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Urban Hockey Checking

Finally, a version of hockey I can be interested in. I agree with Dark Roasted Blend, though: a flash mob with some good hockey fights thrown in? Even more awesome. Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via Dark Roasted Blend.

The Post-It Note Jaguar: When 3M Attacks!

Never has there been a more flagrant misuse of office supplies. The incident Siege kicked off with the fifteen staplers, the copier toner and the C-4 was only hearsay. But yes, that image is part of a Jaguar that was covered with post-it...

Prankapalooza: Run For Your Lives!

An extremely amusing round-up of pranks from Trigger Happy TV. Exactly what is required on this Friday morning: nonsense and random bits of staged violence. Found via del.icio.us. Direct link for the feedreaders.

Look, Maybe I Didn’t Say Every Tiny...

A user at Zug has struck at the heart of roadside slackassery by pranking a couple of road signs left up long after the construction they were there for had been completed… First of all, the control cabinet had no lock. Swinging open...