Isabella Rossellini Is One Hot Mamma

Mammas - Toad

Isabella Rossellini - Large and In Charge

It was bound to happen. Isabella Rossellini, making so many web series about animal sex, has finally made a web series about the consequences of all that animal shagging: getting pregnant and having babies. As the Sundance Channel website describes the series:

Featuring fantastical costumes and weirdly delightful enactments, the actress writes, directs and slips into the role of animal mothers, examining the different ways their maternal instinct is put into action in nature.

A lot of people are going to think Mammas is boring, especially compared to the kinky depraved variety of animal sexuality featured in her previous series. But those people just don’t know Isabella. She amuses, surprises, and even shocks, but never disappoints. With her characteristic whimsy, she depicts acts of deceit, child abandonment, cannibalism–and more–all in the name of the children.


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Is Isabella Rossellini Seducing Me? Damn Right She Is!

The spider from Seduce Me

Image from the sequel to Blue Velvet, Purple Haze

I admit it, I have been lax and lazy. I have not been posting nearly enough and there is plenty of stuff out there in the jacuzzi of weirdness we call the Internet. Now, I have been getting a few posts up on the site, but when I saw this, I felt like I let you all down. I have failed to keep you up to date with Isabella Rossellini‘s fascination with animal sex and making video shorts about all the dirty dirty things they do.


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Green Porno 3: Sperm Balloons and Anchovy Orgies

I think we can all agree that Isabella Rossellini is one hot dish. She always impresses with her creativity, her enthusiasm, and her performances in front of a camera. Especially when she is simulating sex with many and sundry animals. Yep, she’s back, cooking up some more Green Porno to satisfy all your appetites.


For this third season, she explores in depth some of the more delectable sea creatures: marine life you want to put in your mouth. She gives us a peek how squid embrace with all their appendages, how shrimp strip to get it on, and how anchovy love doing everything in groups. Under the cut, there is a trailer to whet your appitite.


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Ministry Bulletin: Green Porno Goes Blue

Isabella Rossellini is insatiable. She just can’t get enough. It seems that depicting the sexy action of the insect kingdom for our voyeuristic delight wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She’s going to show us all the hot passion that is happening in the cold ocean.

green porno barnacle

Yes, the new season of Green Porno hits the waves as Isabella Rossellini shows us why whales tuck it in, how starfish practice self-love, what the male limpet is packing, and much more. Beyond the cut, you can view a teaser trailer.


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