27 Second Review: 300

Total. Fucking. Wargasm.

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Moon Knight Welcomes New Artist Mico Suayan and Guest Star The Punisher

In Moon Knight #9, writer Charlie Huston continues the story of Marc Spector returning to his life as the costumed avatar Moon Knight as he welcomes aboard artist Mico Suayan. Suayan joins the title just in time for the Punisher to drop by and Moon Knight's mysterious foe to finally reveal himself as "Midnight Sun" continues.

Moon Knight has proved to be one of Marvels hottest new series. Moon Knight #8 has sold out at Diamond and with issue #9 welcoming the stunning art of Mico Suayan, it seems the series won't cool down one bit.

In Moon Knight #9 Huston and Suayan continue "Midnight Sun" with Part 3: For the Occasion as Moon Knight is about to come face to face with a ghost from his past. But is he prepared for that meeting? The adversary that has taunted and baited Moon Knight is finally ready to take his adversary head-on. Armed with intimate knowledge of Marc Spector's moves as well as the psychological edge, Moon Knight will face his the fight of his life. And that's not even including his confrontation with the Punisher!

Currently, Marvel has no plans to go back to press on Moon Knight #8, however issues may still be available at the retailer level.

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Century 21 Exposition: Retro Future Seattle

The trouble with the blog BibliOdyssey is that everything they post there is so damn cool, I could just frontpage everything here. But I try to restrain myself, and put most of that into my del.icio.us links (subscribe to the feed to snag those automagically). Anyway, they've posted a bunch of concept and design artwork bits for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle and I couldn't resist.

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Free Bryan Killian!

What the hell? It's getting so you can't dress up like a pirate and go to school in this country anymore.

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Gigposters Playing Cards: Even Madame Sosostris is Impressed

What happens when you get a bunch of different artists together to make artwork for playing cards? A pack of wicked cards, all right. Three packs, in fact.

Check them out here. Make sure you click the pics to see the entirety of the card art.

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Le Chevalier D'Eon in April Newtype USA

Exclusive cover art, plus tons of inside info!

HOUSTON, March 27, 2007—April is here, and so is a boatload of new anime sure to make Newtype USA's April issue a must-have! Featuring a cover story on the swashbuckling Le Chevalier D'Eon, Newtype USA's insider info will give you all the ammo you need to watch D'Eon dish out justice on his 17th-century campaign for carnage. Gain some firsthand knowledge of the anime from creator Tow Ubukata as well as English dub director Steven Foster, and see more art from the show than you can shake a stick at. A quest for vengeance never looked this good!

The leading anime magazine in North America, Newtype USA keeps the exclusives coming in April, with previews of Japan's latest, greatest anime—get the buzz on such highly anticipated shows as Code Geass, El Cazador, Kiddy Grade 2 and The Wings of Rean. And still not sure which anime is worthy of purchase? Well, make an informed otaku decision after reading our extensive review section!

The anime goodness doesn't end there, either! Newtype USA's April issue is more than a magazine, it's a grab bag of extras! Read the next manga installment of Once Upon a Glashma—see what kind of magical mayhem awaits Nippori and Gotanda as they investigate a world without women. Add to that the free April DVD, featuring episodes of Kurau Phantom Memory, .hack//Roots and Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars. Plus, you can feast your eyes upon [...]

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More Mind of Mencia: We Don't Mind It, Really

Comedy Central and Paramount have come out with the Uncensored DVD of Mencia's second season. Many people have thought he has declined since the first season, and some people who I know were aware of him before his show thought the first season wasn't stellar either.

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Ultron is Back in Mighty Avengers #2

Ultron, the mechanized monster and long-time Avenger villain, returns in Mighty Avengers #2. But now he is a she. What??

That's right. Ultron is a lady and who better to bring this new womanly menace to life than Frank Cho! Cho and writer Brian Michael Bendis present one of the most epic adventures in the history of the Avengers as the newly formed Mighty Avengers are thrown into a life-threatening battle before they've even had an official team practice!

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Way's Ghost Rider Races Full-Speed Ahead

The ongoing Ghost Rider series written by Daniel Way continues to prove that it is a certified hit in both sales and fan reaction. Every issue that has hit the stands has sold out at Diamond thus far and the first TPB collecting issues #1-5, Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle TPB, has sold out at Diamond as well.

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Spider-Man: Back in Black Checklist

Spider-Man: Back in Black Checklist

After the stunning ending of Civil War, Spider-Man is left in a dark place, paving the way for Spidey to go "Back in Black" and don his old black costume in its wake.

And things are only going to get worse for Peter Parker from here.

Following the upcoming adventures of Spider-Man as he goes Back in Black in the following titles and be sure to pick up the first reappearances of Spider-Man in his black costume in the second printings of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, Sensational Spider-Man #35, and Spider-Man Family #1.

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