Dan Goodsell Presents Spidey-Toast!

Friendly Neighborhood Spidey-Toast!

In honor of the upcoming tribute show for Stan Lee (for more info, see Dan Goodsell’s post here), Dan created some pictures of Mr. Toast dreaming of being a super-hero.

I think Spidey-Toast would make a great cartoon, so to help with pitching it, I humbly submit to Dan the Spidey-Toast theme song. Enjoy.

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Fighting crime from coast to coast
Spins a web around the town
Always lands dry side down
Look-out, here comes the Spidey-Toast!

Is he cool?
Listen, Fred
He’s more wonder than Wonderbread
Can he swing we say yes
Better written than JMS
That’s why he’s Spidey-Toast.

In the warmth of day
You can find him in the know
Like a streak of gold
At Goodsell’s gallery show

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Friendly, good for you Spidey-Toast
Empowered by common sense
All natural ingredients

To him, life is a great big fun game
You will remember his one name
He is the Spidey-Toast!


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Mr. Toast: The Cartoon

I’ve enjoyed Dan Goodsell‘s Mr. Toast ever since I first ran across the book while trawling Comic-Con for newness. I think what I like best is its simple blend of surreality and whimsy.

If this were a real cartoon, I would be glad to put it in the Needcoffee.com Saturday Morning Cartoon Line-Up. It would be a nice counterpoint to Grant Morrison’s SuperFriends and The Adventures of Barry Ween.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Dan’s A Sampler of Things.


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This Just In: The Imaginary World

Dan Goodsell is a strange, strange man. But we respect that. His webcomic, The Imaginary World, stars the buttered protagonist, Mr. Toast. He has many friends, such as Joe the Egg and new neighbor Shaky Bacon. And the imaginary world they all live in is a cutely surreal place, filled with anthropomorphized elements, duels between dictionary and thesaurus, and (my personal favorite), “The Pyrotechnic Delight of Snakes.”

Now some of the best of his webcomic panels have been reprinted in this first issue. The whole thing is delightfully twisted and, like I said, cute in a way that doesn’t offend my inner bastard. Or the outer one for that matter. Good stuff.

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