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Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is near and dear to our hearts. First, he had Spaced, a delightfully mental comedy show which also introduced a lot of people to the dynamic duo of Simon Pegg (co-creator/scribe of the series with Jessica Stevenson) and Nick Frost. That may have come out first, but I was ignorant of that madness. He made Shaun of the Dead (co-written by Pegg) which managed to send up everything about the zombie sub-genre (while simultaneously helping to revive it) but still be an actual horror movie. It is hands down one of the most amazing feats I’ve ever seen on screen writing-wise, since it seems to go from truly comic moments to truly horrific moments and then back again in the blink of an eye. (Penelope Wilton in the pub, anyone?)


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Stuff You Need to Know: Marvel Cinematic Universe Boxed Set to Come With Light-Up Soul of Marsellus Wallace

A primer for these posts: they’re to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of pop culture. Just the highlights and such, because the market on paraphrasing press releases is more than taken. Enjoy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-Ray Limited Edition

  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One boxed set just got a great deal sexier. On September 25th, it’s coming in a briefcase with a replica of the Cosmic Cube that actually glows. I mean…Jesus Christ, people. It also comes with an exclusive bonus disc. You can pre-order it here.
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    Wayhomer Review #32: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

    Episode #32 for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in which our protagonist talks about how Michael Cera is basically everygeek, the question of the film’s demographics, and why video games are good for you…primarily because they will help you enjoy this film.

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    Shaun Of The Free

    One of main tenets of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (or as Widge calls it, The Bible) is to be aware and alert to your surroundings. Quoting from the book:

    For whatever reason, never let your guard down. The undead could be anywhere, their sounds muffled, their signs ignored. No matter how safe the area seems, be alert, be alert, be alert!

    Sage advice. Not only will it keep you from becoming zombie chow, it can also get you free shit.

    I happened to be watching Shootout, an AMC interview show. It was recording at Comic-Con and they had on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Now watch this clip and see if you catch it:


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    U.S. to Get “Spaced,” Both Versions; Pegg Pissed

    Simon Pegg, displeased

    The good news is that Spaced, the series that gave us all kinds of cool stuff, like Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, Jessica Stevenson and scads more, is finally making its way to Region 1 DVD. MTV reports that Edgar Wright told them that July 23rd is the date. Not available for pre-order on Amazon yet, but we’ll let you know, in the vain hope you’ll buy it through here so we can keep ourselves in espresso.

    But all isn’t the best of news: there’s going to be a U.S. version of Spaced. Fox is doing it and while the creators not being involved is one thing (because as Simon explained they signed away their rights), I’m just sort of pissed that Stevenson (now Hynes) was left out of it, because she was one of the creators. Just another example of something really simple pissing a bunch of people off.

    Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight because I don’t watch American television anyway. And if Wright, Pegg and Hynes stood to make some coin off of it, then I would root for the show’s success. But at this point, I just figure the DVD of the original is the safest. And damn, it’s funny. (Don’t believe me? Watch the first episode.)

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    13 Days of Xmas Day 10: Christmas Future Shock

    Daily we’re assaulted by the fact that we’re living in the future. xkcd concurs.

    But there are certain tell-tale signs that we’re experiencing Christmas in the 21st Century.

    Perfect example: an Xmas tree powered by an electric eel.

    To me that just sounds like something out of a cyberpunk novel. And if the eel truly uses shocks to fend off predators (as the vid states), does it think the Christmas tree is a predator? What a strange world in which Christmas trees are the natural predators of electric eels. Wouldn’t you love to see that National Geographic special? Sounds like The Far Side on acid.

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