Mashing Up Skype With an Old Fashioned Phone

Old-fashioned Skype phone

This is a nifty Instructable about somebody who found an old phone and decided to update it so it would work via Skype.

These phones are always fun, especially when kids pick up the earpiece and try to talk into it like it’s a complete handset. Or when they ask “What are the metal tits on the front for?” Or when they make you feel so old that you finally bash them over the head with them.

Good times. Goooood times.
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Pimp That Snack: The Creme Egg That Ate Toledo

Giant Cadbury Creme Egg

I don’t know why the maniacs who post at Pimp That Snack amuse me so. Maybe it’s just because they truly embody the principle “Nothing exceeds like excess.” Take for example this version of a Cadbury Creme Egg, so big you’d think it was filled not with creme, but that stuff from Food of the Gods. I mean, seriously, look how the regular sized creme eggs worship it like a god. That’s just freaky, man.

Found via Neatorama.
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Christopher Walken vs. Poetry: And Nothing More

Christopher Walken

More National Poetry Month stuff. And yes, we just recently posted “The Raven,” but Walken‘s reading is quote good. It’s taken from the Closed on Account of Rabies 2-disc set, which appears to be out of print. That’s a shame, as there’s a lot of good stuff on there: Ken Nordine reading “The Conqueror Worm,” Gabriel Byrne reading “The Masque of the Red Death,” Iggy Pop reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” and more. Video here is boring, but it’s Walken’s voice you’re interested in, so whatever works.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via VideoSift.
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Giant Child-Eating Dinosaur Puppets!

MAKE Blog publishes the coolest sentence you will read this week:

Check out this amazing wearable T-Rex costume that eats children.

And sure enough, there it is.

But consider that for a moment. Even cooler than the sentence itself is the concept. What if your job was to put on a T-Rex costume and eat children? Think about that while you’re sitting in your cubicle today. That man, whoever he is, is living the dream.

In fact, that would be the BFG of party conversation. The Defender smartbomb, if you will, of chit chat.

Guy #1: So what do you do for a living? I’m a world famous surgeon and secretly saved the lives of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, and they live on my estate and record new albums just for me.

Guy #2: I own the patent for verbs. So every time you make a complete sentence, cha-ching.

Guy #3: I am Copernicus.

Guy #4. I put on a wearable T-Rex costume and eat children.

Guys #1-3. No shit? Really?

Living. The. Dream.

RIP: Comments

Yes, I’m afraid so. As we’ve told you before, we’re apparently the target of a crapload of spambots. And running Bad Behavior, Spam Karma 2, and Akismet on our WordPress install will keep the majority of spam comments from ever seeing the light of day…but they try to get in so often that the server just coughs up a lung. As I might have mentioned before, during the last onslaught they were hitting us twelve times a second.

The only way to keep the site from seizing up is to just turn the comments off. Which pisses me off, because I enjoy people thinking that we’re a way to get in touch with Dog the Bounty Hunter or Criss Angel. I enjoy people who post comments to the wrong site because they are utterly devoid of clue.

But the fact is if we wanted to turn it back on we’d have to move to a hosting solution that’s more robust than the one we have. And frankly, we don’t make enough money off the site to pay for gas, much less pay hundreds of dollars a month just so we can withstand the spam bastard Visigoths at the front gate.

If we somehow manage to start slinging some coin out of this gig, trust me, we’ll get them back on. But until then, they’re off and I’m not going to worry about them anymore. There’s other things I want to do, apart from our new Press Release Section and revamping all the DreamCasts.

So if you need to comment on things, join up on the Gabfest or you can reach me specifically at widgesucks at needcoffee dot com.

Cthulhupalooza: It’s True… The Mi-Go Prefer Sprite

Dark Roasted Blend has a round-up of Cthulhu bits, some of which we’ve mentioned before–like the John Kovalic Cthulhu toy–and some of which are brand new. I’m thinking specifically of the giant tick thing that appears to be eating bits of Play-Doh off a wall in Russia.

But regardless, the best is this thing that appears to be a demonic lemon (swallowing/trying to mate with/both at the same time) a lime. Now I think we understand where those godawful Sublymonal ads came from–that’s right, From The Planet Yuggoth. Make peace with your gods.

Brought to our attention by Annodoom.

Navarre’s BCI Unveils “Welcome to the Grindhouse” Double Feature Series

Complete With Trailers And Theater Ads; First Releases Bow July 3rd

Los Angeles, CA – BCI, a Navarre Corporation Company, under their horror label Deimos, proudly announces the return to those glory days when moviegoers could experience a double feature – complete with scratched film prints, sticky floors, and non-stop thrills! In the spirit of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film GRINDHOUSE, BCI will launch the “Welcome To The Grindhouse” DVD series – a line of double feature DVDs featuring the original exploitation films that inspired the current theatrical hit. The announcement was made by Cliff MacMillan, Director of Acquisitions, BCI. The first two “Welcome to the Grindhouse” DVDs will be released on July 3, 2007 with a $12.98 srp.

“BCI is thrilled to present these classic and not so classic B-movies on DVD,” said MacMillan. “They might stretch over several film genres, but the underlying theme behind these Grindhouse classics is to have fun watching them.”

Each “Welcome to the Grindhouse” DVD release will feature two full-length theatrical films, complete with trailers and theater ads. Each will have two themed films that represent the Grindhouse staples – Martial Arts, Horror, Sexploitation and Action — with some of the titles coming from the Crown International Pictures library.

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Twin Peaks: The Second Season: A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

Twin Peaks: The Second Season DVD

Well, it has taken long and long (over five years), but Paramount has finally come through with the second season of Twin Peaks, streeting this week. Many people are pleased by this, not least of them Doc, who now will hopefully stop gnawing on the furniture in anticipation.

This show was David Lynch‘s foray into series television, and I think Lynch is a brilliant director. He’s able to take anything, no matter how random and weird, and inject into the semblance of meaning. In other words, I think his stuff, especially his feature films (apart from, say, Straight Story) are a whole bunch of symbols thrown together into a gumbo that damn well ought to mean something but in the end, means nothing at all intrinsically. Thus people can have such a good time wrapping their own theories around What Things Mean. A lot like life, really.

Anyway, the first season is held up as a pinnacle of wonderfully odd television. The second season, as with so many brilliant shows, tries to hang on but can’t. It’s like a band’s second album…the first is something they’ve had in mind for years and years, honing to perfection. The second album is something that the label wanted them to throw together quickly with less polish. I wonder what this second season would have been had American television been ready for the British system, in which you do a small series of episodes, then break for however long, then come back and do the next small series of episodes. Or even if it came out today, when shows like Sopranos can take however long it feels like between seasons.

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Your Relationship: It Plays Doom

Mingle2 has posted a fascinating comparison between being in a relationship and playing Doom 2 in full-on nightmare mode.

I want to cheat on you
I’m trapped in this relationship and IDDQD and IDKFA are starting to sound very appealing. I’m a man of ethics, however, and I’m going to endure this masochistic adventure as honestly as I can. (Plus, the sex is still great)

It’s honestly downright frightening how accurate this can be.

Found via Digg.