Stuff You Need to Know: If Ned Gets Involved in Blackest Night, Consider Me On Board

San Diego Comic-Con happened this weekend. We, like you, are trying to pick up the pieces. We’ll break out the Shop-Vac and let you see the results. You just relax and have an espresso.

  • So here’s the trailer from Comic-Con for the upcoming Starz mini, Spartacus: Blood and Sand (which we warned you about previously). Which is cool, as long as you understand it appears to be Zack Snyder‘s Gladiator.

    Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via TV Squad.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: Iambic Pentameter of the Living Dead

  • Amazon‘s deal today is for the complete series of The Sopranos…for 63% off the normal price, putting it at $149.99 instead of $399.98. Not too shabby. That of course is for today only and/or until they run out. You can buy yours here.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the words “happy chainsaw” have never filled me with more joy than this:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    I know, it’s ridiculous. But it does bring together a classic with zombies. Reminds me of something else we talked about recently. Source.

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    Stuff You Need to Know for Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Rowan Atkinson as Fagin
  • Update: Amazon has Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series for $64.99, which is 68% off. Only available today and while stocks last. Thought you would want to know.
  • So we’re back talking about Rowan Atkinson again. And why not? Anyway this time it’s because there’s footage on the BBC website of him in Oliver! As we mentioned last March, he’s Fagin in the new West End production. Mostly the footage is of him talking about theatre–which is cool on its own–but it also gives you glimpses of his performance. Would love to see that. Check it out here.
  • BBC Three is getting a sketch comedy show with Matthew Horne and James Corden (Gavin and Stacey) and a sitcom featuring the sick sick sick We Are Klang. I’m already afraid. Source.
  • Cate Blanchett is playing another monarch: Richard II. The War of the Roses is a two-part, eight hour play that’s an “amalgam of Shakespeare’s history plays about the Plantagenet dynasty.” You can read Variety’s review of the show here.
  • CBS Films is certainly drawing on some interesting star power to get their first film underway: Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford. Fraser plays a guy whose two children have an incurable genetic condition who seeks out Ford as the doctor who might be able to save them. Production starts in April.


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    Stuff You Need to Know: A Film With Dylan Moran In It

  • A Film With Me In It has Dylan Moran up for an Irish Film and Television Award. Watch this trailer and you’ll see why.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    When is this coming here? I really need to see this.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is being touted as the star of Beat the Reaper, for which the rights have been sold. Here’s the scenario from the article: “The protagonist in the novel penned by Josh Bazell is a Manhattan emergency room doctor, whose life becomes complicated when a mobster recognizes the doc from his former life as a hitman who went into the witness protection program.” Look, how am I supposed to have any sympathy for a guy dumb enough to try to hide from the mob in a busy hospital emergency room front and center? If the book is about two pages long, then I understand. But come on.
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    Stuff: Chris McQuarrie and Guillermo Del Toro are The Champions, My Friends

    What do you need to know about what’s going on pop culture? Less than other sites would lead you to believe. Here’s the news as quick as we can manage it. Enjoy.

  • Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) has come on board to write and produce a feature film version of the 60s series, The Champions, with Guillermo “Can’t Possibly Be Human” Del Toro. I had no idea what the series was, so I offer this up as a snippet. British sci-fi 60s goodness:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

  • Pushing Daisies is on the block. ABC is trying to figure out whether or not to order more episodes beyond the thirteen for this season that have wrapped. Unless something beyond the episodes I’ve seen has gone terribly awry, then refusing to make more of this series is a travesty. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
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