Stuff You Need to Know: Disney Expected to Announce Animated Remakes of Live-Action Remakes of Animated Films

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Blu-Ray Collection

A lot of pop culture news happens. Some of it you don’t need to know. Some of it you only need the briefest bit of it. And pretty much all of it is not urgent. Welcome to an endeavor to save you time and sanity. Enjoy.

  • And here it is: the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Collection. Well…not really, that’s not it…that’s just the image that’s posted on Amazon for the pre-orders. But it’s an Amazon exclusive, so if you want the films Iron Man 3 through Ant-Man plus a “bonus disc and more” now’s your chance. Speaking of which, Ant-Man is also available for pre-order. No release date for either one yet.
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    Your Weekend Justice #192: How to Whack Em With Your Whackems

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck–the podcast that isn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves and enter into a bit of fisticuffs. THROUGH TIME.


    Half an old twenty dollar bill


  • Serv gives Jon career advice
  • More fun with what people haven’t seen
  • Even more fun with Widge’s mic
  • Wacky Adventures With Rox!
  • Bartitsu!
  • Doctor Who and the lack of subtitles
  • Doing Harrison Ford
  • What $20 can get you
  • Game of Thrones and ratings
  • Widge vs. Hannibal
  • Tuffley vs. Bates Motel
  • X-Men movie updates
  • Marvel vs. Madge
  • Dalton vs. Brosnan and alternate universes
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    The Sound Board #33 1/3: No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Sell Records

    Peter Sellers as James Bond

    This podcast generally covers music and other transgressions. This month’s episode is helmed by Dr. Rob Levy with Prof. Tuffley providing backup and Widgett on hand mostly to record it.

    This episode’s central topic is: fifty years of James Bond music…the good, the bad and A-ha. We also: mourn the loss of more music legends, update you on spring releases that interest us, wonder what Lil’ Kim is up to, wonder if Guns n Roses will be covering Steve Martin‘s “Dentist” song, wonder who’s handling Taylor Swift’s fanmail, wonder who’s going to back the animated Biggie show, wonder what’s up with Carole King’s musical, and then ponder a couple of instances of rock stars acting like…well, rock stars.


    Special thanks to Hyperbubble for our lead-in music. Show them love and buy their stuff.

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    Your Weekend Justice #180: Capuchin Keggers at the Abandoned Laundry

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that stars the crimefighting child-like miscreants that were once devised by Franklin W. Dixon to stars in books to be used to punish bad little boys and girls who spent too much time in front of the television. Little did the Stratemeyer crew know what they were unleashing upon the world…


    Trapper John MD


  • Dumping the cyber British lady
  • Ranking sports. Plus drugs and marriage and laws!
  • Jon and Serv reveal [REDACTED] and the secret of [REDACTED]
  • Serv gets in a word edgewise. Or four.
  • Spazhouse Mystery Hour!
  • Remembering John Denver. And brownies.
  • Eagle Scout benefits
  • Rox on patrol!
  • World War Z and That One Guy
  • Skyfall (SPOILERS)
  • American Horror Story (mild SPOILERS)
  • Anne Frank, Nazi Hunter
  • Replacement Elmos
  • Walking Dead (heavy SPOILERS)
  • Misguiding Light
  • Boardwalk Empire (slightly bulky SPOILERS)
  • Rob’s Movie Festival Report
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    Your Weekend Justice #178, A Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company

    It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that was also purchased this week by Disney for $1.45, two bags of Doritos and a half-eaten cinnamon roll. They’ll be coming for you next.


    Stevie Wonder: Master Blaster


  • Your sports talk
  • Scott returns and a revelation. Plus details.
  • Leigh’s memory and context
  • Interpreting Shakespeare with sex toys
  • Dreamcasting Witchiepoo
  • Marvel, Lucas and lots and lots of money
  • Howard the Duck reborn?
  • DisneyWorld changes
  • Things the dog ate
  • The return of Jem plus chicks dressed as cats
  • Trick or treating and street candy
  • Xmas decorations. Yes, already.
  • Thanksgiving music
  • Crisis on Infinite Disney
  • Working Star Wars to Once Upon a Time
  • Walking Dead and the upcoming zombie apocalypse
  • Boardwalk Empire
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