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Superman movie by bunnies

Superman by Bunnies: Angry Alien Takes On...

The wonderfully sick folks at Angry Alien have given their quicky lapine spin on the original Superman movie. And we think we like this a lot better than we will the one coming up next week. Found via Screenhead.

The Easter Bunny Hates You

Easter Bunny’s a Monster!

The Easter Bunny wants to hand you your ass–as we’ve discussed before. Now his reign of terror has expanded to include deleted scenes, and, naturally, a MySpace account. Direct link for the feedreaders.

TISM: Bunny

TISM: Does Anyone Else Get That Feeling?

We don’t often smack you with music videos. Because, really, 95% don’t interest us in the least. However, animated bunnies + wrong = gold. So enjoy. Direct link for the feedreaders. The song is “Everyone Else Has Had More...

Threadless Update: Bunnies and Zombies

Threadless continues to amaze us with the twisted brilliance of those folks who enter their contest. First up, a cute bunny about to bite off more than he can chew. And then there’s this contest submission that shows your average bunny...

All the Boys and Girls Now

Those maniacs at Angry Alien have put a new “Re-enacted in 30 Seconds by Bunnies” clip online, this one for The Big Chill. Brilliant. And wrong. Screenhead gave us the headsup.