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Call Me Contest!

Fox is releasing the story of Heidi Fleiss DVD on May 17th, and we've got five copies of it to give away. It's pretty much that simple.

Winners of the Scary Hair!

Well, the scariest contest we’ve done to date, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Contest, is over. And the winners’ names, for fame or shame, are here for you to view: Shawn Dunn of Iowa Erica Greca of Florida Rhonda Holt of Colorado...

The Long-View Contest

They're Long-View from the UK. And in our latest contest, we've partnered with Filter Magazine to give you a chance to win a signed copy of their CD.

March Mystery Box Winner

Yes, we’ve drawn the name. If you check out the Contests Lab, you too can learn…the name. (And yes, all the contests are still there. So enter them, you maniacs. Unless you already have, in which case instead get 99 of your...