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Matt Damon and railgun from Elysium

Wayhomer Review #160: Elysium

It’s Episode #160 for Elysium, in which our protagonist wonders what killed off the rich people who weren’t pricks, wonders why you can’t program in space, and always loves some railgun action.

Elysium vs. The Six Million Dollar Man

Sorry, Matt, But When I See The Elysium...

Surely I can’t be the only one who thought of that. Closely followed by “Why does Matt Damon have a digital camera bolted to the back of his head?” Six Million Dollar Back of Head via Lucky Penny Shop.    

Gwyneth Paltrow from Contagion

Wayhomer Review #82: Contagion (2011)

Episode #82 for Contagion, in which our protagonist discusses movies that don’t wave banners, how the right director can make you sit up and take notice, and advises who should definitely Not see this film.

True Grit Blu-Ray

Win True Grit on Blu-Ray + Excellent Swag!

Here is an excellent, awesome and hilarious giveaway opportunity, all rolled up in one. First up, True Grit on Blu-Ray. That’s cool enough, yes. And we have three of those to giveaway. But one grand prize winner will get the Blu-Ray...

Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit

Wayhomer Review #47: True Grit (2010)

Episode #47 for True Grit, in which our protagonist talks about how remakes can actually be good, why he wasn’t (completely) worried about the film to begin with, and why a good Coen Brothers film is like the Pyramids. Or something.

Steve Coogan as Mole

Trailer Mashups Get Their Own Site

A new site called The Trailer Mash looks to be a clearinghouse of trailer mashups, of which we’ve posted a few in our time. Now they bring us s a one-stop shop. They’re a mixed bag, as expected, but there are some truly inspired...

Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon: I Think...

I’m not going to say too much about this next bit. Except that Sarah Silverman rocks my world. And apparently she also rocks…well, you’ll see. First, the setup, from her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel: Direct link for the...

Rounders DVD

Rounders (1998) – DVD Review

HTQ4 says, "If you've never seen the movie, go ahead and add it to your Netflix list. It's worth spending some time on, but don't go forming a permanent relationship with it."

Project Greenlight Season 2

Project Greenlight: The Complete Second...

HTQ4 says, "I long for the days of the first series where they had all of the short films that the contestants submitted for you to watch and see what made them choose the winners the way they did. This series actually provided more...