Black Phoenix Goes Down To Fraggle Rock

Jim Henson and friends from Fraggle Rock

HBO has become a brand name you can trust when it comes to quality original series. You can also trust that these series will also have an obscene amount of swearing, fucking, and more than a bit of the old ultra violence. Not that I don’t blame them. If you can get away with it, why not make good TV that is legitimately adult?

However, in the misty and far away era that was the 1980s (kids, ask your parents–it was a real time and not just a myth), HBO had a television show that was for children. That show was Fraggle Rock.

For you young people out there who only know about Angry Birds, Justin Bieber, and Internet porn, go here and watch some. It’s good for you. I will say that Fraggle Rock has a timeless universal quality that instantly makes it a classic. This could be due to Henson Studios making a show that wasn’t driven by toy sale figures, a desire to create something XTREME!!!, or even a need to shove socially conscious messages hard into little kids’ faces.


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Stuff You Need to Know: How Many Times Have I Told You Not to Use My Good Tools to Kill Zombies?

Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-Ray Limited Edition

We’re back after some time away because sometimes everybody needs a little time away. Now, the purpose of these posts is to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of pop culture. Just one post, as is warranted, to bring you up to speed. Because you have better things to do than read a bunch of re-printed/paraphrased press releases. Enjoy.

  • Walking Dead Season 2 is hitting home video on August 28th. I could have sworn I mentioned this somewhere, but I must have hallucinated it. It’s available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and the special limited edition Blu-Ray set that has a zombie head for a case. If you turn the screwdriver and the remaining eye lights up–total score.
  • Also in the pre-order department, look for Avengers to have some options for you. There’s a 2-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-Ray, yes. But also a ten-disc limited edition set with all six movies enclosed. They call it “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One: Avengers Assembled.” Is Phase Two going to involve the Defenders? Anyway, you have pre-order links there and yes, for the record, there are single-disc versions available but…honestly? Why bother? No definitive release date yet. Also, no 3D home video version announced yet. Interesting.
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    Win Fraggle Rock: Scared Silly on DVD!

    Fraggle Rock: Scared Silly

    It’s the latest collection of Fraggle Rock episodes–this one for Halloween. Scared Silly, out from Lionsgate. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    Carve the pumpkins, bob for apples, and put the mask on; a new Halloween tradition is born when Fraggle Rock: Scared Silly from Lionsgate Home Entertainment becomes available on DVD just in time for Halloween! Three mysterious and magical Fraggle stories will entertain kids and parents alike! These frightfully delightful episodes come from the beloved series that has been awarded five International Emmys, including top honors for Outstanding Children’s Program.

    We’ve got a copy of the DVD here to give away. Want to win it? Enter using the form below. Remember too you can enter once a day. And if we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!

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    Win Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series on DVD!

    Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series DVD

    It’s the complete series of Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series and it’s out this month from Lionsgate. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    Fans will now be able to complete their Fraggle collection with this two disc, 13 episode set of the animated series that ran Saturday mornings on NBC from 1987-88. Fraggle Rock: The Complete Animated Series was closely modeled after the hugely successful live-action Fraggle Rock series from The Jim Henson Company. With over 4.5 hours of content, including all new never before released special features, this set promises to please both avid collectors as well as the live-action Fraggle Rock fans.

    We’ve got a copy of the two-disc set here to give away. Want to win it? Enter using the form below. Enter once a day, even. If we draw your name when the contest ends, then you snag it. Good luck!


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    Win Fraggle Rock on DVD!

    Fraggle Rock: Complete Final Season DVD cover art Fraggle Rock: Merry Fraggle Holiday DVD cover art

    Lionsgate has got the final season of Fraggle Rock on DVD. It’s five discs with the twenty-four episodes in it, plus interviews and more. In addition to that, it’s three episodes on DVD for a holiday themed Merry Fraggle Holiday. One of the episodes is from the final season, but the other two are from season three. We’re giving away both as a Fraggle prize pack, and we’ve got one of each. So one prize pack is up for grabs.

    How do you win? Easy. To get a chance to win, enter using the form below. Enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!


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    Stuff: Eagerly Awaiting “Lawn Darts: The Movie”

    Star Wars: Death Troopers

    And we’re back, trying to keep you as up to date as you need to be on the machinations of the mad gods of pop culture. Enjoy.

  • Proof that zombies go well with everything, we’re finally getting our first Star Wars zombies book: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber. Would you like to hear the premise? No, you wouldn’t. Because Star Wars and zombies together is really all you give a damn about. And rightly so. There were undead Stormtroopers at ComicCon, apparently, in support of the book. Which somehow is less impressive if you consider the prequels to be within continuity and they’re just the same cloned guy but undead. But since nobody in their right mind actually accepts the prequels as being in continuity, I think the idea retains some coolness. Source.
  • David Mamet is scribing, and will co-produce and helm a new version of The Diary of Anne Frank, which has been done a few times before–most recently last year by the BBC, it seems. “The film will be an amalgamation of the famed diary; the stage adaptation by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich; and Mamet’s own original take on the material that could reframe the story as a young girl’s rite of passage.” Interestingly, having written a crapload of plays before, Mamet is directing on Broadway for the first time when his new play, Race, opens in December. Source.
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    Win Fraggle Rock Season 3 on DVD!

    Fraggle Rock

    Fraggle Rock. It’s Jim Henson. It’s Jerry Juhl. It’sDave Goelz. Steve Whitmire. And the whole gang of maniacs.

    The third season is now out on DVD from Hit Entertainment. You get twenty-four episodes, featurettes, interviews, and more.

    And you could win a copy! Because we have four sitting right here. Well, not right here. They’re on the shelf over there. But trust me, they’re nearby. Proceed and enter.


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