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Marvel Zombies Action Figures

Custom Marvel Zombie Action Figures

Now we've got custom made Marvel Zombies action figures. And they are pretty damn badass too. I mean these things look nasty. Check out Zombie Thor there. Just badass. Make sure you go look at all of them.

DragonCon 2007

Thanks to everybody who came out to our panels. There are some faces in the crowds that we've been seeing for years now, and we're glad you hardcore folks haven't come to your senses yet.

DragonCon 2007

What, you've asked, is Need Coffee planning for Dragon Con 2007? We're kicking it old school this year with a variety of panels for X-Track and (drum roll, please) Brit Track. Guest are listed for each panel (the track's in bold).

DragonCon 2006: Make the Bad Men Stop...

Yes, every year at DragonCon we’ve made it a point to conduct “Make the Bad Men Stop,” our very own special Hollywood gripe session/group therapy wherein we go off on the industry in general, share what we know about...

Satan Meets Cthulhu

DragonCon 2006: Crawling From the Ashes

This is our obligatory DragonCon-is-over post. This is not our thanks-post to everybody who made our Film Fest the best it’s ever been. Because then we’d have to thank Sam/Broadband for his badass widescreen screen which he...

Tech Ops from DragonCon 2005 Film Fest

Heroes of DragonCon 2005

Many are the people who helped to make our appearances at this year’s Con a success. There’s the Chairman General of the Con. There’s the Tacketts who handle guest services. There’s Leigh, Queen of X-Track, who gives...