Stuff You Need to Know, Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don Cheadle
  • Don Cheadle is Rhodey in Iron Man 2. Apparently talks with Terrence Howard just didn’t work out. So far, it looks like everybody else is coming back. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit is being revived on Broadway, starring Christine Ebersole, Rupert Everett and Angela Lansbury. Lansbury is in the role of Madame Arcati. Performances start in February. I would love to see Lansbury perform. Source: Variety.
  • Steve Martin, or what’s left of him, is joining Alec Baldwin to play rivals for the affections of Meryl Streep in an untitled romantic comedy. Nancy Meyers wrote and will helm, just like she did for Something’s Gotta Give. Source: Variety.
  • Mulan is getting adapted. Your first two guesses will probably be Broadway and a live-action adaptation. You’re correct on the latter, although it will be based on the original legend and not the Disney film, and will be made by a partnership of Xinhua Media and China Film Group, which is steered by the Chinese government. It will shoot this spring. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Angels, Demons, Canadians & Damages

    Moby Dick by Ray Bradbury

    Because some things you simply need to know. But it’s silly to make you read a whole post about each one. The only thing sillier is us writing an entire post about each one. Enjoy.

  • Amazon has a DVD sale that looks a lot like the old DVD sale, but they do have a bunch of stuff for 50% off if you didn’t take advantage last time. Maybe they’re trying to make up for all the God! Damn! Down! Time! Found via Dealhack.
  • The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, which we’ve mentioned before, has Fox on board. 13 episodes are ordered for 2009 by Global Television. In addition to Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprising their roles, at least vocally, also in the cast are Dave Coulier (yes, from Full House), Colin Mochrie (Whose Line All-Star), Pat McKenna, Derek McGrath, Ron Pardo, Jayne Eastwood and Ho Chow.
  • Angels & Demons, the follow-up to The DaVinci Code, can’t film in any of Rome’s churches, according to Hollywood Reporter: “Traditionally, we read the script, but in this case that was not necessary,” said Fr. Marco Fibbi, spokesman for the Diocese of Rome. “The name Dan Brown was enough.” Funny, that’s how we feel about his stuff, too. This, of course, the latest in a conspiracy whereby whenever Dan Brown is out of the news for six weeks or more, Rome does something to remind us he exists.
  • There’s a Beowulf musical. Of course we’re serious.
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    Mission to Mars (2000) – Movie Review

    Movie poster art for Mission to Mars

    Directed by Brian DePalma
    Written by Jim Thomas, John Thomas & Graham Yost; story by Lowell Cannon, Jim Thomas & John Thomas

    Starring Gary Sinise, Connie Nielsen, Don Cheadle, Jerry O’Connell, Tim Robbins

    My Advice: Wait for Cable.

    Luke Graham (Cheadle) has been tapped to lead the first manned mission to Mars. His friend Woody (Robbins) is going to lead the second wave of exploration and research. Their compatriot Jim (Sinise) had to drop out of the running to be first man on Mars due to the loss of a loved one. Everything looks like it’s great for Luke and his crew, but then something goes wrong and contact with the Mars Base Camp is lost. Now the Mars 2 Mission has a different objective: rescue.

    All I can really say for the film is this: they meant well. In trying to address exploration of Mars and the origin of the human species, they picked some really nice big targets to shoot for. And it looked like they had everything lined up: good FX, kick-ass cast, A-list guy handling the musical score, and what would seem on the surface to be a decent story. So why is the end result a pretty-looking piece of melodramatic tripe? Well, let’s see how it is in reality.


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    Traffic (2000) – Movie Review


    Written by: Stephen Gaghan, based on the original BBC miniseries by Simon Moore
    Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
    Starring: Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Benicio del Toro, Don Cheadle, Dennis Quaid

    My Advice: Matinee

    The macrocosm of worldwide drug trafficking condensed into the microcosm of a theatrical release film. A judge (Douglas) gets appointed to be the new U.S. drug czar, only to learn that his daughter (Erika Christensen) is addicted to the very stuff her dad now is in charge of stopping. The wife (Zeta-Jones) of a businessman (Steven Bauer) learns that her husband’s real business was trafficking drugs into the U.S.–after he’s been arrested, leaving her and her family in dire straits. A Mexican cop (del Toro) has to fight the system and his own ethics when dealing with the drug trade.

    My primary beef with Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic is that it’s just so long and drawn out. It had a very powerful message, and dealt it the way my favorite “message films” have done. They say, “Here’s the scenario–now here is it from every angle. You figure out what to think.” The problem with this film is that it takes forever to get to where it’s going. Granted, when it finally gets there, it’s a hell of a bomb to drop.


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    Swordfish (2001) – Movie Review

    Swordfish movie poster

    Written by: Skip Woods
    Directed by: Dominic Sena
    Starring: John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Vinnie Jones

    My Advice: Matinee.

    Gabriel (Travolta) is a man with a mission. Suffice to say that mission involves a lot of guns, cigars, high speed chases, and Halle Berry topless. But of course, those are the elements of all good missions. Anyway, the one thing this mission is lacking is a world-class hacker. Gabriel finds one in Stanley (Jackman), a burnt-out computer cowboy with an ex-wife and a daughter living in stepfatherly hell. Gabriel has something up his sleeve you see, and it involves a lot of money and an intricate plan to get at it. Hot on the trail of everybody is Agent Roberts (Cheadle). And of course, Vinnie Jones is quickly becoming the Danny Trejo of the next millennium.


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