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Ancient Aliens Season 1 DVD

Win Ancient Aliens Season 1 on DVD!

It’s the same set we’re giving away over here in a hi-def variation. Out from The History Channel on DVD. And we’ve got a copy here to give away. Want to win it? Here’s how you do that: enter using the form below...

Win Ancient Aliens: Season One on Blu-Ray!

That’s right, it’s High Weirdness galore with Ancient Aliens from The History Channel. Wait, let me make sure I read that right. Yes, it says The History Channel. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Win Ancient Aliens on DVD!

Chariots of the Gods?, one of the books in the High Weirdness canon, was written by Erich Von Daniken in 1968. His Mystery Park theme park closed in 2006 (and is apparently open again–who knew?). But now the History Channel has created...

Liquidators of the Gods?

Erich Von Daniken’s Mystery Park, the extraterrestrial theme park located in Switzerland, has closed its doors. Numerous reasons were given — among them the fact that the exhibits did not change over time and an improper...