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Jimmy Durante 8 Ball

Jimmy Durante for Corn Flakes

Watch this first. I’ll explain after. Direct link for the feedreaders. I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Food of the Gods, am I? Am I? Found via Mark Evanier.

How We Met

Most animators really get into their work. And some people take this notion to extremes. Extremes that the rest of us sit back and admire. Showing here: Yes, in case you were wondering, it’s a video that’s supposed to be viral in...

Tang Commercial

TANG: It Vitalizes and Terrifies

Notice how from the very beginning of this commercial, the TANG logo rushes towards you menacingly. In the wild, this behavior is known as “advertising intimidation”. Only rarely will the logo actually attack you. But it’s...

Hitchhiker's Guide

Hitchhiker’s Guide TV Commercial: And...

A television commercial for the 1981 BBC TV adaptation of the radio series. Not to be confused with the feature film of recent years, which as we all know is simply a vicious rumor and didn't actually happen.

Carlton Draught

Carlton Draught: Very Big Ad

My first thought was that the Polyphonic Spree had added one or two members. But no, it's just a great advert for Carlton Draught out of Australia.

Buster Keaton and beer

Simon Pure Beer: This is How Buster Keaton...

Pure genius. Or false advertising for the stupid. “I couldn’t create my own reality after drinking it!” Yeah, these days there’d be a lawsuit. Or at least a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. “Do not...