The Film Crew: Wild Women of Wongo Contest

Wild Women of Wongo DVD by the Film Crew

The guys from Film Crew are back with another crazy film from the past. The mad weasels behind MST3K lampoon the cinematic wonder that is Wild Women of Wongo.

What happens when the beautiful women isolated on an island discover the beautiful men on the neighboring island? Will they dump their hairy ape-men for the hunky neighbors? Find out by winning a copy of the film on DVD!


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Win The Film Crew vs. Killers From Space!

The Film Crew: Killers From Space DVD cover art

As we’ve already explained to you, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of MST3K fame have joined forces to become The Film Crew. It’s kind of like when New Mutants morphed into X-Force, but these three guys actually have properly drawn feet. And, you know, a lot less unnecessary costuming.

Peter Graves stars in this latest victim of their ire. If you want to check it out, you can win one. Because we’ve got an extra copy. And that’s how we roll.


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Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark Contest!

Hollywood After Dark with the Film Crew DVD cover art

Is there an empty hole in your heart where the wit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 used to live? Now you can feel whole again. Three of the genius minds behind the show have returned as The Film Crew, and present for your viewing pleasure their snarky take on the classic film, Hollywood After Dark. And you can win a copy of the DVD, just released from Shout! Factory.

Join Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett as they explore the less starry side of Hollywood. Follow along with the tragic tale of a naïve young actress (played by The Golden Girls‘ Rue McClanahan) who tries to follow her dreams of stardom, only to fall into the seedy world of stripping for fame instead.

No, seriously.

Want to win? Come on, then!


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