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Ryan Gosling in Drive

Wayhomer Review #83: Drive (2011)

Episode #83 for Drive, in which our protagonist discusses arthouse films and what happens to them when they miss, how sometimes silence truly does kill, and fixates on Albert Brooks‘ eyebrows or the lack thereof.

Albert Brooks in Real Life

Albert Brooks Brings You Real Life in 3-D

Real Life by Albert Brooks. These days, trailers give way too much information away about a film and then you end up just figuring you'll catch it on DVD six weeks after it's released in cinemas anyway.

The In-Laws (2003) – DVD Review

Film: DVD: Written by: Nat Mauldin & Ed Solomon, based on the original 1979 screenplay by Andrew Bergman Directed by: Andrew Fleming Starring: Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Robin Tunney, Ryan Reynolds, Candice Bergen Features: Running...