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On the Engineering Tip, Y’all

Peter Stormare, one of Needcoffee’s favorite freaky actors, umpimps autos with extreme prejudice in a series of three adverts for VW. He does so with such a fine balance of hilarity and menace that respect is due.

Dungeons and Dragons: TSR

Your Choices are Limited

TSR’s TV commercial for Dungeons & Dragons. The look of terror and surprise on the girls’ faces are due to the fact they’re discovering their boyfriends are gamers. Direct link for the feedreaders.

Film History in 90 Seconds (And Re-enacted...

This Motorola ad features an animated bunny passing through movie after movie, down through the ages. At first I wasn’t going to post this, but I think the Saturday Night Fever/Tron transition broke one of my ribs. Found via Screenhead.