Wayhomer Review #140: Titanic 3D

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic

From the previously unpublished Wayhomer archives, it’s Episode #140 for Titanic 3D, in which our protagonist revisits a review he did fifteen years ago, is pleased with Cameron‘s ability to rock 3D like few others and basically defends the film that Celine Dion tried her best to ruin in the pages of history.

P.S. I have no idea what the hell is up with my beard in this video.

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Headsup: Peculiar Places Like London, Paris & Jupiter

There’s a lot of stuff that comes out all the time, and the companies are want your attention and mostly…your coin. But, you know, it’s your coin and you have to take care where you spend it. With these posts we try to take you through recent releases so you can make up your mind. If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase stuff from Amazon through us. Especially if you were going to buy the stuff anyway. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. We thank you.

J. Edgar Blu-Ray
To Kill a Mockingbird Blu-Ray
Track 29 DVD


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Stuff You Need to Know: A Film With Dylan Moran In It

  • A Film With Me In It has Dylan Moran up for an Irish Film and Television Award. Watch this trailer and you’ll see why.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    When is this coming here? I really need to see this.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is being touted as the star of Beat the Reaper, for which the rights have been sold. Here’s the scenario from the article: “The protagonist in the novel penned by Josh Bazell is a Manhattan emergency room doctor, whose life becomes complicated when a mobster recognizes the doc from his former life as a hitman who went into the witness protection program.” Look, how am I supposed to have any sympathy for a guy dumb enough to try to hide from the mob in a busy hospital emergency room front and center? If the book is about two pages long, then I understand. But come on.
  • (more…)

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    Gangs of New York (2002) – DVD Review



    Written by: Jay Cocks, Steven Zaillian & Kenneth Lonergan
    Directed by: Martin Scorsese
    Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent, John C. Reilly, Henry Thomas, Liam Neeson


    • Featurettes on costume design, set design, and a history of the Five Points area
    • Set exploration Utilizing 360 Degree Shots of the Sets
    • U2 Music Video: “The Hands That Built America”
    • Discovery Channel Special: “Uncovering The Real Gangs of New York”
    • The Five Points Study Guide: Luc Sante Introduction and Five Points Vocabulary
    • Running audio commentary with director Scorsese
    • Theatrical Trailer

    Released by: Miramax
    Region: 1
    Rating: R
    Anamorphic: Yes

    My Advice: Own it


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    Romeo and Juliet (1996) – Special Edition DVD Review

    Romeo and Juliet (1996) DVD cover art


    Written by: Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce, based on the play by William Shakespeare
    Directed by: Baz Luhrmann
    Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, John Leguizamo, Harold Perrineau, Pete Postlethwaite


    • Running audio commentary with Luhrmann, Pearce, production designer Catherine Martin & cinematographer Don McAlpine
    • Director’s Gallery: Luhrmann discusses the concept and the pitch; brief featurette about the film’s impact; three scenes showing read-through to finished product and everything inbetween
    • Cinematographer’s Gallery: McAlpine discusses several scenes and the way shots were constructed for each
    • Design Gallery: Martin discusses the design of everything from the guns to the cars and more
    • Interview Gallery: Cast & crew snippets
    • Music Videos: “Kissing You” by Des’ree and “Young Hearts Run Free” by Kym Mazelle
    • Theatrical trailer, TV spots and other promotional bits
    • DVD-ROM: screenplay to original play comparison excerpts

    Released by: Fox
    Region: 1
    Rating: PG-13
    Anamorphic: Yes

    My Advice: Own it.


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