Your Weekend Justice #206: And a Tuba Full of Cranberry Sauce

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck–the podcast that is holding a Black Friday sale like no other: 15% off all bullshit if you just say the phrase that pays. That phrase is, of course, “Who set the weasels in my pants on fire?”


Simply orange


  • Rox and the Ring
  • The Hunger Games update
  • Creepy oranges by way of Canada
  • Awkward cans of worms
  • Thirteen years from now, oh shit
  • The Price is Right With Jesus
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sequined lizards
  • Agents of SHIELD
  • Bigfoot…still not found
  • Spontaneous shoe size discussion
  • Leigh, portable
  • The Day of Discussing The Day of The Doctor
  • The Doctor Who Adventure Hour
  • An Adventure in Which We Discuss An Adventure in Space and Time
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    One Big Happy Family (That Wants to Gnaw On You)

    Family Once: Threadless

    No doubt inspired a little bit by Dead Island, we are compelled by our rule (“If it’s undead and bleeds, it leads”) to place this on the front page. It’s “A Family Once” by Jay Fleck. It’s a bloody shame it’s the wrong color, however. But man, it’s one of Threadless’ best zombie shirts in some time.

    Also of note for recent updates is the Lord of the Rings vs. Monty Python mashup, “Impasse” by Verso. And they’ve reduced the awesome pirates vs. dog t-shirt “Reburied Treasure” by David Soames and Nathan W. Pye to $12.

    Grab them with the links above or browse the sit by clicking here.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: That? That’s the Sound of Princess Lolly Weeping.

    Candy Land

    But surely the film should be called Veggie Land! Think of the children!

    It’s a constant battle trying to keep up with pop culture news. We know. And if you’re trying to maintain the semblance of a life, we can see where that could get complicated. So never fear: we try to compact all the stuff you absolutely need to know into one post that you can read in one sitting–and then get on with your day. You’re welcome.

  • Candy Land the movie. Adam Sandler is at least on board to produce and co-scribe. Let me quote you what Hasbro prexy-CEO Brian Goldner had to say: “The creative talent onboard for this movie is amazing, and we are excited to bring alive the world of Candy Land for kids and families everywhere. Sony/Columbia has been a wonderful creative partner as we develop another of our games, Risk, for the bigscreen. We are looking forward to working with Sony/Columbia and Adam Sandler and his team at Happy Madison Prods. on this film.” That’s right, Brian. Be proud to bring the man behind Jack & Jill behind one of your supposed flagship titles. Source: Variety.
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    The Week in Stuff: June 15, 2010 – From Tiki Island to the Holy Land and All Points In Between

    There are a lot of things out there you can buy. We try to give you the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision. Because we have no lives. If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase via Amazon through our links. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. Thanks.

    Danger on Tiki Island
    Ghost Hunters International DVD Cover Art
    Elvis 75th Birthday Celebration DVD Cover Art

    Cinematic Titanic continues their onslaught on your mind. Not only are they continuing to perform their riffmongering sessions live but they keep rolling out DVDs of the live shows, both for the people who caught them live and want the performance for posterity (like myself) and those who didn’t get the chance to catch them in person (which you should do–it really is good). And this is Danger on Tiki Island, of which I got to catch their first live performance–and it was good then. So the DVD has honed it to a razor sharpness. Not only that, but you get a backstage look at CT with the “Between the Riffs” mini-docu. This is good stuff. Snag your copy here. It’s worth it.


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    Stuff Bulletin: Python on (Even Better) Sale

    Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset

    So last year we advised you that The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus 16-Ton Megaset was on sale for $40. Twice, in fact. It’s got the complete series, plus the two-disc set that is available separately as Monty Python Live (reviewed here). It normally goes for $100. And we were excited–as well we should have been–because it was a helluva deal. Especially since we have no idea when a Blu-Ray set will be coming out, much less a remastered DVD set.

    But now it’s an even better deal: it’s $35. That’s 65% off. Today. Only today. So you have a few hours left to go snag it. We highly advise it. You can snag it here. (And if you do through us, we get kickbacks and that helps support the cost of running this madhouse. So thanks.)

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    Headsup: Big Boxes of Adult Swim, Kevin Smith & John Denver

    There’s a lot of stuff that comes out each week. We’re here to run it down for you and help you decide what’s worth buying. Because somebody had to, right?

