The Fly: The Opera

No, I’m not kidding. I had no idea this was going on until I saw this article in Variety talking about how movies are being translated to Broadway and now they’re being translated to the opera stage. And of course, what better way to blow my mind than to tell me that Howard Shore has turned David Cronenberg’s The Fly into an opera. And then asked Cronenberg to direct it. With a libretto by David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly). And was conducted at its premiere last month by Plácido Domingo.

I’ll give you a moment to staple your brain back together.

Stuck in my head was this concept of a tenor singing “HELP MEEEEEEE” in falsetto Italian. So I had to start finding out more. Here’s Howard Shore, composer, talking about how he came up with the notion of making this an opera. Quality’s terrible, but it’s the best I could find embeddable. You get to see the chambers, plus somebody rehearsing in a harness running around I would guess in what’s Fly-Mode. More videos and stuff after the break.

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RIP: Larry Harmon

Larry Harmon, Bozo

Larry Harmon, the man responsible for most of us knowing who Bozo the Clown is–and who owned the Bozo franchise–died earlier this week. And in tribute, here’s a couple of Bozo clips I found online.

I never knew before how the whole Bozo thing worked–I’ll let you read the Wikipedia article for the full skinnee–but Pinto Colvig, the original voice of Goofy, was the first Bozo. Harmon was a Bozo, then bought the rights to Bozo. Then he licensed the rights to local television stations to have their own actors play Bozo, the most popular of which was Bob Bell on WGN in Chicago. More on him in a moment.

Could not find any footage online of Larry as Bozo, but somebody posted this appearance of the character on What’s My Line? in 1969 and it seemed fitting to share. According to Wikipedia, the actor, Gordon Ramsey, who played Bozo for WOR in New York, then appeared later on the show as himself as another mystery guest. I wish I could find that segment to couple with this.

Update: Since the original vid has been taken down, here’s both segments, which we also mentioned here.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Classic Television Showbiz.

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Bloomsbury Auctions Lit Goodness

Yours Sincerely, T.S. Eliot

Bloomsbury is auctioning off two rounds of kickass books and letters and such. It will make you want to pull a heist in order to be able to effectively bid on some of these things. Like a signed limited first edition of Uncle Bill. Or first edition Dahl. Or first edition Holmes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Or letters from T.S. Eliot. That’s happening this Thursday in New York at 2pm. Check out the lots here.

Then there’s the Children’s Book Auction. Featuring scads of first edition Frank Baum. A signature from Lewis Carroll. A first edition Pooh from 1926. Again, one weeps with how poor one is. rel=”nofollow”Check out those lots here. That one is happening Wednesday, June 25th, at 2pm. Also in New York.

Book fiends, take note. And…hey, has anyone seen Doc? He tore out of here with a ninja squadron and then headed for the jump jet. Odd.

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Stuff You Need to Know: Angels, Demons, Canadians & Damages

Moby Dick by Ray Bradbury

Because some things you simply need to know. But it’s silly to make you read a whole post about each one. The only thing sillier is us writing an entire post about each one. Enjoy.

  • Amazon has a DVD sale that looks a lot like the old DVD sale, but they do have a bunch of stuff for 50% off if you didn’t take advantage last time. Maybe they’re trying to make up for all the God! Damn! Down! Time! Found via Dealhack.
  • The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, which we’ve mentioned before, has Fox on board. 13 episodes are ordered for 2009 by Global Television. In addition to Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprising their roles, at least vocally, also in the cast are Dave Coulier (yes, from Full House), Colin Mochrie (Whose Line All-Star), Pat McKenna, Derek McGrath, Ron Pardo, Jayne Eastwood and Ho Chow.
  • Angels & Demons, the follow-up to The DaVinci Code, can’t film in any of Rome’s churches, according to Hollywood Reporter: “Traditionally, we read the script, but in this case that was not necessary,” said Fr. Marco Fibbi, spokesman for the Diocese of Rome. “The name Dan Brown was enough.” Funny, that’s how we feel about his stuff, too. This, of course, the latest in a conspiracy whereby whenever Dan Brown is out of the news for six weeks or more, Rome does something to remind us he exists.
  • There’s a Beowulf musical. Of course we’re serious.
  • (more…)

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    Myst: Play It On Your PC, Then Your Playstation, Then Your Apartment

    Mystery Apartment: the Clue Book

    There seems to be a rash of stuff being hidden in and around peoples’ homes. Some vaguely sinister and some amusingly deranged. But this one is certifiably cool as hell. A family wanted to take the Fifth Avenue apartment they had just bought and have it redone, but not in a “cookie cutter” sort of way. They couldn’t have picked better, apparently: Eric Clough, designer, took the place and turned it into a giant (but pleasant) puzzle that needed to be sorted out.

