Wayhomer Review #75: The Smurfs 3D

Episode #75 for The Smurfs, in which our protagonist demands to know why all feature film versions of cartoons must be live-action, wants to pin a medal on Hank Azaria for bravery under fire and tries to find a silver lining in a world of blue.
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Stuff: Long Dark Radio Play of the Soul

The Goon
  • Hank Azaria has joined Christopher Guest in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. He’ll be playing the Egyptian pharaoh Kahmunrah. I like Azaria in just about anything. I wish his mummy would go fight Brendan Fraser, as a matter of fact.
  • Werner Herzog is directing a remake, not a reimagining dammit, but a remake of Bad Lieutenant. Nicolas Cage is in the Harvey Keitel role with Val Kilmer as his partner. Also in the film are Xzibit and Eva Mendes.
  • The Berkeley Pit was thought to be so terribly toxic that nothing could live there. Fish died. Birds who just stopped by to ask directions died. Things that were already dead came back to life just to die again. But–! They found 160 species of extremophiles living in there. Which is exactly 14 more than in most male-only dorm rooms. Source.
  • The Goon is headed for the big screen as a CG-animated film. Eventually. David Fincher will produce and creator Eric Powell is scribing it. It’s put out by Dark Horse and it’s one of the few comic books I still buy. Please do so as well. You won’t be sorry.
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    The Voices of the Simpsons: A Bit Billowy

    I know this is all old footage of the Simpsons cast, but damn it never ceases to make me laugh. We don't get to see vocal casts of animated shows doing their thing out from behind the animation often enough.

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    Dodgeball (2004) – DVD Review

    HTQ4 says, "If you've never seen this movie, it's worth renting to see at least once. However, you'd have to be a hardcore fan of Vaughn, Stiller and/or...um, dodgeball itself to make this a permanent addition to your collection."

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    The Simpsons: Bart Wars (2005) – DVD Review

    Cosette says, "Overall, this set is pretty fabulous if you take it for what it is. The episodes themselves are worthy and the feature we do have is good. But on the other hand, it's only got three episodes that aren't already on DVD and it's no substitute for the full season sets."

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    Godzilla (1998) – Movie Review

    Godzilla (1998)

    Written by: Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich, based on the character owned by the Toho Company
    Directed by: Dean Devlin
    Starring: Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer

    My Advice: Wait for MST3K

    It seemed like the match made in heaven, right? D&E, the men behind ID4, take on the king of all monsters in a cage match where the cage is Manhattan, yes? What could possibly go wrong? You name it. What need is there for a synopsis, really–I mean it is a Godzilla flick, right? Well, I won’t spoil anything that the newspapers and other reviewers haven’t by telling you that the G-Man is a G-It and can lay eggs and proceeds to do so. So you got Godzilla Babies coming to the Saturday Morning LineupTM anyday now.

    Let’s talk about the cast, all great talent–at least in other films they’ve done. Broderick must have figured he was in cash cow, um, cash lizard heaven, because his performance lacked any redeeming qualities. Instead he seemed to revert to Ferris, forgetting that he’s proven his worth with films like Glory. Jean Reno is the only one to leave this flick without egg on his face, doing such a great tough guy (complete with Elvis impersonation) that Warner Bros. has him in the Batsuit for the next chapter of that particular franchise. Maria Pitillo’s character is so pitifully helpless and annoying that I was praying for her to die ten minutes after meeting her. Hank Azaria does fairly well with his New York cameraman bit, but it’s almost a one-note for this guy. Harry Shearer‘s sleazy newsman is delightfully bad, but hey, he wants to sleep with Pitillo’s character so I wanted him to die too.

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