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Darkseid Chick Tract

Submit Your Will to Darkseid

I once knew somebody who didn’t believe in Halloween. Not only did she not believe in it, she thought it was Satan’s holiday or some other such nonsense. She didn’t even know when it was. I asked her, “So what do you...

The Gashlycrumb Tribbles

Shaenon Garrity has taken the Star Trek classic episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles,” and showed us what would have happened had it been adapted into illustrated book form… by Edward Gorey. This is almost a perfect morbid...

Samuel L. Jackson's Young Reader's Line

Sam Jackson Says Read. Or Else.

Kevin Church has published Samuel L. Jackson’s capsule reviews of book that all young adults should read. Perhaps not surprisingly, his views on I, Robot are a lot like our own Doc Ezra’s. Found by ScottC.

Bun of the Dead

Just remember, folks. No matter how cute and pink and fluffy you might be... there will still come a day when a cricket bat will be your best friend, and when you'll have to face down the walking (or perhaps hopping) dead.

xkcd: Turing Test Extra Credit

You know, honestly, Siege pulls this stunt all the time. He’ll do it to anyone. Hell, he could be doing it to you right now and you’d never even know it. How do you know that he isn’t? Can you be sure?