Neuromancer the Comic: The Slightly Funny Deal

Boing Boing points out a really cheeseball comic adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer, the grandfather tome of cyberpunk. This is impressive: I had never heard of this, and the 80s is when I was scary into comics. Gibson responded to Boing Boing about this, and yeah: the art is kinda sad.

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Spinal Tap Green Skeleton T-Shirt: Exactly Medically Accurate

Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap: Green Skeleton T-Shirt

Awesome. Found Item Clothing has created the green skeleton t-shirt worn by Nigel Tufnel in This is Spinal Tap, front and back. The site states:

Normally, we try to match the shirt type exactly, but we thought we'd rather sell the shirt with the option of sleeves. That way you can adjust the level of sleevelessness to your own personal specifications.

Well done. The rest of their shirts, taken from television shows and film, are pretty badass as well.

Found via TCritic.
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Satan Butter Soap: Get Hella Clean

It's butter! It's soap! It's Satan! It's all three in one product! Sweet mother of the apothecary's widow!

Found via Uncle Warren.

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First Life: Why Can't I Build a Dirigible With My Mind?

I think that Second Life is pretty cool, honestly. But that doesn't keep me from laughing my ass off at folks trying to take the piss out of them. Like the lovely one-page parody, Get a First Life, where they urge you to "Fornicate Using Your Actual Genitals." Awesome.

Found via TCritic.

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White-Out: The Ultimate Cold War Weapon

Apparently the Russians were working on a device that would "correct the gravity field" and simply remove North America from the planet. The device was called the A-241/BIS, but further study shows that it's simply a modified Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Found via BLDGBLOG.

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Ninjutsu: This Post is a Necessary Part of the Art of the Invisible Warrior


Chris over at the Invincible Super-Blog pits his formidable fu against the 1986 comic book tell-all classic, Ninjutsu: The Art of the Ninja. You will learn many amazing things about the art, including the amazing levels of chi available to squirrels and the importance of guitar solos. No shit.

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Podcast Review: DVD Dojo

DVD Dojo is a video podcast production of ADV Films and the Anime Channel. The high quality production values (excellent sound and video) betray its professional origin, and this is one of the highest quality podcasts out there. The point of the podcast is to give viewers the chance to hear about new DVD releases, as well as providing up-to-date convention and general anime information. Most episodes cover three different new anime releases from that month, showing a one-minute preview, which is just long enough to whet your appetite for the show and send you screaming to the store to spend your hard-earned cash on what really matters: anime. The episodes are fairly short, averaging ten to fifteen minutes.

Of particular interest is the special edition episode: an interview with Alex Ross, where Ross discusses his work on Marvels and his first exposure [...]

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Burger King the Movie: We Never Should Have Played God

Burger King: Where is your God now?

It's already been well established that we are responsible for bringing the Burger King character back from the dead. At a Gonzo Film Fest a few years ago, we showed an old Burger King commercial which had a less scary version of the King in it. Immediately thereafter, the scary psycho stalker serial killer kitten-eating version of the King arrived on the scene, making us certain we had invoked him and unleashed his evil upon the world.

We felt a little bad about that, but nothing could have prepared us for this. We are so very, very, very, very, very sorry. We never intended to destroy mankind. Honest.

Image taken from...well, where else?

More insanity after the break...
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Contest: Win Aeon Flux (the original) on DVD!

That's right...Charlize, we love ya (and your exploding ball bearings were cool)...but we bet most people would opt for this instead. We yanked it out of the Swag Closet, and you might yank it out of your mailbox...if you win. So go do it.

Please note: "Exploding ball bearings" is not, in fact, a sexual innuendo.

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Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Going Unabridged


Excellent news. The Neil gave word that an unabridged reading of his novel, Neverwhere (read by himself this time), will be hitting the streets later this year. We checked--and sure enough, Amazon already has it available for pre-order for November 1st. Nice.

If you don't know the book, you really should fix that. We quite enjoyed the BBC miniseries (our review here) that spawned the novel, and the novel itself is good fun as well. I didn't much care for the comic book adaptation, because despite liking both Mike Carey's and Glenn Fabry's work normally, it just didn't gel for me.

Anyway, since we know you're going to buy it--because anytime The Neil reads his own stuff you should buy--do so here. Because we get kickbacks. And you can grab the book, the DVD, and the graphic novel as well if that cranks your tractor.
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