Your Weekend Justice #184: Two Tables Flipped For Your Face

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that is waiting for the spaceship to arrive and take it to safety as the world ends. It’s not here yet but we expect it at any moment. Honest.


Spider-Man Sheets


  • Stop bothering Rox with your last minute crap Xmas gift ideas
  • The danger of Amazon Prime
  • The evil of raisins
  • Fun with Instagram
  • Cat butt coffee ale!
  • Leigh vs. gravity and the death of keyboards
  • The Hobbit and hotness
  • Kids and fandom
  • Aaron Sorkin, making people sad
  • Spazhouse: The Barbershop
  • Angela Lansbury, not dead
  • The Flaming Keyboard
  • French Cumberbatch
  • Rox’s search for cake
  • The Search for Star Trek Sex Toys
  • (more…)

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    Your Weekend Justice #149: Stupid Whores and Cinnamon Buns

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that is offensive, morally reprehensible and should definitely not be listened to by impressionable plant life. This podcast was engineered–some might say over-engineered–by experts to escort you from the work week in the most chaotic manner possible. Please note: this podcast is profane, definitely oversexed and definitely overwrought. It is wrong and unsafe. You have been warned.


    Fred from Smokey and the Bandit


  • Jon, Serv and the Ballad of Sally Ford
  • Jon is very kind about Widge’s age
  • For love of Wolverines
  • An excellent time to go car shopping
  • The Australian Red Dawn remake
  • The Walking Dead
  • The problem with being short a butcher
  • Menudo digression!
  • Tolstoy spoilers!
  • Rox’s drink naming
  • The Juan Montoya
  • NASCARcast!
  • Alcohol report!
  • Hola, Cumberbatches!
  • Star Trek and sex
  • Continuity problems
  • Angela Lansbury vs. The Cenobites
  • Oscar report!
  • (more…)

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    Stuff You Need to Know, Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Don Cheadle
  • Don Cheadle is Rhodey in Iron Man 2. Apparently talks with Terrence Howard just didn’t work out. So far, it looks like everybody else is coming back. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit is being revived on Broadway, starring Christine Ebersole, Rupert Everett and Angela Lansbury. Lansbury is in the role of Madame Arcati. Performances start in February. I would love to see Lansbury perform. Source: Variety.
  • Steve Martin, or what’s left of him, is joining Alec Baldwin to play rivals for the affections of Meryl Streep in an untitled romantic comedy. Nancy Meyers wrote and will helm, just like she did for Something’s Gotta Give. Source: Variety.
  • Mulan is getting adapted. Your first two guesses will probably be Broadway and a live-action adaptation. You’re correct on the latter, although it will be based on the original legend and not the Disney film, and will be made by a partnership of Xinhua Media and China Film Group, which is steered by the Chinese government. It will shoot this spring. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • (more…)

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    Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou Reprise Todd: What is That?

    Angela Lansbury in Sweeney Todd

    Nice. Stumbled across this on YouTube: Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou are back in their roles as the original Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd, respectively, for Sondheim‘s 75th birthday concert from last year. Not of bad voice either of them, all things considered: especially Lansbury, who pops right back into character and pretty much nails it. Fun as hell.

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    Godfathers Collection: The True Story of the Mafia (2003) – DVD Review

    Godfathers Collection: The True Story of the Mafia


    Written & Edited by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, William Link
    Narrated by Angela Lansbury, Tom Bosley, Michael Horton


    • Includes four Biography episodes: “Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob,” “Meyer Lansky: Mob Tycoon,” “Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family,” “Bugsy Siegel: Gambling on the Mob”

    Released by: A&E Home Entertainment.
    Rating: NR
    Region: 1
    Anamorphic: N/A; episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 format.

    My Advice: Eh, don’t bother.


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    Murder, She Wrote: The Complete First Season (1984) – DVD Review

    Murder She Wrote Season 1 DVD


    Created by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, William Link
    Starring Angela Lansbury, Tom Bosley, Michael Horton


    • All twenty-one first season episodes plus the pilot movie

    Released by: Universal.
    Rating: NR
    Region: 1
    Anamorphic: N/A; appears in its original 1.33:1 format.

    My Advice: Fans should consider it.

    I won’t go so far as to say that Jessica Fletcher (Lansbury) was a reluctant author, but she liked a simple life and wouldn’t even have gotten published without a manuscript of hers getting turned in without her knowledge. At a costume party after her big introduction into the world of publishing, a guy dressed up as Sherlock Holmes winds up taking the celestial dirt nap. It’s up to Jessica to figure out whodunit. And then she keeps on figuring out whodunit for over a decade.


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    Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997) – DVD Review

    Beauty and the Beast:  The Enchanted Christmas


    Written by: Flip Kobler, Cindy Marcus, Bill Motz and Bob Roth
    Directed by: Andy Knight
    Starring: Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson, Jerry Orbach, David Ogden Stiers, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry, Haley Joel Osment, Paul Reubens and Angela Lansbury


    • Music Video for “As Long as There’s Christmas” by PLAY
    • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
    • Forte’s Challenge Game
    • Enchanted Environment–fireplace feature
    • Disney’s Song Selection

    Released by: Buena Vista Home Video
    Region: 1
    Rating: G
    Anamorphic: N/A; appears in its original 1.33:1 format

    My Advice: Buy it if you have kids, otherwise, skip it


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