every so often, so this is actually quite cathartic.

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Kermit on Reading Rainbow: A Pretty Silly Idea

Kermit and LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton putting poor Kermit on the spot about his reading material.

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It's funny: I was in Borders a couple of days ago and ran into a woman there with her son. She was buying him more books and urging him to re-read some of the ones he had because she "couldn't keep him in books." After he ran off to look at more books, she looked at me and said, "There are worse problems than having a reader as a kid." I just said, "Congratulations." I refrained from saying, "Spawn more often, we need more like him," though I came pretty damn close.
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New FF in Fantastic Four Leads to Sell Out

Marvel is pleased to announce that Fantastic Four #544, the first issue to feature the new team lineup, has sold out at Diamond. In the aftermath of Civil War, Marvel's first family must re-evaluate their place in life, leaving the team without Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, filling the roles with Black Panther & Storm.

To fulfill the demand for the launch of this exciting new direction for Fantastic Four, Marvel is going back to press on Fantastic Four #544 with an all-new cover by Paul Pelletier!

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