Midsomer Murders: The Bingo Game

John Nettles from Midsomer Murders
‘Officers, that man claims to have a bingo. Check his card.’

It’s no secret that we have fans of Midsomer Murders among us. Cosette, having watched through the entire series, identified her Top 10 crazy murders that have occurred in Midsomer. And now our very own Kim has applied her knowledge of the show to a brand new game that you can enjoy while watching: Midsomer Murders Bingo. There’s a sample below:


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Your Weekend Justice #175: Tales That Hit the Burger King Drive-Thru Clearance Bar

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that wants to indoctrinate the kids of tomorrow in a club that combines community spirit with the ultimate dissolution of reality as we know it. Combine the Scouts with hobos and get Grant Morrison and Greg Bear to write the novelization while on speed. Then light it on fire. For your own safety. (That in itself is a badge.)


Super-Moby Dick of Space


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    Headsup: Nothing Spreads Like Fear…Except Dinosaurs and the Midsomer County Homicide Rate

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    Top 10 Murders in Midsomer County

    Midsomer Murders Richard Briers and John Nettles

    I admit it–I love Midsomer Murders. Apparently this is just as addled as my mysterious love for Murder, She Wrote…but it’s just a fabulous show. In a country where handguns are illegal, the producers and writers get rather creative with the modus operandi of their killers. Having watched pretty much the entire series to date, I decided to rate my 10 favorite murder weapons/methods/discoveries exhibited on the show. We previously had this post helpfully annotated with videos of the kills in question, but they’ve all been taken down, not to return. But hey, these are all on Netflix, so it’s quite possible to go and sample them yourself. If the videos ever resurface, we’ll re-edit again.

    To grab copies of Midsomer Murders for yourself, check out the Amazon widget at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

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    Midsomer Murders Set One (1999) – DVD Review

    Midsomer Murders Set 1 DVD cover art


    Written by Anthony Horowitz and Douglas Watkinson based on the novels by Caroline Graham
    Directed by Jeremy Silberston and Moira Armstrong
    Starring John Nettles, Daniel Casey, Jane Wymark, Laura Howard


    • Four first season episodes
    • Cast biographies
    • Caroline Graham biography sand booklist
    • Map of Midsomer County

    Released by: Acorn Media.
    Rating: NR
    Region: 1
    Anamorphic: No.

    My Advice: Catch it on cable.

    Midsomer County in the heart of the English countryside is filled with picturesque vistas, quaint villages, and if you believe the episodes in this series, a great deal of dead bodies. Dastardly crimes are being committed–everything from a man beheaded in his own home, to women strangled with old school ties, to a local landowner shot in the chest during a dispute with two tribes of Travelers to an old manor house with disturbing apparitions causing a widow to lose her mind. If this were the first half of the 20th Century, there would be an aristocratic sleuth or little old busybody poking around the crime scene. But since this is the new millennium, the local constabulary is on the case and on the ball. The men to sort through all the lies, secrets, and suspects are Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby (Horowitz) and his young assistant Detective Sergeant Troy (Casey). They probe around the hedgerows and village commons finding the ugly emotions hidden among the scenic surroundings.


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