X-Men Flash Fun: Are We Counting Alternate Timelines?

This little bit of flash is better than X3.

Then again, so is my ass. But anyway...

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The Guild Specialists - Book Review

Operation Red Jericho

If you long for the return of books that are just, at their core, good stories, then look no further than the "Guild Specialists" series: Operation Red Jericho and Operation Typhoon Shore. They're a pair of richly-illustrated and interestingly presented "young adult" novels by Joshua Mowll that are as rewarding for adults as for the target age of middle school/high school.

Jericho introduces us to Becca and Doug MacKenzie, whose parents have mysteriously disappeared somewhere in China, while on a mission for a hidden society with ostensibly high-minded and honorable intentions. They're packed off to live with their uncle on his ship, the Expedient, and stumble into a world of underground groups with their own agendas (yet blessedly not a single Jesuit in sight) and danger galore. We learn about the dangerous element zoridium, and the wicket society with their pet warlord who are bent on using this element to destroy all that is Good and Pure. But are the heroes really free from their own moles and double agents? Who can Doug and Becca trust? Are their parents even alive? Swordfights, bone necklaces, explosions, mysterious devices, and secrets within secrets make this novel into pulp at its literary finest; it will have you breathlessly turning pages for hours it takes you to devour it.

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Tag Fog!

Simply because we can, and it looks ludicrous, we've created a page for our complete tag fog, where you can browse all the tags used on the site, in alphabetical order, with the size and color changing according to how often they're used. Mouseover to see the actual number of times. I'm sure there's a thesis in here somewhere.

And it's a very low tag cloud which makes visibility much lower than normal...hence, tag fog. Enjoy.

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John Scarne's Card Manipulation: More Crooked Shuffles Than a Conga Line

Mark Frauenfelder, over at Boing Boing, posted this video of card whiz John Scarne showing the camera how he does a lot of his pasteboard shenanigans. Scarne is Frauenfelder's great uncle, too. Nice.

Update: Wrong Mark. Although the Boing Boing entry says "Mark says..." and was posted by Mark F., apparently Mark P., who commented below, is the Mark in question with the card genius great uncle. Kinda confusing. One of my names is John, so I can relate. Try yelling out "John" in a crowded shopping mall. Count the number of heads that turn. Whoops.

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Pierre Matter: Crazy Insane Steampunk Sculptures

Pierre Matter makes badass sculptures that look like what would happen if H.R. Giger, Ashley Wood and Hajime Sorayama got together and threw a party. More of his stuff is here.

Found via Boing Boing.

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Lego Chainsaw: If Ash Was From Lilliput

Lego chainsaw

User lemonie on the Instructables site has put together a handy how-to for making a Lego chainsaw. He then goes berserk and mauls some broccoli with it, no doubt in response to a childhood dislike of the stuff.

This is important, you know, in case you ever find yourself stuck in the Land of the Giants or...um...or something.

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700 Zombies! Hell Yes!

While the 700 Underwear Clad Vigilante Mutants list sounds fascinating, you know what we've got to go with: 700 Zombies.

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Pink Floyd & the Roll Your Own Dark Side: As a Matter of Fact, It's All Dark

Pink Floyd

The folks at WFMU's Beware of the Blog have stripped out some of the voice samples and musical bits of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, giving you the ability to go and create your own. Crazy...the samples provided, such as "There is no dark side of the moon..." and well known to all Floyd fans, have never been so clear.

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Pan's Labyrinth Has Hit Amazon; Pre-Order Now

It's coming out May 15th...and the way everyone loves the film, you know you're going to want to snag a copy. So why not do it through us? Pre-ordering makes the price $25 from Amazon (that's the price as I write this; you save $10), and we get the usual kickbacks.

Yes, we're whores. But at least we're upfront about it.

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Hobo With a Shotgun: Justice, One Shell at a Time!

Hobo With a Shotgun

My God. This movie trailer is what would happen if John Hodgman pitched a script to Roger Corman. Hobosploitation. Unbelievable.

Headsup, though: liberal use of bigass squib action. Not for the overly squeamish. But then again, neither is this website. So.
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