32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 9: The Evil Mind!

Fay Wray and Claude Rains in The Evil Mind/The Clairvoyant

For Day 9, we begin with something I never thought I would hear: Bing Crosby, Boris Karloff and Victor Moore singing a song together for Halloween. This is from the Philco Radio Hour. And it’s more proof that Karloff had great comic timing.

Then before we get to the feature presentation, a very vintage reading of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Bela Lugosi.


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The Story of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”

White Christmas

Make no mistakes about it; the version of “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby is the heavyweight champion of the world. Although over five hundred artists have recorded Irving Berlin’s classic song none of them can even begin to hold a candle to Crosby’s version, which has sold over fifty million copies and remains the best selling single of all time. It has withstood the test of time to become one of the most significant American recordings in history.

The song has simple but contradictory beginnings. We do know that the great American composer Irving Berlin wrote it in 1940 either in Arizona at the Biltmore Hotel or at the La Quinta resort (note: no relation to the chains of today) that served as a getaway for many of Tinseltown’s luminaries. The latter is more likely.


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 8: The Halloween Hall o’ Fame

Jonathan Winters Pumpkin Head Disney Halloween Hall o Fame

Day 8 of 32 Days of Halloween, we’ve been sort of wandering from place to place. Going back to the first year, where we showed “Pluto’s Judgement Day,” I decided to track down some other Disney fun. And was quickly reminded of the 1977 Halloween special from Wonderful World of Disney that had Pluto’s cartoon as one of its bits–Halloween Hall o’ Fame. Yes, kids, create a framing story and use it to wrap up some already existing material–instant holiday special.

In this case, though, the framing story is still worthwhile because it’s Jonathan Winters providing both characters. And somebody had the genius idea to hand him a bunch of props and let him run with them. So even if you’ve already seen the Pluto short, the Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” cartoon and the Disney Sleepy Hollow…at least watch the first part to see Winters go to work.


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13 Days of Xmas: The Big Day

So here’s a dilemma: we’ve been trying (somewhat) to go along with the same principles that were the foundation of 32 Days of Halloween. It’s a bit hard, because whereas even the bad horror is somewhat amusing, bad Christmas stuff is just maddening.

Here’s a case in point: A Celtic Woman Christmas.

Team Celtic Woman!

Now before I get a lot of pissed off comments, I don’t mean to say that these aren’t talented ladies and they can’t sing and play their hearts out. They can. It’s not my cup of tea, but if you like it, then I’m glad it cranks your tractor. But as I was watching them do their thing (not my house, not my television) today, I couldn’t help but think: there’s five of them, but it’s Celtic Woman. So here we’ve got five individuals who are color-coded and when they come together they form a single unit of great power…

What I’m telling you is that Celtic Woman is essentially the Irish musical equivalent of Voltron.

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