Cocotte Minute: A Day at the Chicken Races

Cocotte Minute

There's very little one can say about Cocotte Minute, the brief, hyperkinetic short from some Gobelins out of Paris. Except, you know...where's the buffalo sauce?

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Toyman Studios' The War of the Worlds in Stop Motion Doll-o-Vision!

Orson Welles and Mercury Theatre's War of the Worlds gets adapted for the screen...with stop motion dolls. Brilliant.

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Leap of Faith (1992) - DVD Review

Leap of Faith DVD cover art


Written by Janus Cercone
Directed by Richard Pearce
Starring Steve Martin, Debra Winger, Lolita Davidovich, Liam Neeson, Lukas Haas, Meat Loaf, and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Released by: Paramount
Rating: PG-13
Region: 1
Anamorphic: Yes

My Advice: Eh, rent it if there's nothing else.

Jonas Nightingale (Martin) is a faith healer and he's a good one. There's only little problem. He's only in it for the money. The only faith he has is for the suckers who fill his tent every night to receive salvation. He travels across the county with his tour bus and tractor trailer rigs full of equipment looking for places to set up his tent and separate people from their money. His team has got this down to a science. The ushers who are seating people are writing down little bits of information that they overhear and pass them along back to Jane (Winger) who is connected to Jonas via a wireless speaker that he wears in his ear during the show. She passes along the information to make it look like Jonas is actually communicating with the Holy Spirit. The local sheriff (Neeson), who also has a thing for Jane, is on to Jonas and vows to shut him down one way or another. All of their lives are changed when a little boy with bad legs (Haas) sets foot on the stage and is really healed.

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I See You, World

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Eric Poulton's Steampunk Star Wars: Using the Force, I Can Wind Myself

The man's name is Eric Poulton, and he's providing geekgasms all over the place thanks to his renditions of steampunk versions of the Star Wars characters. Thus far, he's tackled Han, Chewie, Jabba, and of course, Vader. Pretty tasty stuff.

I don't know about you, but I would read a comic book based around these ideas. Dark Horse, you listening?

Found via Table of Malcontents.

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Frank Welker: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Voice of Darkseid

Frank Welker, the voice of Darkseid, is also the voice of Curious George.

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Strong Kids, Safe Kids: Creative Discomfort

While I think we've all seen the "Proper Words Song" portion of this--and that was traumatic enough, mind you--I personally have never seen what appears to be the whole thing. And who knew you could make kids stronger and safer by confusing the hell out of them? Or threatening damage to their knees?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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Kyle Baker's Personal Shopper: I'm British, You Know

The inevitable Kyle Baker pointed out a bit of work he did a while back, in which he told a portion of Batman's secret origin that they somehow conveniently left out of the movie.

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Aqua Teen Soundtrack Snippets (posted using the new BostonSafe plugin)

We've just been given word by Cartoon Network and Adult Swim that the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon The Soundtrack will hit stores on April 10th, with the movie itself appearing in cinemas on April 13th.

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Stephen Fry's Voco Clock: Let the Downward Drift Continue

Okay, we're not ones for sleep around here. But if Stephen Fry's voice was coaxing us to reach for the arms of Morpheus, we might be convinced.

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