    It involves a book, a musical score, keys, crossword puzzles, more keys, and magnets. It sounds positively brilliant. I think cryptoarchitecture kicks ass and I think we need more of it. Imagine if you went to a school where the school itself was part of some massive puzzle and each year another piece of it is revealed by the students figuring stuff out. Imagine spending a bit of time relaxing on the weekend by wrapping your mind around the newest layer of mystery in your house, rather than just trying to figure out how to get that bedroom door to stay shut properly (unless that’s a clue).

    Hell, I want my redesigned Technocave to have a hidden staircase already…this is making my mind do somersaults.


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    Win Cloverfield on DVD

    Cloverfield DVD cover art

    Cloverfield. What happens when something big and mildly annoyed decides to deliver a smackdown to New York City. Coming to DVD April 22nd. Paramount has graced us with three copies. Want to win one of them? You know what comes next…


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    2 Skinnee Js Add a Second Concert Date, Because Stumpy Commands It

    So we put out the call: 2 Skinnee are reuniting for a one-off gig. Now it turns out it’s a two-off gig, because A.J. “Stumpy” Johnson, the band’s spiritual guru, the Splinter to their Turtles, has added a second date. This might be because the first date sold out in seven days. Might.

    The second show date is Sunday, August 10th. And tickets go on sale today at noon EST. You can snag them here.

    Oh my. I see this on that page: “Additional Information: Also Performing: TRAGEDY: A Metal Tribute to the BEE GEES.” Wow.


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    How to Avoid a Skrull Mask at New York Comic-Con

    I would love for somebody to come up to me at New York Comic-Con and offer me a Marvel Skrull mask so I could be part of the “Secret Implosion.”

    I see the exchange going like this:

    ME: “No, thanks. I’m not a Skrull.”

    MARVEL STOOGE: “Ah, but who can you trust? ARE YOU SURE?”

    ME: “Yes, I’m sure. Reed Richards checked me out and told me so. And in my reality he’s not a fucking idiot and would know.”

    Feel free to use that or some variation if you need to.

    Civil War: I'm With Anyone Who's Not Marvel


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    2 Skinnee to Reunite for NYC Gig

    Stumpy Has a Posse

    It’s happening again. 2 Skinnee has released a trailer on their website for a reunion gig. It’s August 8, 2008 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Tickets go on sale 10am on April 3rd. If you have any chance in hell of being there, I say go for it. A 2 Skinnee performance is like a cross between an evangelist’s tent, a fandom convention and the consumption of way too many Pixy Stix. And sadly, since their untimely break-up, about as rare as an issue of The Ultimates shipping on time.

    Shower them with ticket sales, so maybe they will come back to us full-time. After all, did we not have the Pluto Crisis in their absence? Has not the world become an insidiously more unstable place without them? 2 Skinnee is the truth. Accept no substitutes. Unless they disappear again, then substitutes will simply be a necessity.

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    He’s a Lumberjack. And He’s a Bear. And They’re Both Okay.

    Architect Duel

    Every once in a while, we get something around here that is just so goddamn weird, there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, we could possibly add to it. Oh sure, you could set something on fire. Or toss in some penguins. Or set some penguins on fire then toss them in. But you don’t. Because the item in question has achieved a kind of whacked out nirvana all on its own.

    Case in point: There’s an architect duel in New York City tonight. Where the combatants are competing “on stage in a live model building competition set inside the Alaska Wilderness, circa 2029 AD. That’s the FUTURE. Free drinks too.” The audience is asked to come dressed as lumberjacks or bears.

    See? I didn’t have to do a thing. That’s just zen right there.

    Found via Gridskipper.


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