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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby 3D (2013)

Wayhomer Review #149: The Great Gatsby 3D...

Episode #149 for The Great Gatsby 3D, in which our protagonist discusses the perennial pretty-ness of Leo, why Baz can’t just let a film be itself and gets a cameo from Marlon Brando’s original Jor-El idea.

Jason Clarke from Zero Dark Thirty

Wayhomer Review #142: Zero Dark Thirty

Episode #142 for Zero Dark Thirty, in which our protagonist makes clear what he’s not reviewing (with doubts as to how many people will heed that section), shows admiration for a smattering of excellent acting but ultimately concludes...

Warrior DVD

Win Warrior on DVD!

It’s Warrior, which is doing great guns with a lot of accolades from critics and picking up some awards nominations–it’s also hitting DVD this week from Lionsgate. Want a trailer? Here you go…

Mary Elizabeth Winstead from The Thing (2011)

Wayhomer Review #87: The Thing (2011)

Episode #87 for The Thing (2011), in which our protagonist wants people to make up their minds regarding prequels vs. remakes, promises that we can tell when filmmakers are actually being clever, and really misses practical creature effects.