    Adult Swim in a Box DVD cover art
    Kevin Smith 3-Movie Collection Blu-Ray cover art
    Monty Python: Almost the Truth Blu-Ray cover art

    Adult Swim in a Box. At first glance, this set seems like a total no-brainer. Season sets from six Adult Swim shows plus a bonus disc of never-before-seen pilots? Brilliant. Then on second glance, you see that we’re not talking a true Adult Swim primer, i.e. first season sets from everybody. We’re talking the second seasons of Sealab 2021 and Robot Chicken, the third season of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and the second volume of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The only first seasons in here are Metalocalypse and Moral Orel. So what was the perfect gift and primer for a sick individual you know could use some Adult Swim is now…suspect. It seems like they’re just trying to unload some inventory, frankly. But the Adult Swim hardcore…should they buy it? Since, after all, they’re the ones that will be drawn the most to the pilots on here: The Best of Totally For Teens, Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge, Korgoth of Barbaria, Perfect Hair Forever and Evan Dorkin‘s Welcome to Eltingville. And that coupled with the price point–it’s $47.99 on Amazon as I type this–it becomes a two-pronged conditional recommendation. If you don’t own the sets involved and want them, you’d be crazy not to snag this, because once you’ve bought two of the sets individually, you’ve paid for the Box. And if you’re an Adult Swim fanatic and want the pilots on DVD, well, this is where you can find them. Click here to buy it from Amazon.


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    Win Monty Python: The Other British Invasion on DVD!

    Monty Python: The Other British Invasion DVD cover art

    The Python birthday festivities continue…here A&E steps in with a two disc set featuring two programs, lots of rare footage and interviews out the yin yang. And they were kind enough to send over a copy we can give away to you guys. Want to get a chance to win it? Enter using the form below…and enter once a day. And if we draw your name when the contest ends, then you win. Good luck!

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    Win Monty Python: Almost The Truth on Blu-Ray!

    Monty Python: Almost the Truth: The Lawyer's Cut Blu-Ray cover art

    Monty Python, as mentioned previously, turned forty recently. And as part of the ongoing celebration, Eagle Rock has put out the recent series Monty Python: Almost the Truth in a special “Lawyer’s Cut” edition. Here, we have it on Blu-Ray. It comes with all six episodes across two discs, plus extended interviews, outtakes, and more. Oh, hey, and sketches. Which–since nobody’s been arsed to release the series on Blu-Ray yet–I believe is the first place you can see some Python sketches on Blu-Ray. So, hey, bonus.

    We’ve got two copies of the set to give away, thanks to our friends at Eagle Rock. Want to win one? Here’s how you get a chance. Enter using the form below–and enter once a day–and if we draw your name when the contest ends, you win! Good luck!


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    Happy Birthday, Monty Python

    Michael Palin: Every Sperm is Sacred

    Can you imagine a world where we didn’t have Monty Python? As we mentioned before in respect to a precursor of Python, Mark Evanier has stated (and I wish I could find the original link) that if Python had occurred just a bit earlier, it would have been in black and white rather than color and thus subject to the BBC’s policy of wiping. It’s just too mind-numbing to consider, honestly.

    However, we don’t have to consider it. We can instead revel–and indeed, wallow–in it. Team Python has put some of their greatest hits online, so we can use them to help celebrate this glorious day forty years ago when Python first hit the television. Back then they were just glad to have the price of a cup of tea.

    Here’s what I think is one of the best musical numbers to ever hit the big screen. No lie.

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    Stuff: Python Reunion, Hold the Cleese

    John Cleese and Snake

    To paraphrase Lewis Carroll, we give you the stuff you need to know. When we get to the end of that, we stop. Enjoy.

  • It’s an almost Monty Python reunion as everybody but John Cleese is on hand for when Not The Messiah (He’s A Very Naughty Boy) hits Europe at last on October 23rd. It’s for the 40th Anniversary of the show, and the fact that only a six-part docu is going to be aired and then hit DVD doesn’t make sense–in the sense that that’s all they’re going to do. Blu-Ray release or…what? Because it’s not like them to not try and make more money. Not that I necessarily blame them. I’m just saying. Source. Rob gave us the headsup.
  • Considering how much shit Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak 2 went through to get made, I’m even more impressed with the trailer. Because it makes it look good.

    Seriously, the dude just ran up an elephant’s face to flip-kick a guy. How cool is that? Found at Twitch, where they have the French trailer in which Jaa fights a crocodile. Nice. Direct link for the feedreaders. Headsup via Unidentified Madman.

  • (more…)

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