Headsup: Of Warriors, Lawyers and Men Dressed as Dogs

There’s a lot of stuff that comes out all the time, and the companies are want your attention and mostly…your coin. But, you know, it’s your coin and you have to take care where you spend it. With these posts we try to take you through recent releases so you can make up your mind. If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase stuff from Amazon through us. Especially if you were going to buy the stuff anyway. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. We thank you.

Red Scorpion Blu-Ray
Seeking Justice Blu-Ray
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows Blu-Ray


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Win a Chuck Norris Blu-Ray Action Pack!

Delta Force Blu-Ray Missing in Action Blu-Ray Missing in Action 2: The Beginning Blu-Ray

It’s a trio of Chuck Norris flicks hitting Blu-Ray at last–and doing so from Fox–and hitting exclusively at Wal-Mart. Because just because Chuck Norris can kick your ass with both hands and his back tied behind his back, doesn’t mean he’s opposed to bargain shopping. We’ve got a copy of each of the three pictured–Delta Force, Missing in Action and Missing in Action 2: The Beginning–and we’re giving all three away to one lucky individual.

Want to win the lot? Excellent. Here’s how that happens: you enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it! Good luck!

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Win 80s Animated Action Heroes from Warner Archive!

Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos Complete Series DVD Mister T: The Complete First Season DVD

The Warner Archive, in their mission to bring you stuff out of the Hanna-Barbera vaults that might never see the light of day on DVD without burn-on-demand, now brings you two more sets. We’re talking the complete series of Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos and the first season of Mister T.

You didn’t know these existed? Oh, you’re in for a treat. Anyway, we’ve got a copy of both and we’re giving them away together. Want to win it? Excellent. Here’s how that happens: you enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it! Good luck!

P.S. If you can’t wait…make sure you check out their pages on the Warner Archive to snag them for yourself. You can find Chuck Norris here and Mister T here.

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This Just In: More Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980s DVD Cover Art

Even old as I am, I still miss the notion of Saturday morning cartoons. Kids just don’t understand the pleasure of waking up early on Saturdays to plop down eagerly in front of showsthat you could only catch once a week, but we remember. Although it is pretty badass to be able to find a slew of cartoons online on demand or snag them on DVD. But still. I contend somebody should start the Saturday Morning Cartoon Channel, that shows cartoons straight through till golf starts, then it fades out and begins another block of goodness.


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Win Walker Texas Ranger Season 6 on DVD!

Walker Texas Ranger: The Sixth Season DVD cover art

Chuck Norris, ridiculous badass that he is, returns to deliver beatdowns in the sixth season of this series. All twenty-three episodes are here across five discs. And speaking of the number five, that’s how many copies we have to give away. Want to win one? You know the drill: enter using the entry form below–and do it once a day, just to play it safe–and if we draw your name you win! What a deal.


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Headsup: TV on DVD

Alias: The Complete Fourth Season DVD

Alias: The Complete Fourth Season. Jennifer Garner is back as CIA agent Sydney Bristow, she of the infinite supply of wigs. Along with her are Victor Garber as spy daddy Jack, Michael Vartan as spy boyfriend Vaughn, and Mia Maestro as her spy half-sister Nadia. Buena Vista has packaged all twenty-two butt-kicking episodes with plenty of extras as usual. There are commentaries on four episodes, interviews with Garner and Maestro, deleted scenes, and a blooper reel. There’s plenty of behind the scenes material with a featurettes on the impressive guest stars for the season, construction of two complicated scenes, a guided tour of the set by actor Kevin Weisman, and a gallery of candid shots by actor Greg Grunberg. Fans will want to snag, if they have not already.

Commander In Chief: The Inaugural Edition, Part 1. Vice President Mackenzie Allen is a capable, smart woman, but she was seen more as a vote getter than an actual successor. When the President unexpectedly dies, instead of following the Speaker of the House’s “suggestion” and resigning so he can take over, she decides she likes being Madame President. Besides having a seriously pissed off Speaker and dealing with the problems, both foreign and domestic, she has to help her husband and children adapt to being the First Family. Geena Davis shows her dramatic chops playing the first female American President and won a Golden Globe for her efforts. And Donald Sutherland gives his usual excellent performance. Since this is the first half of the series, the extras were put on the second half box set, but if you’re a fan, you’ll probably end up with both anyway.

Night Stalker: The Complete Series. Buena Vista has released all ten episodes of this “reimagining” of the cult classic. This time our intrepid reporter is played by pretty Stuart Townsend and now has a skeptical pretty fellow reporter played by Gabrielle Union. This version has Kolchak obsessed with the mysterious and violent killing of his wife and his investigations have him encountering dark forces and the bodies they leave in their wake. Sound familiar? Well, Frank Spotnitz, one of the producers and creative forces of the series, was also a producer of The X-Files. The series also tries to add story arcs that were such a success in Lost. The set comes with four episodes that never made it on the air, an interview with Spotnitz where he lays out his vision for the series, commentaries on two episodes, and deleted scenes. If you’re a fan of the dark and mysterious, this could be for you.

Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season. Chances are you’ve heard of the Chuck Norris Rules. You know: “Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.” and such. Many Internet-ologists have determined that Norris’s last series (which is constantly rerunning on cable) is the source of this phenom. Paramount is furthering this meme’s lifespan by releasing the series on DVD, beginning with the last season. Some may be confused by this decision, but you can see the show running with machine-like efficiency. You can see Walker performing picture perfect roundhouse kicks that never ever miss, Walker helping troubled yet attractive children, and Walker talking to the animals and Native American ghosts. While this set has no features, it does deliver near Baywatch levels of campy goodness.

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Chuck Norris: That’s How I Get My Butter

Chuck Norris

This may look like he's got his feet up, but in reality, Chuck Norris can kick with both feet at once and smile.

This apparently aired some weeks back, but we hadn’t seen the video until now: The Best Damn Sports Show Period got Chuck Norris to read some facts about himself. He even reveals his favorite.

Say what you want about Norris, but he gets huge points for enjoying the joke and turning it into a positive for himself and not doing something ridiculous like sending a cease and desist letter. How refreshing.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Found via Digg.

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Odds and Ends for 1-8-2006

Little nuggets of content. Take them home and chew on them: they’re delicious.

This just can’t end well. Found via Drudge.

Neither can this.

Oh yeah, I know this well. Found via Boing Boing.

We heart Defamer.

I get all the caffeine of a tall but with less calories? Can’t wait to try this. Found via Gawker.

A most excellent list of House Rules for Monopoly. Two boards at once? Crazy insane!

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