300 Photoshopping: This IS Madness!

The Photoshop bits on here are some of the funniest damn things I have seen in a long time. The animated gif about halfway down just about killed me.

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Andrey Snak: Master of Morbid Whimsy

Andrey Snak

Danny Elfman score + great Flash site (rarity!) + incredibly bizarre artwork that's like the best bits of Jon J. Muth, Dave McKean and, yes, a touch of Jamie Smart as well = art gold. Go now.

Update: The sweet Flash site is gone but the cool art remains.

Found via Drawn!
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Feed Wackiness

The feed may do some strange things as I'm trying to figure out why all of the formatting suddenly went away, along with the images. So please bear with us.

Update: Okay. So far so good. Upgrading to 2.1.2 of WordPress fixed it, although I think it was resetting something broken rather than a bug. I'll keep an eye on it as I start to re-implement some changes from before. As you were.

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Mimi Traillette and Her Legion of Octopi

Mimi Traillette makes plushie octopi. We're talking...lots of them. Using all manner of materials.

She even made one for Unidentified Madman.

Check out the whole lot of them on her LJ here.

Found via Neatorama.

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Adult Swim's Five Minutes: My Life, Reduced to a Flash Game

A spiffy flash game from those Adult Swim whackjobs in which you, cubicle galley slave, decide to kill yourself after receiving one too many meeting notices.

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Win the Peter Pan Platinum Edition

Yes, those of you paying attention have noticed a new one has hit--we've got a spare copy of the recent platinum edition of Disney's Peter Pan, and you can win it.

But you must go here and do that thing.

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To See or Not to See -- Shojo Girls Risk Losing Their Image in Translucent

Shizuka has problems. Not only is she an introverted girl, dealing with schoolwork and boys, but she feels invisible. In reality, she is victim to a disease that is making her literally translucent!

Shizuka finds support with Mamoru, a boy who is falling for her despite her appearance, or lack thereof. Another friend, Keiko, suffers from the same illness and has turned completely invisible.

The strange disease becomes a metaphor in the ordinary lives of the students in their classes, as they work their way through romance and friendships.

Teen-centric, quirky, and romantic, Translucent will appeal to shojo fans who like a little twist with their gakuen mono.

Translucent's shifting variables—between what people see and wish to see—create an emotionally sensitive manga, peppered with moments of surprising humor, heartbreak, and drama.

Translucent features story and art by Kazuhiro Okamoto and arrives on sale July 18.

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Tats 4 Toddlers: "Romper Room Ink," This Fall on A&E

I'm a firm believer that if there's a demand, and you can fill it, then rock on with your bad self. Still, sometimes I think to myself, "Wow, there's a demand for that?" But apparently so. These are "temporary" tattoos that are applied without needles and last, with retouching, for up to ten years. You can check out the website here.

Apparently they get a lot of hate mail for this idea, but whatever cranks your tractor, I say. The only question I would have is...ten years? How many things that you thought were cool when you were eight you still thought were cool ten years later? I wonder what happens if it needs to come off before then, when you're embarrassed to take off your shirt in high school because you're afraid of getting ribbed over your I (HEART) ELMO tattoo.

I also think that maybe celebrities should start using this technique since they're constantly decorating themselves with names of wives or girlfriends only to have to decorate over them later when they go their separate ways. And a lot of celebs act like toddlers in many ways, so you wouldn't even have to change the name. Well done.

Found via Neatorama.

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Activision to Release New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Heroes and Villains on Xbox Live Marketplace

Santa Monica, CA – March 23, 2007 – Expanding on the experience of controlling the world's largest army of Super Heroes on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today plans to release Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Heroes and Villains. The expansion packs feature eight new playable characters: The Incredible Hulk, Magneto, Hawkeye, Sabretooth, Doctor Doom, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Venom, each complete with new signature powers, skins, dialog, conversations and achievement points. The download will be available in April via the Xbox Live Marketplace online gaming service.

"The signature gameplay of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has made it a favorite among fans, as well as the best-selling Super Hero game on the Xbox 360 to-date," said Rob Kostich, vice president of global brand management, Activision, Inc. "By adding some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe to the roster we're enabling Xbox 360 gamers to build a variety of all-new teams and enjoy the epic action in brand new ways."

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is the award-winning action/RPG that allows players to create their Marvel dream team from the largest roster of Super Heroes ever in an epic quest that will determine the fate of Earth and the Marvel universe. With a total of over 140 popular Marvel characters and a playable cast of more than 20 Super Heroes, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade and Captain America, gamers embark on a dangerous journey across exotic terrain and well-known comic book locations like Atlantis, the Shield Heli-Carrier and the Skrull home world in an attempt to defy Dr. Doom and the world's most notorious Super Villains.

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TwoMorrows Publishing: July 2007 Shipping


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