The Graveyard Book Dessert Challenge!

Graveyard Book

When it comes to The Neil‘s fantastic book, The Graveyard Book, there are many running themes. There’s growing up. There’s going out into the world. There’s family. And…there’s dessert.

No, seriously. It started with The Neil promising cupcakes to everybody at HarperChildren’s if the book stayed on the New York Times children’s bestseller list and now it’s apparently snagged him a pie since it’s been on the list for more than a year.

And that got me thinking that this is a special occasion and very, very cool for Mr. G. Not just because of the pie–although I’m sure it shall be a damn fine pie indeed. And we should do something to celebrate.

So here’s the shot: it’s The Graveyard Dessert Challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create–yes, actually create, not just sketch up or write up a recipe–a Graveyard Book-inspired piece of dessert. Could be cupcakes. Could be pie. Could be piecakes. We care not. Just must be dessert. Let your brain go nuts. You make the dessert, you take pictures of the dessert and you can explain what it is and how it relates to Graveyard Book.

What do you get out of the deal? (Besides dessert, of course.)


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Top 5 Comics That Get Magic Right

Friends, please welcome Wolven to our cast of characters around here. He’s constantly going off on various subjects on his Twitter account, including magic, so I invited him to come and deliver a thesis on pop culture and magic–and his first target is comics. Enjoy.

John Constantine

Hello, gentle readers. My name’s Wolven. While you might have seen my name and linkage on a sidebar, or a random source attribution from our man Widge, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about me. Like the fact that my ribs are more cartilage than bone; or that some days I’m pretty sure that I’m a random government-funded genetic/social experiment; or that I freaking love comics. I love comics with a ridiculous love, and I have since I was a child. I am, by rights, a nerd. A geek. A person with intense interests less known and less understood than those of the so-called norm. And not only am I a geek, I am a geek with professional, academic, and personal interests in magic and the occult. So when Widgett approached me about doing a guest column concerning the Top 5 Comics That Get Magic Right, I damn near fell off of my couch. Luckily I was lying down at the time.


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Exclusive News From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

You know that we are big fans of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Who wouldn’t love people who design a perfume based on Cthulhu. Well, they decided to give us a peak behind the curtain and gave us an exclusive sneak preview on some of their upcoming fragrances and special projects.

  • sunbird

    Following on last year’s success of the limited edition chapbook/scent pairing of The Neil’s “Snow, Glass, Apples,” Black Phoenix is doing the same with another of Gaiman’s short stories: “Sunbird”. Julie Dillon also returns to illustrate a tale of how far some will go in their passion for gastronomy. This will be premiering at San Diego Comic-Con along with another release based on Gaiman’s story collection, Fragile Things. But you will have to wait to find out about that; Black Phoenix likes to leave you wanting more.

    As anyone who has read the story can guess, the scent consists of

    …red sandalwood and patchouli, vanilla beans, lavender twigs and sage and cinnamon leaves, whole nutmegs, garlic bulbs, cloves, and rosemary.

    After sampling the scent, it is quite heavenly. Spicy, but light enough to accent the flesh, not to burn.

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    Stuff: Python Reunion, Hold the Cleese

    John Cleese and Snake

    To paraphrase Lewis Carroll, we give you the stuff you need to know. When we get to the end of that, we stop. Enjoy.

  • It’s an almost Monty Python reunion as everybody but John Cleese is on hand for when Not The Messiah (He’s A Very Naughty Boy) hits Europe at last on October 23rd. It’s for the 40th Anniversary of the show, and the fact that only a six-part docu is going to be aired and then hit DVD doesn’t make sense–in the sense that that’s all they’re going to do. Blu-Ray release or…what? Because it’s not like them to not try and make more money. Not that I necessarily blame them. I’m just saying. Source. Rob gave us the headsup.
  • Considering how much shit Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak 2 went through to get made, I’m even more impressed with the trailer. Because it makes it look good.

    Seriously, the dude just ran up an elephant’s face to flip-kick a guy. How cool is that? Found at Twitch, where they have the French trailer in which Jaa fights a crocodile. Nice. Direct link for the feedreaders. Headsup via Unidentified Madman.

