He-Man Alarm Clock Lives: We Never Fail With Our Wake Up Verse

He-Man Masters of the Universe Clock

Douglas over at Starkgray.net decided to do a nifty mashup--take the sound out of an old Masters of the Universe alarm clock and slam it into a Sony alarm clock. So now he can wake up everyday screaming. Or something.

Of course, it could have been worse: he could have put the little scary retro riff into one of these.

Anyway, I just thought it was cool that the wake up spiel was played off of a mini-phonograph inside the old clock.

Found via MAKE Blog.
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2007 O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference Adds New Speakers and Sessions

Sebastopol, CA, March 27, 2007--Program planning is in the final stages for the 2007 O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, happening May 29-30, 2007 at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. Location industry visionaries are scheduled to present their futuristic ideas and groundbreaking projects in two full days of keynotes, lightning talks, panel discussions, and demonstrations. Now in its third year, the Where 2.0 Conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to discover the technologies, trends, and developments making a difference in location-based technology.

Here is a sample of the high profile sessions included in the 2007 line-up:

-Where.gov: Government Surveillance Using Location Technology
Kevin Bankston, Electronic Frontier Foundation
-Building a 3D Model of the Globe
John Hanke, Google Earth
-Why Physical Location Matters in Online News and Community
Rich Skrenta, Topix
-Learning Lessons from Neogeography
Ian Holt, Ordnance Survey and Mikel Maron, World Kit
-Building out a 3D World
Erik Jorgensen, Microsoft
-Where is Never Again?
Michael Graham, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
-Mapping the Maximum City
Schuyler Erle, MetaCarta
-Getting into the Car: Geo-Located Information Breaks Free
Eric Klein, Dash Navigation
-Love in the Time of Cholera Maps: Mapping Communities from the Ground Up Steven Johnson, Outside.in and author of The Ghost Map

Rounding off the conference will be a number of informal events including Ignite Where, a series of rapid-fire, five-minute presentations by geeks and techies that demonstrate how location-based innovations can improve any area of life. Another highlight will be the Where Fair, a science fair-style showcase of cutting-edge, [...]

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The Wobblies (1979) - DVD Review

The Wobblies DVD cover art


Directed by Stewart Bird and Deborah Shaffer
Narrated by Roger Baldwin


  • Interview with the filmmakers
  • Interview with historian and author Paul Buhle
  • Original Recordings of IWW songs
  • Photo gallery
  • Film maker biographies

Released by: Docurama.
Rating: NR
Region: 1
Anamorphic: N/A; appears in its original 1.33:1 format.

My Advice: Rent It.

Early in the last century, a new labor union began. They accepted everyone who was members of the working class: blacks, women, immigrants. They weren't interested in working within the system like the AFL or the Teamsters. They wanted to change the world, and make it so the workers benefited from American prosperity, not the few heartless robber barons that ran the monopolies and the government that aided and abided them. Whether they were singing in solidarity or busting the heads of some strike busters, they were a force to be reckoned with. But while the organization bickered over the impact of the Russian Revolution, the authorities struck back and used patriotic sentiment and the sweeping powers generated by The Great War. The organization was mortally crippled, but their legacy lives on. They were the International Workers of the World, the I.W.W. They were The Wobblies.

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Cuidado con la Luna Llena! Los Muertos Caminan Entros Nosotros!

"Night of the Werewolf" and "Vengeance of the Zombies" - For the First Time, Uncut and Unedited Versions Remastered From the Original Negative in High Definition; Arising on DVD May 8th for $19.98 Each

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Bogart vs. the Balloon

I'm sure there's a reason why somebody would do this. But I honestly don't think I want to know it. There's another one along those same lines after the jump.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via VideoSift.

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Someone is looking through your window... Speak of the Devil #1 arrives this July!

Val Castillo is a young gymnast with a strange hobby—looking through her neighbors' windows. At first, no one knows the identity of the neighborhood peeper, only that the suspect wears a devil's mask.

When a friend discovers Val's secret, he joins her into a dark journey of spying and discovery that includes peering into the bedroom of Val's own father and stepmother. Intimate details of neighbors' lives, better left quiet, become chatter and threaten all involved, eventually snowballing into a dark journey that even the strongest soul would not care to endure.
Speak of the Devil #1 features story and art from Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets). The miniseries arrives on sale July 25.

