Win The Riches: Season 2 on DVD!

The Riches: Season 2 DVD cover art

So The Riches, may it rest in peace, comes with its second season to DVD. Here’s what Fox has to say for itself:

Combining richly dark humor with gripping family drama and intricate plot twists, the masterful final season of The Riches stars Emmy Award winner Eddie Izzard (Ocean’s Thirteen, My Super Ex-Girlfriend) and Academy Award nominee Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank) in her Golden Globe and Emmy nominated role. This new season of The Riches follows Wayne and Dahlia Malloy (Izzard and Driver), lovable gypsies and con-artists who adopt the identity of a very wealthy couple, as they continue to deal with the mishaps and difficulties of convincing their greedy “buffer” neighbors that they are indeed the law abiding citizens of the Doug and Cherien Rich family. Shannon Marie Woodward (The Haunting of Molly Hartley), Noel Fisher (Agent Cody Banks) and Aidan Mitchell (Simple Things) co-star as The Malloy’s three children, whose adjustment from living in an RV to a mansion in American suburbia frequently threatens to reveal the family’s true identity.

So we’ve got three copies of the set to give away. Want to win one? Easy: enter using the form below. And you can enter once a day–you can enter all our contests once a day. If we draw your name when it’s all over with–you win. Good luck.


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Win Season One of The Riches

The Riches: Season 1 DVD cover art

Needcoffee faves Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver head up The Riches. Well, the family pretending to be the Riches, because they are really the Malloys and head up a family of con artists who just happened to have a run-in with The Riches. Um. Literally. Which turned out to be fatal.

And now they’re trying to live it up while not being found out or found. This is on the FX Network and has apparently been renewed for a second season, which will arrive if this writer’s strike thing ever clears up.

But take this opportunity to catch up on the show and win a copy. We’ve got five copies standing by for you to win. Well, win one of them. No sense being greedy bastards. Mostly.


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The NeedCoffee Guide to the WGA Strike

WGA logo

Well, it’s official–barring any last second deals, the Writers Guild of America is set to walk out on their jobs today.

The top concern this go round seems to revolve around the writers seeking higher royalties for DVD sales and receiving any payment at all for internet streaming of their material.

But you really don’t care about the plight of the writers, do you? After all, should the strike go long enough–most of the writing staffs of both Lost and Heroes could simply go back to writing comics.

And really, being paid for written material on the internet? That’s just ridiculous.

What you really want to know about the impending strike is how your precious television serials and movies will be affected by all this work stopping action. Well, the answer is: depends on who you ask, and depends and what you watch.


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