300 Trailer (Family Friendly Version): This is Delicious

Okay, I screwed up. I saw links to this before and went, “What? No.” I’ve gotten wary since everybody sent me the Alanis “My Humps” video and I stupidly watched it and scarred myself for life.

But then Siege sent this over and I just about laughed myself out of my chair. It’s genius. I thus repent and offer it to you now.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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Meth Coffee Celebrates Betty Ford’s Birthday

Meth Coffee, which we’ve raved about before, has opened up The Betty Ford 5-Day Meth Coffee Sale, in honor of Betty’s birthday on Sunday. Nice.

The savings? $2 off a bag. Which means the cost is $10 a bag. So if you’ve been waiting to stock up, do so now. The promo code is FIVEDAY990 when you check out. Tell them we sent you (because we’ve signed up to be a Meth Coffee affiliate–also nice) and they say to thank Betty. So make sure you do that, too.

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Engadget and DRM: Rights vs. Things We Deserve


So we’re I’m a bit behind. Anyway, Boing Boing pointed us to this editorial over on Engadget, where they’re taking Apple and EMI to task for not giving them everything they want right freaking now.

Go give it a read. I’m not going to say that I don’t agree with a lot of what the author, Ryan, has to say. But here’s what I found interesting. I was going to take him to task over what Cory at Boing Boing quoted:

But we don’t believe having free, usable, uncrippled media is a feature — it’s a right.

It looks like somebody in the comments took Ryan to task on it already. But what was odd is that I didn’t recall reading that particular quote in the article. Instead, I backed up, rooted around and found this:

But we don’t believe having free, usable, uncrippled media is a feature — it’s what we deserve, and we demand it.

Huh. And then Ryan mentioned in the comments that he still thinks it’s a right:

We believe cripple-free media is a right. Maybe not a constitutional-fight-to-the-death kind of right, but we believe it’s a right nonethelesss. It’s important to remember that Apple has a very real agenda here, and it’s not always just about doing what consumers want.


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No Starch Press Releases Linux Appliance Design: A Hands-On Guide to Building Linux Appliances

April 6, 2007, San Francisco–Modern appliances are complex machines, with processors, operating systems, and application software. While there are books that describe how to run Linux on embedded hardware and books on how to build a Linux application, “Linux Appliance Design” (April 2007, No Starch Press, http://www.nostarch.com/appliance.htm) is the first book to demonstrate how to merge the two to create a Linux appliance.

Linux is the embedded operating system of choice for low-cost development and fast time to market. “Linux Appliance Design” shows how to use Linux to build better appliances-appliances with more types of interfaces, more dynamic interfaces, and better debugged interfaces. Readers learn how to build backend daemons, handle asynchronous events, and connect various user interfaces (including web, frame buffers, infrared control, SNMP, and front panels) to these processes for configuration and control. Linux Appliance Design also introduces the Runtime Access library, which provides a uniform mechanism for user interfaces to communicate with daemons.

The bundled CD includes a prototype appliance-a home alarm system-that supports the book’s lessons. It uses a liberal BSD style license, which allows readers to use it as the basis for their own appliances.

“We’re continuing to feed the growing hunger for Linux content in the marketplace,” said No Starch Press publisher and founder Bill Pollock. “Linux is very well suited for use in appliances, but it’s difficult to find engineers who know how to combine both the hardware and software. This book distills the work and experience of four engineers into one very compelling volume.”


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Zombie Movie Posters: The World is Theirs

Dr. Logan: It’s empty, Captain. We saw the bullets come out. Let’s see what he does. Let’s see what Tony does in this situation…

Undead Tony: Say hello to my leetle Aunt Alisha! (opens fire)

Rob Sacchetto, purveyor of fine artistic zombification techniques (who we’ve mentioned before), now turns his attention to famous movie posters.

This and The Usual Suspects are in the bag already. I personally would like to see a zombie parody of any poster by Drew Struzan (especially the new Star Wars trilogy ones), The Silence of the Lambs with the undead Clarice gnawing on the moth at her mouth, and…you know what? Tombstone.

There’s no more room in Hell! And it’s comin’ with me, ya hear? Hell’s comin’ with me!

Found via Neatorama.

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Panama Creates World’s First Weapon of Mass Caffeination

Giant Coffee Mug from Panama

That’s right, Cafe Duran in Panama has created a 750 gallon cup of coffee.

This size will soon be available at your local 7-Eleven or QuikTrip for the low, low price of $1.29. Throw in an extra two bits and you could walk away with a donut, too.

Or…could this be the Non-Euclidean size the prophecies (or at least the previous post) foretold? Make peace with your gods.

Found via Slashfood.


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