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Eric Powell is back in The Goon #19!

After a long hiatus from the regular series to work on The Goon: Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker graphic novel, Eric Powell, the mastermind behind The Goon is back! It’s been more than a year since Eric has written and drawn the ongoing adventures of his fan-favorite, award-winning antihero, and he aims to prove that the wait was worth it.

The brand-new story is the beginning of major upheavals in the Goon universe. The Zombie Priest and his latest abominations continue to plague the streets, but his madness and use of forbidden magic is drawing forces to Lonely Street that he may not be able to control. Plus the Goon comic is now offering 50% more poop jokes than all the Marvel and DC superhero titles combined. Suck on that, X-Men!

The Goon is a hilarious blend of pulpy horror and slapstick comedy following the ongoing misadventures of the man they call the Goon and his spastic sidekick Franky as they battle the legions of the undead!

The Goon #19 features story and art by Eric Powell. The comic arrives on sale from Dark Horse July 11.

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Chrisopher Blue's Accomplished Full Length, Room Tones, Due April 17 on Sarathan Records

If the axiom, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," has any merit, it certainly applies to singer/songwriter Chrisopher Blue and his evidentiary full-length, room tones, due April 17 on Sarathan Records. A subdued lullaby to a convoluted past, the album's 12 tracks were forged from Blue's tumultuous life and showcases a musician who has finally found serenity. This newfound state was previewed on a five-song self-titled EP released Sept. 26 via Sarathan Records and digitally on iTunes.

"It's almost as if these songs were written for where I am now," says Blue of his rooted sound. "Psychologically I was in a different place than I was physically. I'm home today in my heart and my head, and the songs reflect that process. They're the stories of how I got home."

However, getting there wasn't easy and required the Northern California-based musician to walk an arduous path. Following the breakup of his band the Sensation Junkies, a brief lock up in jail and a variety of life's other curveballs, Blue relocated from Seattle to the remote coastal city of Mendocino, Calif. where he sorted out his life and wrote songs as the waves crashed at his feet.

The resulting room tones is Blue's most accomplished work to date, deftly demonstrating his versatility, ranging from rootsy rock to jazz and blues. Produced and recorded by life-long friend DC Cooper, the album is a slinky affair that illuminates Blue's cinematic narratives and booze-soaked croon (think a less nicotine-damaged Mark Lanegan). Lyrics play [...]

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Starbucks: Today Stores, Tomorrow Vending Machines, Then... Implants!

Starbucks vending machine

Well, if you know any Starbucks conspiracy believers, you might want to give them a nice hug before you tell them about this. Because the coffee equivalent of Skynet is going to start selling their stuff out of vending machines:

Unlike any other coffee vending experiences in the market, the Starbucks vending platform utilizes proprietary heat-on-demand technology, developed by PepsiCo, which will offer customers yet another convenient way to enjoy Starbucks on-the-go.

Hell, you can sell everything else out of vending machines: anything from iPods to acne medication. So why not?

Found via Energy Fiend.

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Anime Network Scores New SVOD Carriage With WideOpenWest

Network Rollout to Additional Homes in Michigan, Cleveland and Illinois

HOUSTON, TX – March 26, 2007 – Continuing to expand its reach as North America's largest video-on-demand (VOD) offering, Anime Network has signed a carriage agreement with WideOpenWest (WOW!) to launch its popular subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) service in Michigan, Cleveland and Illinois. America's #1 Anime Channel is now available to WOW! Digital Cable customers, a move that builds on the network's current total reach of more than 40 million homes.

"We are very pleased at the opportunity to work with WideOpenWest in delivering our programming to new viewers in these markets," said Kevin McFeeley, the Network's Vice President of Affiliate Sales and New Media. "It is always gratifying to see more and more operators like WOW! realize the tremendous appeal and entertainment value of anime."

In Q4 2006, Anime Network announced SVOD deals with Insight, RCN and Cogeco Cable, Inc. and linear deals with operators in Puerto Rico, Missouri, Texas, Florida and Wisconsin. Additionally, the network made its first deal on the mobile platform, with special clips available in premium packages for Sprint Mobile subscribers.

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