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    Stuff: Biggest Zombie Party on the Planet Nigh

    I Spit on Your Rave poster
  • I Spit on Your Rave has the best movie title you will hear this week. The concept is it’s 2018 and six years since a zombie virus unleashed upon the 2012 Olympics and mankind has gone the way of the dodo and good Marvel Comics. So out of boredom, a zombie music festival is born. This sounds so mental, I am filled with glee just telling you about it. Apparently, they’re filming this at the Big Chill Festival with production starting on August 6th and they want everybody to show up and play a zombie extra. Not only do they get their movie, but they get the world record for “Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera”. Is there anything about this film to not respect? Not at present. Here’s their official site for more info. Source.
  • The Coraline musical is now running through July 5th. It seems to have pleased The Neil, so my hope is that a DVD of the performance will be on sale for those of us who don’t have a prayer of seeing it in NYC before it closes. Source.
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    Gaiman’s Video Audiobook of The Graveyard Book

    Neil Gaiman on his Graveyard Book tour

    We’ve talked before about how Neil Gaiman is a great reader. It’s not just his cool accent, it’s the way he gives his characters distinct voices (“he do the book in different voices”) and knows just where to put the emphasis and the darkness…it’s all good. I’ve also recommended, wherever possible, catching him doing a live reading–because those are fantastic.

    As Neil pointed out on Twitter (and I somehow missed this announcement), he read a chapter at each of some stops on his Graveyard Book tour in October, and the result is you can watch him read the entire freaking book on his Harper Collins website. Nice, huh?

    Once you get done with that you’ll want to snag either the Graveyard Book audiobook or some of his other audiobooks. Excellent, all.


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    Headsup: Blueberry Girl Show in NYC

    Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess

    The Neil twittered this earlier in the evening. Apparently at Books of Wonder in NYC this coming Saturday, March 7th, there’s an appearance by both he and artist Charles Vess in support of their upcoming picture book, Blueberry Girl.

    Beginning at 1pm, NEIL GAIMAN will read Blueberry Girl, after which CHARLES VESS will give a slide show presentation on the creation of the artwork for this gorgeous picture book. Then, both author and artist will answer questions from the audience. Following this, they will both sign copies of Blueberry Girl and all their other wonderful books. A portion of all sales of Blueberry Girl made at the event will go to RAINN, the nation’s largest organization devoted to preventing violence against women and assisting the victims of such attacks.

    Not only that, but the first one hundred people to donate $10 to RAINN will get a chance to check out the art show prior to anyone else. But, as the commercial says, wait there’s more:


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    Coraline (2009) – Widge’s Movie Review

    Coraline poster art

    Written by: Henry Selick, based on the book by Neil Gaiman
    Directed by: Henry Selick
    Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Keith David, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Ian McShane

    My Advice: Don’t miss it

    Coraline (voiced by Fanning) is a young girl who finds herself uprooted from her friends and school by her parents, instead living in a converted house in Oregon called The Pink Palace. Her mother (Hatcher) is a bit domineering and her father (Hodgman) is a bit distracted (and unhealthy looking…Jesus, even I look better than that…WTF, Mr. Selick?) but it appears they’re preoccupied but loving and trying to get by. Coraline, though, being bored and trapped in a new place, desires more. And she finds it in spades when she discovers a hidden door–it leads to a world populated by her Other Parents. Everything’s perfect over there–her parents exist just to entertain her and feed her and clothe her and love her…but what’s the price for all this attention? And what does it mean to her real parents and real life?


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    Coraline (2009) – Rox’s Movie Review

    Coraline movie poster

    Written by: Henry Selick, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman
    Directed by: Henry Selick
    Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Keith David, John Hodgman, Ian McShane
    Music by: Bruno Coulais with a song by They Might Be Giants

    My Advice: See it Twice. Once in 3D and once in 2D.

    Coraline Jones (Fanning), a bored and precocious girl, moves to Oregon where her very busy parents (voiced by Hatcher and Hodgman) write a gardening catalog. She goes outside to investigate her new surroundings. There she finds a boarded up well, a mysterious cat (David), a very talkative boy named Wybie (Robert Bailey Jr.) and eventually an odd doll that resembles her, which Wybie brings from his grandmother’s house.


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