32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 5: Christopher Lee vs. The Jabberwock

Christopher Lee

I don’t believe I speak only for myself when I say that there are some actors that could literally go on tour and read from random things–and you’d pay good money to hear it. A dictionary, the backs of some cereal boxes, Ikea assembly instructions…some actors, it doesn’t matter. One of those actors is Sir Christopher Lee. And when you up the ante–when you say, “No, nothing random, let’s have him read from Lewis Carroll?” Oh hell yes, please.

This was from 2010 and recorded at the British Library. Based on the poster in the background he no doubt was reading this because he was the voice of the Jabberwock in the most recent Alice in Wonderland film. But you and I know that he’s Christopher Goddamn Lee so he can read whatever he wants. So bring on the Rice Chex ingredients. Tell me I’m wrong.


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Cruellest Month #4: How Doth the Little Crocodile

Lewis Carroll

National Poetry Month continues. So does our 30 Days of Poetry Audio podcasting/reading exercise. We return to Lewis Carroll, who we spent some time with at this point last year. This time it’s a very short poem, “How Doth the Little Crocodile.”

You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here.


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Cruellest Month #4: The Walrus and The Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter

30 Days of Poetry Audio continues with our favorite, the slightly mad Lewis Carroll. It’s “The Walrus and The Carpenter,” a tale of seafood and sand. But mostly seafood.

You can download it directly here and a unique feed for this is coming. Promise.


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Halloween Audio Day 14: Jabberwocky


So here’s one I probably personally would not have picked to do. It doesn’t strike me as being terribly Halloween-ish, although as has been pointed out to me, it does have creepy undertones. But hey, people requested it and wanted to hear it, so here it is, by popular demand. Some Lewis Carroll for you and “Jabberwocky.”


You can download it directly here. And to subscribe to the 32 Days of Halloween audio feed, here you go.

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Souvenirs From Wonderland

Wonderland Expedition Kit

I just have this thing for fictional things made real. Whether it’s the art of AlexCF (who helped to inspire this creation) or even something as more “mainstream” as J.K. Rowling creating a real version of a fictional book, it’s really cool to be able to yank such things into the tangible realms.

This is a piece entitled “Artifacts, Specimen, and Ephemera salvaged from the Wonderlands” by absinthetic. He made it for his girlfriend, and how cool is that?

Professor Jonathan Lake, of Miskatonic University, traveled to Wonderland in attempt to catalog and archive the remaining flora and fauna so that Wonderland would not disappear into the forgotten depths of history. This is his collection of specimens, artifacts, and ephemera salvaged from the Wonderlands.

Included, apart from the pictured pinned card, are a sample from the Pool of Tears, mushroom samples, and a fetal Mome Rath plus more. (Sidebar: While we’re on the subject of mome raths, have you seen these as well?) Lovecraft + Carroll = win.


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Bloomsbury Auctions Lit Goodness

Yours Sincerely, T.S. Eliot

Bloomsbury is auctioning off two rounds of kickass books and letters and such. It will make you want to pull a heist in order to be able to effectively bid on some of these things. Like a signed limited first edition of Uncle Bill. Or first edition Dahl. Or first edition Holmes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Or letters from T.S. Eliot. That’s happening this Thursday in New York at 2pm. Check out the lots here.

Then there’s the Children’s Book Auction. Featuring scads of first edition Frank Baum. A signature from Lewis Carroll. A first edition Pooh from 1926. Again, one weeps with how poor one is. rel=”nofollow”Check out those lots here. That one is happening Wednesday, June 25th, at 2pm. Also in New York.

Book fiends, take note. And…hey, has anyone seen Doc? He tore out of here with a ninja squadron and then headed for the jump jet. Odd.

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Charles Folkard in Wonderland


I’m Learning to Share! has posted a great array of Charles Folkard illustrations from a 1921 copy of Songs From Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass that his mother owned.

That’s the site that previously turned us onto Alice Illustrations Other Than Tenniel, so you can consider this an expansion on that idea with even more illos than Other Than Tenniel provides.


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Go Ask Alices

Alice in Wonderland

So I was hunting down a new version of the “Alice” stop motion bit (because if I find an embedded vid has been taken down, I’ll do my best to put a new one up in its place–remember, we love you) and when searching for “Alice in Wonderland” saw there was a few vids out there. So it’s time for an “Alice in Wonderland” round-up.

First up, 1903. A silent version from England. It’s in terrible shape, mind, but the original poster explains all on the YouTube page itself. (Update: That vid was removed, so here’s another version of same)

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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