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Eartha Kitt: Santa Baby

13 Days of Xmas – Day 8: Santa Baby

For the purported birthday of Jesus, there is an awful lot of sin during Christmas. Greed and gluttony are the usual suspects with wrath and pride following close behind. But I would like to talk about my favorite sin: Lust. Seemingly...

John Denver Muppets

Behold: 13 Days of Xmas

That’s right. Because I’ve got more time than sense (which if you know how little free time I have is really saying something) and because people seemed to dig our 32 Days of Halloween mayhem, I hereby kickoff the 13 Days of Xmas...

Invincible by Kevin Skinner

For the Glory of the Muppet Motherland!

I absolutely dig the hell out of this: it’s like a crazed mashup of Sesame Street and Mark Millar’s Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son. In Soviet Russia, the Pigeon Does You. Ahem. This is being auctioned for a good cause: On...

Muppet Show cake

Muppet Show: The Cake

We're impressed as hell by this Kentucky State Fair blue ribbon-winner: a cake that features the major players of the Muppet Show.

La Choy Dragon

Early Muppets & The La Choy Dragon:...

Here we have the presentation that the Muppets folks put together for La Choy, starring (getting their full names from the Muppet Wiki) Delbert the La Choy Dragon and his accountant-esque companion, Mert. Great cameo appearance by Rolf...

Lynda Carter

Happy Birthday, Lynda Carter

Ah, Lynda. Not only are you beautiful, not only can you deflect bullets and fly an invisible plane, but you can also sing and dodge Muppets.