Farewell to IMAX

IMAX Spacedome

The Spacedome

Before I begin this, let me relate to you my relationship with IMAX. I’m originally from Huntsville, Alabama. And in Huntsville we have the Space and Rocket Center. Which is quite swank and you should visit if you haven’t. In the Center is the Spacedome, an IMAX screen. It opened in 1982, so I would go see movies there–space docu movies is pretty much all we had, but still. They were ginormous and awesome and even bigger because I was a kid, so everything was bigger back then.

I even–perhaps this is during my lamentable stint at Space Camp (the actual thing, not the movie version)–learned about where to sit to get the best effect, i.e. right by the “Doghouse,” or the projector that sat in the middle of the seating area. And that made it all even cooler.


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Silver Scream Spook Show Presents The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3-D

The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3-D

So there’s plenty of opportunities to see movies on the big screen in Atlanta. I’m not just talking about stuff like Gone With the Wind, no. I’m talking about the healthy horror-loving community that we have here. There’s a group called the Silver Scream Spook Show that puts on a film each month in the badass Plaza Theatre, which is an old single-converted-into-a-double cinema house. Generally, I’m too damn busy to make it. For example, a little ways back they showed Demons–and you can imagine my heartbreak when I couldn’t see a movie about infectious demons running amok in an old cinema–in an old cinema. But when I heard they were doing Creature From the Black Lagoon…in 3-D…well, we carved out time. You simply have to for a flick like that. Especially since somehow I didn’t even know there was a 3-D version out there. I don’t remember that from my Universal Legacy edition of the film or its commentary, so I’ll need to refresh my memory when I watch it again this Halloween.

So this was my first Spook Show performance, and it was an absolute hoot. Hosted by Professor Morte, there’s also his sidekick Retch, along with the lovely Pandora (whose Creature-inspired outfit was fantastic) and Persephone (who sang a Creature tribute to the tune of “The Rainbow Connection”–also fantastic). They also enlisted the help of the wildlife-chasing witch doctor Mumbobo, who took them to the location of Creature‘s production in a special film.


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This Krispy Kreme Milkshake Will Kill You If It Can

Krispy Kreme milkshake from Flip

That's right, Mr. Walls. I have been sent to keel you.

So after spending some time with the giant squid we decided to stop by Flip on the way home. Flip is a “burger boutique” here in Atlanta that we keep hearing people go on and on about so we decided to see what the shot was.

The shot first of all is that the menu is mental. An array of beef burger variations (one would let you use imported Japanese kobe beef with foie gras on top of it–$35) is there and then a bunch of other non-beef burgers like a chorizo spicy pork sausage or a turkey burger. But no, that’s not why I felt compelled to tell you about this place. I had to tell you that I flirted with death today. And death took the form of what you see there in the pic: Flip’s Krispy Kreme milkshake.

Granted, they had a foie gras milkshake as well (no lie) but I have an aversion to the concept of foie gras. Yes, say what you want about the ducks in question (I did have black bean and duck chili for a starter) but I don’t even get to that point because I just want to point out that’s eating an animal’s liver. Do you know what the liver is for? Ahem. Anyway.

I asked about this Krispy Kreme milkshake because I am fascinated by things that would be considered an affront to both God and man. And the waitress told me it was two Krispy Kreme doughnuts stuck in a blender with the makings of a vanilla milkshake.


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Sleeping With the Fishes: Valentine’s Day at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has an interesting program we’ve taken to calling “Sleeping With the Fishes.” It’s essentially exactly what you would interpolate from that title: a big sleepover hosted at the Aquarium. Sort of like a church lock-in except with whale sharks instead of Jesus and 50% less awkward groping.

This year they held one of these for Valentine’s Day so myself and Cosette, being our resident aqua-fanatic (she’s been swimming with the whale sharks at the Aquarium and you can find her series of Shark Week features here) decided to go for it.

And in short, we had a blast. We had tacked on to the beginning of the evening an additionally offered combo of dinner and a lecture, so we showed up at 6pm on Valentine’s Day at the Aquarium. We kept out sleeping bags and gear and such in the car and went straight to the Oceans Ballroom for the first part of the festivities.


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Most and Least Caffeinated Cities in America 2008!

How to Quit Drinking Caffeine

So HealthSaver is back…if you recall, they ran a survey at the end of 2007 to determine the most and least caffeinated American cities. The big winner was Chicago. How did things go this time around?

Tampa is the big winner this year, unseating Chicago who drops to #3. But my own city of Atlanta…man, it’s a sorry tale, I must say. We got handed our ass: while the least caffeinated city is Riverside/San Bernardino, second to last–“following closely” to San Bernardino–is Atlanta. I am so ashamed. Look, folks, I know how much I consume…did everybody else just quit while I wasn’t looking? We were fifth in the country last year!! Criminy.

Seattle, which didn’t place in the top five last time is now #3. I guess they really took umbrage to the finalists last time and got cracking on it. No pun intended.

