32 Days of Halloween Goes To Hell Starts Here!

Earth vs. The Spider 1958

If history has taught us anything, it’s never fight a land war in Asia. If history has taught us a second thing, it’s that you can’t keep a good franchise down. Or a bad one. Either way, down is not something franchises can remain for long. So we’re back. And here’s where we draw our line in the crypt dust and declare Year Nine of 32 Days of Halloween to be open. I said if I could just get to October, everything would be fine, much like if Antaeus could get in contact with earth he was invulnerable. So I’m eating a candy bar I’ve just grabbed from a sibling’s trick or treat bag, I’m drinking a big cup of coffee (having thrown that pumpkin spice crap out the window) and I’m watching Sweeney Todd. No, the good one with Angela Lansbury. Yeah.

As we are wont to do, we begin with a cartoon. This time it’s Trick or Treat from 1952, in which Donald Duck needs to be taught a lesson about the holiday spirit by Witch Hazel and his three nephews.


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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 8: The Halloween Hall o’ Fame

Jonathan Winters Pumpkin Head Disney Halloween Hall o Fame

Day 8 of 32 Days of Halloween, we’ve been sort of wandering from place to place. Going back to the first year, where we showed “Pluto’s Judgement Day,” I decided to track down some other Disney fun. And was quickly reminded of the 1977 Halloween special from Wonderful World of Disney that had Pluto’s cartoon as one of its bits–Halloween Hall o’ Fame. Yes, kids, create a framing story and use it to wrap up some already existing material–instant holiday special.

In this case, though, the framing story is still worthwhile because it’s Jonathan Winters providing both characters. And somebody had the genius idea to hand him a bunch of props and let him run with them. So even if you’ve already seen the Pluto short, the Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” cartoon and the Disney Sleepy Hollow…at least watch the first part to see Winters go to work.


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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 12: Haunted Disney

Lonesome Ghosts Disney

This time last year we had the trailer for I Bury the Living up. More on that later today.

Instead…it’s no secret we dig on Disney theme parks. The Haunted Mansion is particularly sweet. So how cool to find somebody’s uploaded a souvenir reel from the 70s, complete with Paul Frees voiceover. Nice.

Found at Dartman’s World of Wonder via Monster Rally.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Something else down below as a bit of a bonus….

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Ratatouille Now Available For Pre-Order From Amazon

Ratatouille Pixar Short Films Collection DVD cover art Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD cover art

Yes, the latest from Pixar and Chazzie award-winning director Brad Bird is now available for order. Granted, it looks to be another nearly bare bones release like Cars, but still…it’s Pixar. That hits November 6th. You can order that from Amazon here.

Also, when poking at that I found that they’re releasing a new Pixar shorts collection on the same day. It’s supposed to have “never before seen footage,” but my advice to you is: if you don’t already own stuff like “Tin Toy” and the original “Luxo Jr.” on DVD, then you need it. Definitely. Snag it from Amazon here.


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Donald Duck, Porky Pig and Soaky Toys: What a Surprise

Soaky Toys: Donald Duck

Mark Evanier points us to another great commercial, this one with Donald Duck and Porky Pig. As he points out, they don’t appear together and that was probably a condition of being able to use both of them in the same commercial.

What I thought was interesting is that Disney let Warner Brothers’ Porky have the last word, get more screen time, and sing the song at the end. My understanding was that for Disney and Warner Brothers characters to appear together in Roger Rabbit, they had to have equal screen time with whoever they were appearing with: i.e., Bugs and Mickey in the skydiving bit. Maybe it was adverts like this that let them figure that out.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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