Moe Howard and the Maharaja: Squaten, Squaten

Classic anarchy, courtesy of Moe and The Mike Douglas Show. For those who only know The Stooges from their shorts: enjoy.

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The Curmudgeon

Thanks to all of you for taking time away from the silly Anna Nicole Smith news and Arena Football League season to read my column. It is much appreciated.

Cee-Lo Green

The Grammys were mighty boring. I don't really care two cents about them. They are decided on by people whose musical tastes have no bearing on mine whatsoever. Plus any excuse to not see Don Henley is fine by me. I don't really care about The Dixie Chicks but I don't think they deserved to win every single award, especially when Gnarls Barkley clearly had the Single of the Year.

The Single of the Year should go to the song that crosses over and impacts the most people that year. "Crazy" clearly did this. It was on rock, urban and contemporary hit radio stations. It was played in The Gap, hotel lobbies, sports highlight clips, Starbucks and every car driving down the street. During the spring and summer months you could not escape it. Magically, despite the overkill, "Crazy" never wore out its welcome. It never made you throw your hands up in exasperation and scream "Enough already!" This is the trademark of a great pop single and Gnarls Barkley clearly deserved to win this.

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Free Starbucks on March 15th

Starbucks Phase 2

Slashfood gave us the word that March 15th, Starbucks locations will be giving out free tall coffees to everybody who comes by between 10am and noon. And free happens to be my favorite kind of coffee.

Image taken from one of my favorite Onion stories ever.

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Chris vs. Banzai Girl: Karaoke Master Aims to Please

Sometimes I miss doing full-on comic reviews. And then I read something like Chris, over at his Invincible Super-Blog, where he beats the comic Banzai Girl with a metal yardstick...and I know true peace:

Essentially, it's the late-night Cinemax version of Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, but starring Space Cheerleader Jinky, who rolls around in a "liquid metal battlesuit" blowing things up with a space-bazooka, which inevitably causes her skirt to blow up and reveal her Liquid Metal Battlethongâ„¢. Amazingly, this is actually less fun to read than it sounds.

Awesome. Read the whole thing.

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Kyle Baker's Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter

Kyle Baker: Superman's babysitter

Even better than the last bit we posted of Baker's, regarding the Batmobile, it's the bit with the cow that slays me.

Find the whole scan here.

Found via Kyle's site.

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Cereal Commercial Round-up

*Altered Beast voice: ON*

Rise from your grave, Henry Mancini.


But all seriousness aside, this is one of the best cereal commercials identified by Neatorama. For their full list, go here.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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The 2006 Golden Chazzie Nominees

So we're a little behind, but here you go...

The nominees for the Golden Chazzies.

Winners will be announced this coming weekend.

Here's the FAQ for the Confused.

Here's the winners for 2003, 2004 and 2005.

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Snoopy vs. The Red Baron: A Real Dogfight

Snoopy Sopwith Camel

Apparently the FX budget for the live action Peanuts movie is, shall we say, sub-par.

Update: The original video, of an RC plane fighting an RC Snoopy-on-Doghouse has been taken down, but somebody took bits of it and made this...

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Tom Waits and Iggy Pop Drink Coffee

Iggy Pop and Tom Waits

It's from Jim Jarmusch, of course. And you can find it on the DVD of Coffee and Cigarettes.

This is a lot like our staff meetings here, honestly enough. Except normally we're doing the roadside surgery in house.

Found via Snuh.

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Nash '55: Who Are You and What Have You Done With Mickey?

Pluto loves the 55 Nash

Who knew that back in 1955 Mickey Mouse had a hideous plastic surgery accident? I sure didn't.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Neatorama.
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