Stuff You Need to Know: Really Useful, That YouTube

Frederick B. Owens as Caiaphas from Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Update: Apparently Amazon has some Wiis in stock for today only–they won’t let me link directly to the product, so here’s the Video Games page. You can navigate to it from there. Good luck.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Really Useful Company has followed hard upon the Pythons by kicking off a YouTube channel with various and sundry bits. Here’s my favorite of the bunch so far: from the 2000 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar (original film version reviewed here; recent tour version reviewed here) , featuring a ridiculously basstastic Frederick B. Owens as Caiaphas:

    Direct link for the feedreaders. Source: Variety.

  • When last we mentioned Jack Black’s Brutal Legend, it didn’t have a publisher after Activision dropped it. Now it’s at EA. It’s due out next fall. Source: Variety.
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    Win Tropic Thunder on DVD!

    Tropic Thunder DVD cover art

    What might be the funniest war movie that wasn’t really a war movie ever made–and a glorious bit of Hollywood meta action–is Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. in the funniest role of the year, and Tom Cruise, even, rocking like he hasn’t rocked since Magnolia. The commentary alone in which Downey is still in character–is worth the price of admission. Trust us, you want to win this. And you’ve got three chances, amigos. So enter–and enter once a day–then go and enter all our other contests once a day, because we’re crazy enough to let you–and if we draw your name, you win. Sweet.


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    Win Kung Fu Panda and Secrets of the Furious Five!

    Kung Fu Panda and Secrets of the Furious Five DVD cover art

    Jack Black could already bring the fu. But put him in the body of an animated panda and it gets even crazier. Those two sentences were probably the entire pitch process for Kung Fu Panda, which is now available on DVD coupled with Secrets of the Furious Five. We’ve got three copies of both discs and you have the opportunity to win them. Because we’re just that way. You know how it works: enter below. We draw three names from the virtual hat. One of those names is yours and you win. And you can enter once a day. So get on it, friends.


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    Headsup: Disney Treasures, Paramount’s Centennial Releases and Lee Marvin Kicking Ass

    There’s a deluge out there. A deluge of stuff. Should you buy this stuff? I will try to navigate through the piles for you. Follow me.

    Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald, Vol. 4 1951-1961 DVD cover art
    Walt Disney Treasures: Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh DVD cover art
    Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club Presents Annette 1957-1958 Season DVD cover art

    If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you know that I constantly hammer on you to grab the Walt Disney Treasures releases. Just because they’re Disney’s answer to the Criterion Collection. And while the presentation here on Wave VIII isn’t as good as we had back at the beginning, I still dig this stuff: because where else are you going to get this stuff? And they’re limited editions and then if you miss one, you’ve got to go order them used or find them on eBay, and honestly: who needs the hassle?


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    Stuff: Of Three Stooges, Nine and 13

    The cast of Nine

    There’s pop culture stuff out there. And sites that want to tell you about them. And we want to do it quickly so you can get on with your lives. You’re welcome.

  • Okay, if I wasn’t jazzed about the prospect of Nine, I am now that we’ve seen this first cast shot. The cast consists of Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, and Penelope Cruz, as we mentioned before. But as you can see there, we’ve got Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose), Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson and Fergie from The Black-Eyed Peas.
  • The Beaver is a script about a guy who goes through life “with a beaver puppet on his hand, treating it as something close to a human creature with human feelings.” Steve Carell is apparently attached to play the guy in question. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Simon Jones, the voice of Arthur Dent on radio, has joined the cast of Blithe Spirit as Dr. Bradman. It hits the Shubert Theater in February. Source: Variety.
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    Stuff: Russell Brand’s Hair To Be More Convincing CG Than Yogi Bear

    Russell Brand
  • Russell Brand has been signed by Comedy Central to do a one-hour stand-up special. It will be taped in NYC in November and air on the network in 2009. Brand’s comment: “Comedy Central is the home of ‘South Park,’ ‘The Daily Show,’ and ‘The Sarah Silverman Program.’ I am thrilled to have such esteemed neighbours — particularly Sarah whom I shall be constantly troubling for cups of sugar and milk, breast milk.” Nice.
  • Amazon is selling the two-disc Pride & Prejudice from A&E Home Video with Colin Firth for 60% off, i.e. $16. Just today or while stocks last, whichever ends first. Grab yours here.
  • Battle: Los Angeles is “‘Black Hawk Down’ meets ‘Independence Day.'” It’s about a marine taking on an alien invasion in the streets of Los Angeles. Scribe is Chris Bertolini (General’s Daughter). The director on board is Jonathan Liebesman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning). Pic is still in pre-production. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Graysons, Meet the Graysons…

    Dick Ward as Robin
  • This is interesting: instead of doing a Bruce Wayne series–because that would make way too much sense–CW is working on The Graysons, the tale of Robin’s pre-Robin days. This is from Smallville executive producers and McG, Supernatural executive producer. There will be a pilot. The article refers to Dick Grayson as “Dick ‘DJ’ Grayson.” I don’t ever recall seeing “DJ” as a nickname for Dick–maybe I’m missing something and UM can help me out with that. They’re scrambling around trying to figure out what to have to take the place of Smallville when it inevitably ends. The article also mentions that McG’s company has got Human Target at Fox. This will be the second time it’s been brought to television. Here, have a look at the first.

    Yes, that’s Rick Springfield. And R. Lee Ermey. Later in this episode, Springfield fights David Carradine. Seriously. Source: Variety.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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    Tropic Thunder (2008) – Movie Review

    Tropic Thunder movie poster art

    Written by: Etan Cohen, Ben Stiller & Justin Theroux, based on a story by Stiller & Theroux
    Directed by: Ben Stiller
    Starring: Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Brandon T. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Nick Nolte, Danny McBride, Steve Coogan

    My Advice: Matinee

    Tropic Thunder is Hollywood’s latest big budget war film and it means different things to different people. Tugg Speedman (Stiller) sees it as a way to revitalize his career after his signature franchise has cooled off (literally and figuratively) and his attempt at Oscar-bait backfired in a big way. Kirk Lazarus (Downey) sees it as a path towards his sixth Oscar. Jeff Portnoy (Black) sees it as the thing most comedians do: go for drama as a way to get legitimized as an actor. Director Damien Cockburn (Coogan) is a first-time helmer and sees the film as a way to launch him into the big leagues. But they ever expected it to become much more (and much less) than a Hollywood film–which it does, when Cockburn decides to make it real for his actors in order to save the troubled production.


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