“The survey considered numerous caffeine sources, including coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, chocolate, pain relievers and caffeine pills.” Which could mean that the folks in Chicago are just really coked up on pain medication…who knows? But if you just do caffeinated coffee, then Seattle is the winner second year in a row. So there’s that.

“55 percent of residents surveyed saying this elixir of alertness would be the most difficult caffeine product to give up.” That’s down 3% from last year, but I suppose now that there’s five energy drink brands for every man woman and child in this country, that could be attributed to people moving off of coffee to “the hard stuff.”


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Shirt Update: Killovision, Flying Energy Drinks and Zombies Who Want Burgers

Killovision T-shirt from Go Ape Shirts

So I know we spend a lot of time talking about Threadless, but there are other sites that deserve your t-shirt purchasing love.

For example, the one pictured is “Killovision,” a reprint from Go Ape Shirts. I like it because it seems like what would happen if David Cronenberg had directed Pleasantville in a decidedly grindhouse style.

Then you’ve got a great shirt from Diesel Sweeties in which it was stated that Red Bull would give you wings…but never specifically what sort of wings. “The energy drinks of the night…what sweet insomnia they make…”

For you Douglas Adams fans out there, there is a t-shirt, in silver foil on black, for Disaster Area–the rock and roll equivalent of Galactus–taken from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That’s available from ThinkGeek.

And last but not least, there’s a great couple of restaurants here in Atlanta called The Vortex. I don’t get to eat there nearly as often as I’d like. Their burgers are absolutely badass. Their symbol is a ginormous skull and they incorporated that into this zombie tribute shirt, which proclaims: “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk to The Vortex.” Burgers and zombies, what a combo. We love these guys.


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Indiana Jones and the Satinwood Latex Flat Wall Paint

Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint from a FedEx package

I receive a lot of packages here at Needcoffee. Mostly because we feature and review stuff and people have to send us stuff. Generally, once a month a package arrives with a lovely note saying something to the effect of “Package was damaged in transit.” Which is CYAspeak for “Somebody in our organization thought your package looked tasty, opened it, took what they wanted (or didn’t) and then taped it back up again.” This is normally with stuff sent through the regular U.S. postal service. And I’m not being funny, “damaged in transit” can mean “sliced open cleanly at one end with a box cutter.” But generally when you ship with one of the private carriers you didn’t get any of that shit. And to be fair, it might just be an Atlanta thing, because I’ve heard from others that they don’t have that problem. So generally when I’m shipping something that I can’t afford to have “damaged,” I send it through a private carrier. (I send out contest prizes through the postal service simply because if I did those through private carriers, I couldn’t afford to run freaking contests–I’m sure you understand.)

Anyway, never have I ever, before today, had this happen.


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The Great American Dessert Experience

The Great American Dessert Experience hit Atlanta this past week. And they promised coffee, tea, and dessert. So you know damn well we were there. Like we could stay away. There were dessert demonstrations, competitions, and more…but we wanted to check out the wares of the exhibitors. Here’s some highlights:


The best coffee we had while we were there was from Zoka, a coffee roaster/retailer/wholesaler out of Seattle. They made us macchiatos in the booth and they were damn fine. But even moreso than that, these guys facilitate the opening of independent coffee stores. They can hook you up with barista training, equipment, and of course, coffee. And they have a focus on comfy atmosphere, as made evident by their booth, which was one of the most professional looking there. And the most inviting. We could use these guys in the Atlanta area, they’re welcome back anytime. Their site is here.


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How to Gauge Your Local Starbucks Saturation

Starbucks Saturation for Atlanta GA

In a fascinating display of information that you had no idea you would ever want to know but now that it’s available you’re going to crap away ten minutes of your life (at least) playing with the info-tool, Foodio54 has got a Starbucks Saturation Tool that will tell you just how much Starbucks coverage you have in your area.

Since I live in the Atlanta area (and commute to Coast City, Iowa for our Needcoffee staff meetings) I see that there’s a Starbucks every 1.31 square miles in the 30324 Atlanta zip code and one for every 5079 people. Click here for the full embiggened chart. Charts are fun. Everything looks more impressive on a chart. Just ask Dave Gorman.

Granted, flipping through the comments on Starbucks Gossip (which is where we found this), it appears that this appears to count only free-range stores (not inside a Kroger, for example, or a Barnes & Noble) and only goes on the number of people who live in the area, not work in the area as well. So your caffeination may vary.

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Most and Least Caffeinated Cities in America

How to Quit Drinking Caffeine

Update: Thanks to everyone for linking up this article, and thanks for coming by to check it out. No doubt you’re all getting ready to increase your own city’s standing next year. And to this we recommend subscribing to our feed so you can get the latest on this and other items that are guaranteed to ruin your sleep. Sleep–it can be eradicated in our lifetimes. Join us, won’t you?

HealthSaver commissioned a survey to ask the question: “When it comes to caffeine, which American city wins?”

Okay, well, no, it wasn’t exactly phrased like that, you understand. They were trying to find out which city is the most caffeinated. I don’t think there was, you know, a trophy or anything involved. Maybe there should be. If there was, then we would definitely need to know so we could gear up for next year.


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