Nova #1 Rockets To A Sell-Out!

Marvel is pleased to announce that Nova #1 has sold out at Diamond. Spinning out of Annihilation, Richard Rider is the last surviving member of the intergalactic peacekeeping force once known as the Nova Corps and is now charged with using his formidable powers to protect and serve the worlds of the cosmos. His return to Earth at the end of issue #1 caught the attention of some important people and in issue #2, fans will see Nova come helmet-to-helmet with Iron Man in a story that ties into the wildly popular Initiative storyline spinning out of Civil War!

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School Is In For The Summer With X-Men: First Class Special

Put one fan-favorite writer with four critically-acclaimed artists, add in the first X-Men team and you’ll get the can’t miss X-Men: First Class Special arriving this May. Acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker, whose work on the X-Men: First Class limited series demanded Marvel make it an ongoing series, is joined by classic X-artist Paul Smith, fan favorite Mike Allred, Nick Dragotta and Kevin Nowlan, drawing the first mutants to study at Xavier’s Institute. In this 48 page special, fans will see the original five X-Men in three all-new tales.

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The Quest for Magik Begins!!

Cover for New X-Men #38

Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle and new series artist Skottie Young begin the New X-Men’s Quest for Magik. In issue 38, the New X-Men find that Blindfold’s prophetic tale of the dark demon lord Belasco in the previous issue was true. Belasco wants his former apprentice back. The problem is, everyone knows that Illyana Rasputin is dead.

Not daunted by his apprentice’s apparent death, the demon lord has pulled the Xavier Institute into Limbo. However, he’s not looking for answers from the X-Men. Setting his sights on the young children of Xavier’s Academy, Belasco begins his vicious interrogation of the New X-Men.

With their leaders cut off from them and a majority of their team captured, an unlikely group of young allies battle their way through demon infested wastelands. All hope seems to be lost, but the kids aren’t alone in limbo… and things look like they are about to get much, much worse.

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Iron Man & Nova Clash Over The Initiative In Nova #2

After the cataclysmic conclusion to Annihilation, Nova is the last member of the Nova Corps, sworn to protect the universe as a one man army. With the launch of Nova, fans and critics alike have thrilled to this sole survivor’s adventures under the watch of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Sean Chen. In May’s Nova #2, tying into the Initiative storyline permeating many major Marvel titles, the titular hero will find his return to Earth quite shocking, as he’s confronted with the after effects of Civil War and accosted by Iron Man himself! But first Nova has to meet with his former New Warriors teammates, Justice and Penance (formerly Speeball), who played a large part in the start of Civil War itself.

What do the critics have to say? “Abnett and Lanning deliver a solid script with some witty moments,” said Kelvin Green of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com.

Comixtreme’s Blake Petit said, “Abnett and Lanning do sci-fi superheroes extremely well, and they’re a great fit for this character.”

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Tony Stark Takes Charge And Iron Man #16 Sells Out

Marvel is proud to announce that IRON MAN #16 has sold out at Diamond, marking the second consecutive sellout for the bold new direction of the titular hero—now he’s the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Under the pen of Daniel and Charlie Knauf along with phenomenal pencils of Roberto De La Torre—not to mention stunning covers by Adi Granov—it’s no surprise that Iron Man is the talk of the town.

In the wake of Civil War, the Marvel Universe is a different place and it demands a man like Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, take the reins of the world’s premiere intelligence agency. As both his soldiers and his enemies adjust to his strategies, it becomes clear that Tony’s got his own idea of how to do things—and nothing’s getting in his way!

Please note that Iron Man #16 may be available at the retail level and Marvel has no plans to go back to press on the issue at this time. If you haven’t checked out Iron Man #16, don’t wait any longer to find out why this blend of espionage, intrigue, action and suspense is drawing in droves of readers.

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