Headsup: Kids’ Corner #2

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment requests we note that it provided a free copy of the first title featured below. The opinions I share are my own.


Out now are three new titles to help your kids get in some laughter and adventure:

Elmo's Wonderful World DVDFirst we have Sesame Street: Elmo’s Wonderful World, where the beloved muppet takes his preschool audience on an exploration of sharing, counting, kindness, playing dress up, meeting bees, and more.  Along for the ride are Elmo’s friends Smartie, Mr. Noodle, and Mr. Noodle’s dog Schmoodle.  In addition to the thirteen new Elmo’s World episodes, bonus features on this one include two episodes of Sesame Street‘s new spin-off Furchester Hotel (a fun new show featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster as they try to help the well-meaning but less-than-competent Furchester-Fuzz family run an upscale hotel), along with three classic Elmo’s World Episodes (“Frogs,” “Violins,” and “Helping”).

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Wonderful World is out now from Warner Brothers on DVD, which includes over two hours of Elmo’s World episodes.  The DVD is now available on Amazon for $9.19 and you can get a taste of the show with the clip below.

Rating: Not Rated

Episode Runtime: 5-7 minutes

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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 8: The Halloween Hall o’ Fame

Jonathan Winters Pumpkin Head Disney Halloween Hall o Fame

Day 8 of 32 Days of Halloween, we’ve been sort of wandering from place to place. Going back to the first year, where we showed “Pluto’s Judgement Day,” I decided to track down some other Disney fun. And was quickly reminded of the 1977 Halloween special from Wonderful World of Disney that had Pluto’s cartoon as one of its bits–Halloween Hall o’ Fame. Yes, kids, create a framing story and use it to wrap up some already existing material–instant holiday special.

In this case, though, the framing story is still worthwhile because it’s Jonathan Winters providing both characters. And somebody had the genius idea to hand him a bunch of props and let him run with them. So even if you’ve already seen the Pluto short, the Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” cartoon and the Disney Sleepy Hollow…at least watch the first part to see Winters go to work.


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32 Days of Halloween PART III Starts Here

Runaway Brain

Bursting forth from its casements once more, unsatisfied with possessing the month of October alone, Halloween stakes its claim to September 30th as well. That’s right: sequels can kill.

Welcome to 32 Days of Halloween PART III. Out first year out, we started with Mickey. Then last year, it was over to Bugs. Now, back to Mickey, with a 1995 animated short from Disney that’s so good, you’d swear it had come directly from Pixar. Runaway Brain.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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Win the Disney Animation Collection on DVD!

Disney Animation Collection: Classic Short Films Vols. 1-6 DVD cover art

So Disney is re-releasing a bunch of their shorts on DVD. You can see the main titles up there in the image, but each of them comes with bonus shorts as well. For example, among the teeming hordes of animation on here, you’ve got “Ferdinand the Bull,” “The Ugly Duckling,” “Paul Bunyan,” “Old King Cole,” “Lambert the Sheepish Lion,” and “Brave Little Tailor.”

And we’ve got two sets of all six titles to give away. If you want to win, enter using the form below–and enter once a day. If your name gets drawn, then you snag a set of the six DVDs. Good luck.


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Disney Shorts: A Followup Thought

Real Life Mater from Cars

So since I’ve posted my open letter to Mr. John Lasseter, I saw the ad about Bolt and the answer to my question of: where was the animated short? The answer is: it’s being added this weekend. A short with Mater from Cars entitled “Tokyo Mater.” I’ll be interested to see what boost this provides to the Bolt box office–the last time I recall Pixar changing things after the film had opened were the “outtakes” that appeared at the end of A Bug’s Life–if memory serves me correctly. I think they traded them out for new ones after a few weeks.

I’m interested to see how well it works because I have no feel for what a draw the character of Mater is. Even though I appear to have liked the movie Cars more than most, I wonder how else everyone else feels. Maybe he’s a hit with the kiddies, I dunno.

But reading this made me think of something else–and again, I’m sure the Dixar folks are way ahead of me. You’ve got Digital 3-D now–and for Bolt it was stunning. Going back to the classic shorts for a minute, what if you reworked some classic Disney shorts for full-on Digital 3-D? Start with “Steamboat Willie.” Hit us with “The Old Mill”–which was shot on the multiplane camera anyway. You want to get some people like me back in cinemas to rewatch a film? Bring some of that noise. And hey, where it’s showing in 2-D? Show the short in 2-D. I think I might be up for watching it even in normal 2-D on the big screen…most Disney shorts have only been experienced by folks like me on video. So to see it big and bold like it was originally–would be stellar.

Anyway, just some thoughts. This is what I do instead of sleeping. My rates are very reasonable.



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Dear John Lasseter — Re: Disney Shorts

Mickey Mouse Be Mine Boxers

Dear John. I know, my alter ego gets Dear John letters all the time. It’s just our cross to bear, isn’t it?

And now that I’ve bonded us over our very common name, I must say that while I was right to be apprehensive about the Dixar merge–things so far have worked out well. But I’d like to point you back to our list of suggestions for you…and I know you’re probably hard at work on all of them, but:

“Presto,” the short that played in front of WALL-E, was genius. (Was reminded of this while watching the DVD.) And that reminded me: when are we going to see shorts in front of all Disney films? Where was the short in front of Bolt?

I mean, you’ve got this huge stable of beloved characters you can draw upon. And people had said that Mickey Mouse was boring, for example. Below we see what happens when you put Mickey in the hands of some utterly mental animators.

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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 12: Haunted Disney

Lonesome Ghosts Disney

This time last year we had the trailer for I Bury the Living up. More on that later today.

Instead…it’s no secret we dig on Disney theme parks. The Haunted Mansion is particularly sweet. So how cool to find somebody’s uploaded a souvenir reel from the 70s, complete with Paul Frees voiceover. Nice.

Found at Dartman’s World of Wonder via Monster Rally.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Something else down below as a bit of a bonus….

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It’s Always Six O’Clock and Time for Morbid Whimsy

Mickey Mouse serving up a skeleton

It’s Always Six O’Clock is the latest exhibition from Eva and Franco Mattes. It has our favorite art movement, morbid whimsy, in the house. And it also has a delightful array of characters and toys going batshit and sabotaging the exhibition. They’re catapulting paintballs at canvases. A league of Supermen is spilling paint down a white wall. And an army of toys, led by Super Mario, appears to be performing brain surgery on a plush Pooh bear. Not to mention their favorite piece, which happens to be mine as well. Check out the video below or the full gallery of stuff is here.

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Mickey Mouse vs. The Happy Island

You can read more about it here at Cartoon Brew (one of the commenters even delivers some info on what’s going on and translations and such), but it’s a Japanese cartoon from 1934 that takes place two years in the future where a bunch of happy-go-lucky critters on an island find themselves under assault by a legion of Mickey Mouse doombots riding evil bats, plus panzer divisions of giant snakes. Classic Japanese heroes come to the rescue.

No, really. Watch for yourself.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


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