Stuff: So We Have The Sequel Pitch Already, It’s Called Plurality…

Ray Kurzweil

I want to hear a DVD commentary from this guy. Who's with me?

Each week, a lot goes on in the world of pop culture. Most of it you don’t care about, but most websites want to tell you about it anyway. Not us. Here, in just over a thousand words, is really the stuff you absolutely need to know. This leaves you more time to…I dunno, sleep or something. I hear that’s an interesting hobby. Enjoy.

  • Apparently, Roland Emmerich’s next bigass film is sci-fi and called Singularity. And has a budget of $175 million. Rewrites are happening and apparently who better to come in and help than the guy who came up with the term, Ray Kurzweil. Damn. It’s due out May 2013. According to Variety, “Set 50 years in the future, story follows a famous nanotechnology pioneer who uses a dangerous new procedure to save his badly-injured son, Adam, whose consciousness is transferred into a swarm of nanobots that take his physical form, giving him all sorts of powers. Protag ends up on the run from an evil corporation that developed the technology.” If you didn’t want Emmerich to direct sci-fi again, you should have gone to see Anonymous. I’m just saying.
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    Win Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain!

    Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain CD cover art

    It’s no secret that we dig the hell out of Miles Davis around here. So we jumped at the chance to give away a 50th Anniversary 2-CD copy of Sketches of Spain thanks to our friends at Sony Legacy. Not only do you get the original first disc, but this being a Legacy Edition, it comes with a second disc with a slew of alternate takes. We love it.

    To get your chance to win, enter using the form below and enter once a day. We draw your name when it’s all said and done, you snag it. Good luck!


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    Playboy Archive Online for Free

    Playboy Archive

    Okay, so Playboy has launched the Playboy Archive, and they’ve stuck fifty-three issues online for free, viewable and searchable via Silverlight (which you have to install if you don’t have it already). Now I know lots of people “read” Playboy because of the flesh involved. Me, I actually do read the articles, since in modern issues women airbrushed to hell and back just don’t do anything for me. I went through ten of the early issues they’ve placed up there to see what they might have to offer to people like me. Not that the vintage ads and regular columns and such aren’t worthy just on their own. But just in case.

    Click on the month and year to go straight to the issue in question. Click on the story or article title to go straight to it. But I think you should just flip through them–they’re fantastic. Click on names to take you elsewhere in our archives.


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    All All Blues

    Miles Davis: All Blues sheet music

    So James, who was guitarist in one of the three bands I ever took part in, posted this to his Facebook. It’s Stanley Jordan, who can play both the guitar and the piano…and it appears he can do so at the same time. Which means he’s disgustingly talented. But I dig this Miles Davis cover anyway. (We posted the original played live on The Steve Allen Show from 1964 here.)

    Direct link for the feedreaders. You can buy Stanley Jordan stuff here.

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    Win Beautiful Ballads and Love Songs!

    Aretha Franklin: Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs CD cover art Barry Manilow: Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs CD cover art
    Billie Holiday: Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs CD cover art Frank Sinatra: Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs CD cover art Miles Davis: Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs CD cover art

    Sony is re-releasing more collections of Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis. As you can tell by the title of this series, Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs, it must be near Valentine’s Day. Yes, most assuredly.

    And the obvious complaint I hear about it when companies like Sony repackage things is that…well, they’re repackaging things. But let’s face it, some people–they might be freaks–might not own the complete library of Miles or Aretha. I mean, there are some people that own Thriller, for example. Somebody has to keep buying copies of the damn thing!

    I digress. We have a set of these five CDs to give away to the winner. How do you win? You enter…proceed…

    (Psst…track listings are below the entry form.)


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    Miles Davis: “All Blues” on the Steve Allen Show

    Miles Davis

    A bit of Miles for your Monday morning…from the Steve Allen Show in 1964. There’s some glitches in the video but it’s worthwhile all the same.

    “All Blues,” of course, is from the album Kind of Blue, which if you don’t own and love then I don’t know what we can do for you but up the voltage. And if you don’t own it, for God’s sake, as I write this you can get it for $5. I mean come on.

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