Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: When the Intentions Are Right But the Rap is Wrong

Rapping about eggs

It’s Monday morning. And that means you could wander into work with no preparation whatsoever, to be beset upon by the demons that make up the work week. But why would you do that? Instead, use a little bit of horrid surreality and inoculate yourself against the chaos that is to come. It will get your brain ready. And it only hurts for…well, depends on how long the videos last.

This session we’d like to talk about rap. When executed well, it can be a solid classic. But when used for the wrong reasons it can terrify and stupefy.

Exhibit A: a rap performed by all-stars of the musical genre in 1989. On one hand, you have to commend them for trying to stand up for an environmental cause that they appear to believe in. On the other hand, it’s hard to take any video seriously in which people are dancing like…that. The…inclusion of Kid n Play doesn’t help matters.

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Your Weekend Justice #78: The Presidential Episode

Behold. Another episode of madness and mayhem. This is not only not safe for work, but it’s not safe for play. Or animals. Or any carbon-based life. It’s the podcasting equivalent of anarchy on a cracker.




  • Poppy!
  • Dali
  • J-Leigh vs. Jae Lee
  • The Sound Board Field Trip
  • Leigh’s friend who edits
  • SeaBitch!
  • Narwhal sub
  • How to handle an Australian
  • The Corey Squad
  • Hasselhoff in Europe
  • Falco’s Tomb
  • Artists around the world
  • Ice-T, the true playa
  • Crash Test Dummies, vindicated…somewhat
  • Rib America
  • The Madden curse
  • The wine phenomenon
  • Dead tofu in Din’s fridge
  • (more…)

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Tank Girl – Adverse Video Review

Tank Girl movie poster art

Every once and again all you really need is a hot chick with a tank.

Cole Porter’s “Let’s do it, Let’s Fall in Love,” has never been the same since Tank Girl. No matter how many times I watch or hear mention of Wake Up and Dream (Porter’s musical revue) I can’t help but think of Lori Petty forcing Ann Magnuson to sing it. Let’s face it: you will fall in love with this film…that is, if you haven’t already.

Let’s bite the bullet: the classics always stay classic. Let’s stop hiding from the fact that they never let you down, or cheat on you with another genre. They stay the same as they were in your childhood: unbelievably awesome!

Fundamentally, on those never-ending days of a never-ending week filled with too much paperwork and not enough funny, I, like you, find myself needing silliness. It is in moments like these, that the weekend of what I like to call “screw the world-pull-and-play” begins. Really, it is a simple formula to solve any monotone week.

Pull random movie from rack from desired genre section
((Popcorn + chocolate)/ a strong drink) + (inserting into DVD player + pushing play))
= A good day.


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Black Horizon (2001) – DVD Review

Black Horizon DVD


Written by Steve Latshaw
Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Starring Michael Dudikoff, Ice-T, Hannes Jaenicke, Yvette Nipar


  • Running audio commentary by director Ray and writer Latshaw
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailer

Released by: Artisan.
Rating: R
Region: 1
Anamorphic: No.

My Advice: Avoid It.


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