Warner Home Video Releases a Blast From the Past With The New Adventures of Superman and The New Adventures of Batman


BURBANK, CA (March 20, 2007) – In 1966, Superman, Lois Lane and Perry White were animated into 36 action packed 6-minute episodes that were the forerunner shows leading into subsequent animated hero programming on CBS. In 1977, CBS aired an animation series featuring the voices of Adam West and Burt Ward as DC Comics' Super Heroes, Batman and Robin. Now, Warner Home Video will bring the animation back to life when they release The New Adventures of Superman and The New Adventures of Batman as two separate 2-Disc Collector sets on June 26, 2007 for $26.99 each.

The 6-minute vignettes that comprise The New Adventures of Superman depict Superman and Lois Lane in animated form for the first time since they were immortalized in the iconic Superman live-action short films of the [...]

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Podcast Review: The Accidental Creative

Creative types should check out the Accidental Creative podcast, especially #22, "who are you? really?!?," which talks a lot about being authentic as an artist and silencing those pernicious Inner Critic voices we all hear, especially things we got from our parents about "being practical" vs. making art. It's useful, real, and well-organized, without being stupidly cheerleadery or useless.

The 'casts tend to average around ten minutes, and while there are occasional "advertisements" for the website's e-coaching services, this does not distract from or reduce the usefulness and sincerity of the advice of the podcast. Other subjects include learing from rejections, time-management, and finding your own voice.

All artists and creative types, from the rare good managers in the business world to painters or writers, will find something to use in every single podcast, whether you usually like "self-help" sorts of things or not. The [...]

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Pre-order Harry Potter 7: I Mean, You're Going to Buy it Anyway...

Yes, that's right...as being discussed on the Gabfest (along with Radcliffe's theatrical debut--cough), the seventh and last Harry Potter book is slated to hit July 21st. And we're all going to wind up with a copy--so you might as well pre-order it from Amazon. Why? Because it's $19 pre-ordered through Amazon. And we get kickbacks. What more can we say?

Update: The deluxe edition is now available for pre-order as well. You can snag that here.

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The True Reason the DC Universe Went All Dark on Us...

Batman and Twinkies

...is that Zatanna made all the heroes forget how important Hostess snacks were to everyone's happiness. Ah well.

Full page ad here.

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Win a Spidey Bust From Diamond Select Toys

That's right...Diamond Select Toys, your friend and mine, has offered up a slick black Spidey bust for you to win. To see the bust, to read the rules, and to enter, proceed...

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Wagner tells lost story of Hunter Rose in Grendel: Behold the Devil!

For the first time in over a decade, comics pioneer Matt Wagner writes and draws a miniseries starring his most influential creation—Hunter Rose, the original and most feared assassin known as Grendel!

Launching this July with a fifty-cent prologue issue, Grendel: Behold the Devil chronicles an untold chapter in the life of Hunter Rose over the course of eight intrigue-laden, blood-soaked issues.

A child prodigy, Rose grew up to become a bestselling novelist by day and a criminal mastermind by night. It was only after his death that Rose's step-granddaughter, the noted journalist Christine Spar, discovered his private journals and uncovered Grendel's true meaning as a symptom of society's mediocrity and ceaseless lust for violence.

Now, the final missing pages of Rose's journals, long thought lost, have been discovered.

"For the first time, readers will be privy to a narrative that even Christine Spar was never able to uncover," said Wagner. "We will not [...]

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Uncut, uncensored, and until now, unavailable – MPD-Psycho is here!

MPD-Psycho was deemed too shocking for other publishers, with violent images that most thought were too graphic for the American public.

But coming this June, the most-requested manga series in recent memory will be presented uncut and uncensored from Dark Horse Comics. Brace yourself for a dark journey into madness: Eiji Otsuka and Sho-u Tajima's MPD-Psycho.

Police detective Kobayashi Yousuke's life is changed forever after a serial killer notices something "special" about the detective. Kobayashi is stable police detective until he witnesses the killer he's hunting mutilate Kobayashi's own girlfriend. The event triggers several dormant personalities that push Kobayashi into a complex tempest of deviants and evil forces, ultimately creating a multiple personality detective.

Earning praise for its consistently shocking plotlines and Sho-u Tajima's clean, arresting art style, MPD-Psycho is the manga event of the decade. The title was rated the eighth most wanted Japanese [...]

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Dark Horse announces second printing of Buffy: Season 8!

Following the book's release yesterday, Dark Horse will be going back to print on the much anticipated first issue of Buffy: Season 8. Since the book was announced last summer, Dark Horse has garnered a great deal of attention both in and outside of the comic market. With high profile press coverage, buzz among fans, and excitement from direct market retailers, orders exceeded the initial printing of over 100,000 copies!

"Admittedly, our expectations were already gigantic, but this has surpassed even those" says Dirk Wood, Director of Marketing. "We couldn't be happier about how this has launched, and have high hopes for upcoming issues."

"We've done something unique here. We've taken something really popular from the most mainstream of media, television, and we've transplanted it with total authority into comics" says Managing Editor, Scott Allie. "This is Buffy, by Joss, as much as the show [...]

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VIZ Media's Narutoâ„¢ Does It Again!


Property Continues To Be A Success And Demonstrates Broad Audience Appeal

San Francisco, CA March 19, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced that the recently released volume 13 of the popular NARUTO™ manga series (rated 'T' for Teens), which is published under the company's SHONEN JUMP™ imprint and also serialized in the monthly SHONEN JUMP magazine (also rated 'T' for teens), placed at Number 25 on the USA Today Top 150 Best Seller List through the week of March 11.

The list (available on USA Today's website at http://www.usatoday.com) is based on an objective computer analysis of retail sales from 4,700 independent, chain, discount and online booksellers nationwide. In 2004 NARUTO was the first manga [...]

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First-Ever American Anime Awards



HOUSTON, TX — March 19, 2007 — Taking anime fans behind the velvet ropes of the first-ever American Anime Awards, Anime Network will premiere its "all access" coverage of the inaugural ceremony on March 23 (broadcast) and April 5 (VOD). The two-hour program will include pre- and post-event coverage and will feature the star-studded award ceremony, where anime professionals are recognized for their outstanding achievements in the multi-billon dollar anime industry.

WHAT: Television Broadcast of First-Ever American Anime Awards

Tickets to the ceremony and gala sold out, and Anime Network was the only network granted VIP access to cover the red carpet arrivals, exclusive celebrity interviews and the buzz of backstage. The two-hour program will include pre- and post-ceremony coverage [...]

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