Walt Disney is the Mystery Guest

Mr. Walt Disney is the mystery guest on What’s My Line? from the November 11, 1956 episode according to the original poster. Which means that the Mickey Mouse Club was a year old and Lady and the Tramp had come out the year before. Disneyland had just opened its doors in 1955 as well.

There’s also a Jerry Lewis pre-telethon call for donations against muscular dystrophy.

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Happy Birthday Disneyland

Walt Disney on Disneyland's opening day

I’m not as familiar with Disneyland, living as I do on the eastern half of the continent. I’ve spent much more time at its younger brother in Florida. But regardless, it was the first, and it turns 53 today.

Here’s the live broadcast from the opening. There’s a lot to see in this, from Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen doing their Davy Crockett bit to the Firehouse Five + 2 and a crapload more. How cool would it have been to be there opening day?

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13 Days of Xmas – Day 4: Disney!

Jiminy Cricket Christmas Card

Neatorama reminds us that ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive posted, back in February, a great collection of Disney studio Christmas cards that were sent out from 1948 through the mid-50s. They are owned by the family of Clair Weeks.

This inspired me: a day of Xmas–about Disney! Trouble is, there’s a lot of crap Disney stuff online. I mean, do you know how many vids of High School Musical and Hannah Montana I had to wade through to find anything worth posting?

Ah, but this makes it all worthwhile…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas and Haunted Mansion Mashup

Disney's Haunted Mansion Holiday

Well, this is pretty freaking cool–I had somehow missed this. But then again, I’m not anywhere near Disneyland in either California or Japan, so I wouldn’t get to run across this: apparently since 2001, they’ve been taking the Haunted Mansion and completely redoing it with Nightmare Before Christmas characters and themes and such, making a mashup ride. How cool is that?

etixland has pictures from the ride as well as a full rundown. Doom Buggies also has some write-ups here and here. And Vinnie Rattolle’s Records has posted an MP3 of what there is of the mashup ride’s soundtrack.

And hey, Disney World? What’s up with you guys? Get with the program, wouldja?

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Yanobe Kenji: Mickey Mouse Joins DC Comics’ Atomic Knights?

Yanobe Kenji's Mickey the Knight

Pink Tentacle tells the story in more detail (and more coherently) than I, but the gist is that Yanobe Kenji, who we’ve mentioned before, created this for Disneyland‘s 50th anniversary exhibition…but it didn’t crank Disney‘s tractor.

We think this is a huge missed opportunity. Disney characters already appear in Kingdom Hearts, right? Now they have a chance to appear in Fallout! See? It’s genius. Somebody pay me.


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Disney’s Tomorrowland Opening: Living Predictions of Things to Come


There’s nothing that makes you feel old quite like watching movies and reading books that were supposed to take place in the farflung future…and that future was a couple of decades back. The first time I encountered this was when I finally tracked down a copy of I Am Legend (which at the time was out of print, incredible) and realized the book took place in the late 70s.

Here we get Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Grand Opening, as broadcast live on television. This, as Paleo-Future pointed out, the whole shebang is available on the Walt Disney Treasures Disneyland USA release.

You…did buy that like I told you to, right?

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Disneyland’s Giant Squid Exhibit = Retro Gold

We dig the giant squid (squidus ginormiholycrapus). It’s not a secret. So we think Boing Boing scored when they posted this link to pics from the grand opening of Disneyland. Follow the link to see the full coolness: not only do you get a Disneyland with the paint not even dry yet, but the squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on display and waving its tentacles about!

We’re so easy.

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Haunted Mansion With the House Lights Up

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper

Inside the Magic Blog has posted video footage from inside Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, after the ride was stopped and the lights were brought up. It was later revealed that this was done to stop two yewts who were trying to steal a prop from the attic sequence. Kinda bizarre to see the place lit up and all the very-blue faces of the ghosts.

Update: The post was removed, so not sure if this is the same footage (with the same reason) as described above. But it’s still kinda wicked cool.

Found via Boing Boing.

Excellent Haunted Mansion wallpaper by louiemantia.

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