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Howdy. Welcome to our tag archives. This particular subject we've written about in 8 posts. Because we have no lives. Enjoy.

  • Your Weekend Justice #189: Yard Sales of the Apocalypse

  • Your Weekend Justice #188: Appetite for Destruction, Lust For Peeps

  • Stuff You Need to Know: Vice Squad to Hit HBO

  • Stuff You Need to Know: That? That's the Sound of Princess Lolly Weeping.

  • Stuff You Need to Know: The Skyfall is Happening, Sayeth Chicken Little

  • Friday Misc. Mayhem: Roberta, Downton and the Yakuza

  • Your Weekend Justice #110: Clamato For The Soul

  • Stuff: Stephen King's Musical (No, Not Carrie, Don't Worry) and More...

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