13 Days of Xmas 2011 – Day 4: Holiday Hocus Pocus

Stephen Fry QI Christmas

Last year we did some more Brit Christmas TV fun, bringing you the monster-sized Christmas Whose Line Is It Anyway? episode from their second season. And led off from a bit out of the American version. So keeping with that them, we turn again to the best show the BBC thinks Americans aren’t smart enough to watch: QI.

Yes, it’s true: the BBC iPlayer is due to hit our shores any day now. And when it does, if you are a Anglophile worth a damn, get it. I know it’s iPad-only, but buy it anyway. Seriously. Otherwise, how will we prove to them that we can recognize good television? I mean, they were 100% right about how nobody gets Doctor Who over here…right? Rrright.

This magic-focused holiday party features Sir Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Graham Norton, Lee Mack and…I dunno, some kid. I know him from somewhere…

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Stuff: Jack Ryan Begins (Again)

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
  • A new Jack Ryan flick? You know it’s in development. And the rebirth of Bond and the success of Bourne I’m sure have only made Paramount really want to get off their ass and do a follow-up to Sum of All Fears, the capable re-working of Affleck and Morgan Freeman into the former Harrison Ford part. Hossein Amini (Wings of the Dove) is on tap to scribe the new movie, which you can pretty much just call Jack Ryan Begins. I think you know what I mean. Regardless, don’t expect Affleck to return. Apparently Sam Raimi was attached for a while to direct–don’t know what the hell they were thinking on that, the only person with a more packed dance card these days is Del Toro. As an aside, apparently Amini is scribing The Subtle Knife at Warner Brothers.

    I must say: whoever’s going to play the new Ryan, they won’t have as good a Pissed Off Face as Harrison Ford. That and while we’re waiting, I would be perfectly content with Liev Schrieber in the Without Remorse movie. Just for the record. Source: Hollywood Reporter.

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    Stuff You Need to Know, Friday, October 3, 2008

    Stephen Fry from QI
  • Chortle reports good news for QI: first, it’s making the move to BBC1 from BBC2. Both Stephen Fry and Alan Davies return. If that wasn’t enough, they want a spinoff. A pilot has been commissioned for BBC2 called The QI Test and will have non-celebs on the panel. Fry will not be hosting this show. “The concept of The QI Test is to show that members of the public can be just as interesting as TV pundits. It also intends to celebrate knowledge rather than humiliating contestants.” While I admit that most of the people I know are more interesting than the people on television are usually, that’s pretty tough to put people up against the likes of the panelists on that show–much less Stephen himself. The pilot will be shot in November. Source: Chortle here and here. Image source.
  • A one-time staged reading of the screenplay for All About Eve with Annette Bening as Margo (the Bette role)? With more casting news to come? You guys better damn well film this. That’s one of my favorite screenplays ever. Source: Variety.
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    QI: Peter Cushing Lives in Whistable

    Peter Cushing Lives in Whistable

    Some of you have been around for a bit might recall the exchange from QI in which Alan Davies related an amusing story about Peter Cushing‘s place of residence plus a song that was written in Cushing’s honor. If you need a refresher, they do have a snippet at the beginning of this vid, but the full thing about Peter Cushing buying vegetables is here.

    If you’re duly prepared, then proceed.

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    Win The (QI) Book of Animal Ignorance!

    QI: Book of Animal Ignorance

    QI is a British panel show that we love. And it hurts our heart that we don’t have anything like it on American television. It also gladdens our heart because we’re fairly certain there’s a decent chance that QI U.S. would suck. But still, we do get the books. This latest tome of crazy animal trivia/knowledge would make even Sir David Attenborough say, “Holy Christ, what?” Just the opening bit about the aardvark was enough to blow my mind. Anyway, we’ve got a spare copy. And trust me, if you are an animal lover or know an animal lover, you want to win this for them.

    Enter to win–and enter once a day. That’s the drill.


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    Win QI: The B Series on DVD!

    QI: Series 2 DVD cover art

    It’s no secret that we think QI rocks. We nominated it this year for two Chazzies. We wish they would air it over here. Some in this country have even accepted Alan Davies as their personal lord and savior. If you’re one of those strange, sad creatures who does not know what the most intelligent panel show on television looks like, check out their official site. Or here’s some video bits online.

    And now, the second series, the “B” series has hit DVD. Here’s what you need to know about this joyous product:

    The new DVD features all twelve 30-minute episodes along with a raft of exclusive DVD extras, including bonus banter, bloopers and buzzers, as once again Ringmaster Stephen Fry towers over the happy chaos as some of the world’s funniest brains including Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand, Phill Jupitus, Clive Anderson and Sean Lock answer a bonanza of ingenious and witty questions concerning all things Quite Interesting.


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    13 Days of Xmas – Day 12: Random Bits From Britain

    Dead Ringers: Doctor Who

    And now, for the penultimate day of 13 Days of Xmas, we throw the post open to great bits from our friends across the pond. We’re waiting for our friends the Brits to stage a Comedy Invasion like they invaded us musically a while back. We could really use it, folks.

    From the Dead Ringers 2005 Xmas special, it’s Doctor Who at Christmas:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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    QI Wishes You an Interesting Holiday

    Stephen Fry on QI

    Over at IGN FilmForce, they’re giving you gifts of content. For those of you who don’t know, the best quiz show in the world is QI. Hosted by Stephen Fry and concerned with gobs of whacked out trivia, it’s freaking hilarious. (“Which moon are we talking about, Stephen?”) Of course, it only airs in the UK because their TV’s dad can beat up us Americans’ TV’s dad.

    Still, to get a nice Xmas-tinged taste, check out a slightly abridged version of their Christmas episode here. Then thank Tobias, because it’s all his fault.

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